How to Make a Phone Case Out of Cardboard

Some people like to make phone cases out of cardboard. To do this, you will need to follow some steps. First, you will need to find a piece of cardboard that is the right size for your phone. Next, you will need to cut out a piece of cardboard that is the same shape as your phone. Then, you will need to decorate the piece of cardboard however you want. Finally, you will need to glue the piece of cardboard onto your phone.

How to Make a Phone Case Out of Cardboard

Processes on How to Make a Phone Case Out of Cardboard

Process One:

Step One: Find a piece of cardboard that fits your phone and use it to make something new.

Step Two: Make a pocket for the phone by cutting out an area on the cardboard that is as thick as the depth of your case. This can be done with scissors or by folding over the cardboard to cut out a pocket beforehand. The only thing left on the cardboard should be what is holding the flap down at this point.

Step Three: To make a cardboard box into a cube, first cut off all the sides except for the ones that are touching the board below it. This should create four panels in total. Next, fold the panels so that they all face outward and create pockets by cutting off the excess cardboard that sticks out.

Step Four: Fold down the top flap to cover your phone and hold it in place, then fold over one of the side flaps, so it’s touching the other three sides on both left and right edges.

This is where you’ll secure everything with tape, securing from outside to inside or vice versa depending on how you want things to look on your finished product – make sure not any part of your phone will be able to poke through anywhere! As always, be sure to take your time and be patient with yourself as you complete this build.

Step Five: Cut a hole for either camera lens or headphone jack (or both) using sharp scissors though there are additional ways available if this isn’t working well. Now cut up some more pieces of paper and tape them over the hole on your phone case!

Using Sharp Scissors

Step Six: Cut slits in a bit of cardboard that’ll go over each side flap, then secure everything together with tape.

Step Seven: Secure some ribbon or string around to make it easy for you to open and close your new DIY phone case when needed.

Procedure Two

Step One: For this process, you will need some essential elements like the cover of an old notebook. Then you will need white glue as well as a superglue. You will need a utility knife and a pair of scissors, and some acrylic paint.

There is no specification for painting the mobile cover. You can apply the desired design using acrylic paint. You will also need a ruler and a pencil. This will help take the measurement and mark the cardboard.

Step Two: Once you have got all these elements, you can get to work. At first, you have to take the cardboard and divide it into two halves. Then using some white glue, you have to attach them one above the other. This will make the phone cover thick. After this, you have to take your phone and place it on the cardboard ad outline. This will be helpful to determine the total dimension of the 

Step Three: Now you have to take an old phone cover and mark the camera position for the cover, then you have cut the camera hole, and using the cardboard, you have to draw the volume rocker button and the power button.

Now you have to measure the thickness of the phone and using the ruler, and you have to cut slices of cardboard according to the thickness. Then you have to attach the cardboard strips to the main cover and using acrylic paint to color the whole phone case.


  • Make sure the box doesn’t have too many folds in it.
  • You can use a sharpie to draw designs on your phone case if you want something more interesting than plain cardboard.
  • Be careful not to crease or fold the paper too much while drawing or gluing because this will make it difficult for your phone to fit inside later.

Which Paint Should I Use For Coloring Cardboard?

Paint is a great way to color the cardboard. There are many different types of paint available on the market, and you can even use something like acrylic or watercolor paints for this project. You can choose your favorite colors, but we recommend using safety colored paint because it’s safe if someone puts their mouth in contact with it.

Which Paint Should I Use for Coloring Cardboard

If you want to make an interesting abstract design, then pour one type of paint onto another kind, such as pouring black and red together to create purple. Then shake up your pieces before painting them! We also recommend sticking some tissue paper into sections that get painted, so they don’t dry out too quickly- especially when working outside!


Lastly, we hope that the process we have stated here will help you make a phone cover out of cardboard. The process is much straightforward, and beginners can follow this technique. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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