How to Make a Riding Lawn Mower Quieter

Lawnmowers are vital to maintaining a beautiful lawn, but they can be noisy and disruptive to the neighbors. Quieting a riding lawn mower is a process of reducing the noise it produces. This can be achieved by using different types of blade guards, mufflers, or silencers designed to reduce the sound created by the engine and cutter blades. With these tips, the following blog post will discuss how to make a riding lawn mower quieter.

If you’re looking to make your riding lawn mower quieter, there are a few things that you can do. For example, you can use sound dampening materials and install them where the muffler is located or place an exhaust pipe in front of the engine to direct the noise away from nearby people. If none of these options work for you, replacing your current lawnmower with a gas-powered one instead may be time.

How to Make a Riding Lawn Mower Quieter

Summary: To make your riding lawn mower quieter, try to follow these tips:

1. Make sure the blade is sharp. Dull blades make a lawn mower noisy.

2. Keep the deck clean. Dirty decks cause the engine to work harder and produce more noise.

3. Don’t overfill the gas tank. Overfilling the tank can cause the engine to work harder and produce more noise.

8 Advantages of Quieter Lawn Mower:

1. Quieter lawn mower makes it more enjoyable to push one around your yard; you won’t annoy the neighbors!

2. Quieter lawn mowers are better for children and pets.

3. Quieter lawn mowers reduce noise pollution and make you more considerate to the people around you!

4. You will be able to hear insects and wildlife that may be nearby.

5. You can mow your lawn anytime to your liking without worrying about the noise!

6. Quieter lawn mowers are great for older people who may be suffering from hearing problems.

7. The neighbor won’t have a reason to complain anymore if their children are sleeping or trying to sleep!

8. You will get more of a workout because the weight of the motor will no longer slow you down.

10 Ways on How to Make a Riding Lawn Mower Quieter:

If you want to make your riding lawn mower quieter, several things can be done. However, by implementing some or all of the ten ways listed below, you will do much to help decrease noise and making your overall experience with your mower more pleasant.

1. Increase Wheel Diameter:

The distance around the wheel (circumference) affects how much force is needed to turn it. A larger circumference also means more rubber touching the ground at any time.

The rubber helps deaden sound because sound waves are absorbed into this soft material rather than reflected off it as they would be with pavement or other hard surfaces. Increasing wheel diameter is a great way to improve the comfort and quietness of a mower.

2. Decrease Tire Pressure:

Tire pressure is the amount of air within a tire pressing from all sides against its inner surface. This can be decreased by deflating your tires slightly, making them play less of a part in noise production. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the optimal tire pressure or speak with a dealer before you begin.

3. Use Rubber Tracks on Tractor Mowers:

Rubber tracks are available for riding mower tractors with steel wheels. These tracks are made of rubber instead of metal, resulting in less noise being transmitted to the ground and your ears. They cost a bit more than steel tracks, but they can be used when less noise is desired, such as in residential areas.

Using Rubber Tracks on Tractor Mowers

4. Decrease Blade Speed:

A fast-spinning blade will create a higher noise frequency than a slower spinning blade. If you decrease the speed at which your blades rotate, this frequency will decrease and help lower the overall sound level coming from your mower. Decreasing blade speeds are also an excellent way to save on gas because less power is required to spin a slow blade at the same speed as a fast blade.

5. Use Quieter Mower Engines:

A lawnmower engine that is too loud can ruin an otherwise pleasant experience with your machine. Buying one of the quieter engines available on today’s market will do much to keep you and your neighbors happier.

6. Use a Flexible Drive Belt:

Flexible drive belts are made specifically to absorb vibration and reduce noise from the engine to the frame. This also prevents damage caused by too much tension on a rigid belt while reducing vibration, noise levels, and power requirements while providing longer belt life.

Replacing your standard drive belt with a flexible drive belt is an inexpensive and easy way to reduce noise, vibrations, and the risk of sudden large movements caused by too much tension on your engine.

7. Use Sound-Absorbing Undercarriage Covers:

Installing sound-absorbing undercarriage covers will deaden the noise that might otherwise be transmitted through the metal components of your machine. Look for covers made especially for lawn mowers or cut pieces of carpeting to fit under your mower housing. This is an inexpensive way to reduce noise levels and drag on your engine simultaneously.

8. Consider a Quieter Mower in General:

If you know where to look, lawnmowers that are intrinsically quieter than others can be had. Riding mower manufacturers often try to outdo each other in noise reduction, knowing how important it is for customers to buy a quiet machine. Talk with the dealer who sold you your mower, or check out riding lawn mower reviews online to see which brands are known for their quiet engines.

9. Remove the Grass Discharge Chute:

Having a chute that releases grass clippings onto your lawn is a great convenience. Unfortunately, grass discharge chutes are part of the air intake for your engine and contribute significantly to its noise level.

Removing yours will also decrease drag which will improve gas mileage. It’s usually quite simple to remove these. Just twist the fastener on the discharge chute, pull off the cover, disconnect any hoses or wires attached to it, and set your grass bagger aside for easy replacement next season.

10. Install a Muffler:

Adding a muffler is perhaps the most effective way of reducing noise from your machine. While some noise will always escape through the engine compartment, dampers can reduce overall sound levels by as much as ten decibels. Muffler shops should be able to fabricate a muffler for your machine that is specifically suited to its size and horsepower.

Tips and Tricks to Make a Riding Lawn Mower Quieter:

1. Make sure that the throttle cable is nice and tight; this will stop any loose play in the throttle, which may allow it to get stuck on accidentally.

2. Use a secondary speed control switch that can shut off the engine entirely if you find the lawnmower too loud. This is best used with riding lawn mowers with two-speed controls, but it is possible to do with just one-speed authority if you are willing to cut the clutch line and use a secondary method of disengaging the blades.

3. Stabilize your RPMs; this can be done by opening up your air filter cover and possibly loosening the engine side covers around the carburetor. Either way, this should stabilize your RPMs.

4. Change your idle speed to a lower level; this is done by loosening the bolt that holds the throttle cable at its base and rotating it to a different hole in the cap. This will allow you to set the engine’s RPMs slightly lower than normal idle levels, which means less noise.

5. Cut small pebbles into your lawn with the blades; this will ensure that there are no big clumps of grass in the mower deck when you are mowing. This also keeps the RPMs lower than usual, which means less noise.

Tips and Tricks to Make a Riding Lawn Mower

6. Keep your engine well-tuned, use high-octane gasoline with mowers, clean the air filter, and check for loose bolts.

7. Consider buying an aftermarket muffler for your riding lawnmower; this will take the engine’s noise below what you can hear without it.

Why Is My Riding Lawn Mower So Loud?

When you need to use a riding lawn mower, noise is one of the drawbacks. It’s a common complaint among riders who have to contend with a loud engine for several hours at a time during their yard-work sessions. Many people don’t understand why it has to be so noisy. The machine doesn’t have to be that loud.

The reason your ride-on mower is so loud has a lot to do with the engine’s design. The noise that you hear from the mower’s motor is primarily exhausted, popping out into the open air. It can seem rather obnoxious, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some ways you can quiet your mower.

Dealing with the Loud Noise of a Riding Lawn Mower

No, you won’t buy a brand-new riding lawn mower to deal with the noise problem for hundreds of dollars. That would be a low investment. Instead, several things can make your ride-on lawnmower quieter to operate. It’s all a matter of being able to work with the parts that are already in place.

You must know how your mower is designed to understand where noise might come from. As you use the machine, please consider some key components and consider whether they need adjusting or repair. That can make a big difference in the noise that the mower makes. You can also check the guides on making a riding lawn mower quieter to understand better-reducing noises.


If you are the proud owner of a riding lawn mower, it may be time to invest in some noise-canceling earmuffs. This is easy to reduce your hearing damage while still getting the job done quickly and efficiently! If you want to make your riding lawn mower quieter, a few things can be done. For starters, try using the least amount of power possible on hills or slopes.

You can also install foam insulation under each fender and engine cover and around the muffler area for some extra sound reduction. Finally, consider investing in an electric-powered lawn mower if noise bothers you! We hope you found the article on how to make a riding lawn mower quieter helpful and that it will inspire you to invest in a quieter lawnmower. 

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