How to Make a Paper Talisman

How to Make a Paper Talisman

A talisman is an object that represents a particular power or energy. Paper talismans are pieces of paper that can be folded and combined with other items to make your own personalized magic charm. They can be used for protection, healing, love, money drawing, etc.

In this post, you will learn how to make a paper talisman for protection. There are many different ways to make one of these, but all methods have the same basic steps. This process is easy and inexpensive, which makes it perfect for those who don’t have much time on their hands. 

What is a Paper Talisman?

A paper talisman is similar to an amulet but is of a short-term nature. The owner typically carries paper talismans until it falls apart or is blown away by wind or water. Paper talismans can be more powerful than simple amulets because they often feature spoken spells written on them. Paper Talismans can be made in various ways, but most are typical amulets bound in paper.

Paper Talisman Uses

modern superstition surrounding talismans

The modern superstition surrounding talismans is that it’s possible to ward off evil or bad luck by carrying one around. This belief comes from the history of talismans which were typically carried around for protection, particularly in religious areas of the world.

Most paper talismans are created with a spell written on them to achieve some specific effect or goal. If you’re interested, check out our article on creating spells for more information on that!

Why Make a Paper Talisman?

You may want to make a paper talisman because you’re interested in this sort of thing. For example, modern pagans and witches often practice spells and make their own amulets and talismans at home. You might also be interested in making your own paper talisman for fun or profit if you enjoy this sort of activity.

The process of creating a paper talisman is fairly simple. You’ll need to write out the spell or text you want on the talisman, decorate it with appropriate symbols and images, and bind it together in some way. It’s usually best to use string or hemp because that’s what most amulets are bound with!

There are many ways you can go about making your own paper talisman. For example, if you’ve never made a spell before, it might be interesting to try creating your first one. You might also want to do something more complicated, like creating an entire talisman for protection or success.

What Materials Are Required?

some basic supplies

Instructions on how to make your own paper talisman vary by tradition and personal preference. However, some basic supplies are needed for most methods. These materials include paper, pencils (black and red), glue or tape, scissors, ruler, straight edge (optional), seasoning bowl (or another type of round vessel), bells (optional), white sage smudge stick (optional).

The colors that you use will depend on the intention of your talisman. For example, if you make a talisman of protection, purple or white paper will probably be your best choice. However, there is no one right way to make a paper talisman; the symbols and colors used depend on the personal preferences of the maker.

5 Methods on How To Make a Paper Talisman:

1. Image Transfer

The first way to make a paper talisman is to find an image that represents what you want the talisman to do. For example, if you want to attract love, get an image or print one online of two people in love.

You could use clip art on Microsoft Word, Google images, Adobe, etc. Once you have your image, print it out onto a piece of paper. Just be sure to use a printer with color ink so the colors on the final product will be better and more vibrant.

2. Paper Writing

Another way to make a talisman is by using words that represent what you want from life. This method can be used on its own or in conjunction with image transfer. This method is perhaps the most traditional of all because it utilizes words and their power to invoke change. Write out what you want your talisman to do for you on a piece of paper.

For example, if I wanted to attract more money into my life, I would write down something like this: “My life is filled with abundance and prosperity. I am surrounded by people who want to help me succeed.” You can use whatever words you feel most comfortable with.

3. Paper Tole Painting

Another way of making a talisman is paper tole painting. This method combines image transfer with paint or markers. The first thing you want to do is get an image that represents what your talisman will be used for. This can be accomplished by printing out an image online or using clip art on Microsoft Word.

Once you have the image, use paint, markers, pencil crayons, colored pencils, glitter, whatever you want to make it look like you want. Once you have completed your painting, you should write words on its back that represent what your talisman will do for you.

4. Paper Mache

The fourth way to make a paper talisman is by using paper mache or just plain old masking tape depending on the method that works best for you. Paper mache is when you cover a balloon in strips of paper and then soak it in water to where the paper absorbs all the water and becomes one with the balloon.

At that point, you pop or cut open the balloon and remove any excess pieces of wet paper and lay your talisman flat to dry. Using plain old masking tape, you take a large strip of tape and start covering your balloon from one corner to the other. Once you have covered it completely, cut off the excess tape and lay your talisman flat to dry.

5. Royal Talismans

The last method for making a paper talisman is also the most advanced and the most expensive. This is the royal talisman method. The royal talisman method consists of covering a balloon with gold or silver foil, cutting it open, and removing any balloon remnants.

Once you have your piece of talisman paper, decorate it elaborately according to your own personal preference with paint markers, pens, etc.

What Does a Paper Talisman Do?

Paper talisman is an origami craft

A paper talisman is an origami (paper folding) craft that summons a spiritual being to assist physical or spiritual healing, protection, cleansing, or blessing. Most often, a paper talisman is folded into the shape of a pentagram.

As this is a protective symbol in most religions and belief systems, including many branches of Paganism and Wicca, a paper talisman is an apt choice for assistance with protection. However, a paper talisman can be folded into any shape according to the specific intention of the maker.

Final Verdict:

Use this blog post to learn how to make a paper talisman for luck. You will need some parchment, a pen or pencil, and an image of your desired outcome on the backside of the parchment. Now fold the paper in half lengthwise to form two halves, with one side being blank and the other showing your desire.

Then fold each end up to meet at the centerline, then tie them together tightly with string or twine. Finally, hold onto it while visualizing what you want from life before burying it outside under moonlight! Paper talismans are considered easy and quick to make, so you should try your hand at making one if you need some help with a bad day!

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