How to Make a Scared Face Drawing

Many people are fond of drawing cartoons, and the facial expressions of the characters are a must thing that should be maintained in this regard. Sometimes people face difficulties in portraying the scary face, and for this reason today, we are going to teach you a secure method to make a scared face drawing. This will be much helpful for cartoon artists.

How to Make a Scared Face Drawing


Drawing a scarred face is a much easy task, and for this, you will only need to have some fundamental drawing skills. We will provide you a chronological explanation of this process that will allow you to have a good hold over the drawing.

Step One

At first, you have to go through the internet and select the template that you want to draw. This is the essential step that you should follow when you intend to bring. Next, you have to download that template and print the template out. It will be better if you can mark the border using a different color, which will be much helpful while drawing.

Step Two

Then you have to start the drawing, the first hit you have to make with your drawing pencil is the eye, which is the essential part of the face. Because most of the facial expression is expressed via the eye of the human, so make sure to draw it accurately. You have to take a pencil and draw a small black circle which will act as the pupil of the eye.

Step Three

Now you have to draw the two pupils in such a manner that both are pointing in the same direction; this will give the observer a vibe that the person is looking around and curious about what is happening around him. Then you have to draw the eyelid. The eyelid should not fully cover the eye; instead, it should be slightly dropped, which will enhance the worried expression.

Step Four

Then you have to draw the eyebrows. For this, you should nay make an easy adjustment by the pencil. You have to draw two fine lines, and they will be just above the eye. This will act as the eyebrows, and the facial expression will seem much more worried. Now you have to draw the mouth.

Step Five

In this step, you have to make sure that the drawing of the mouth is done so that the face’s anxiety is more revealed. For this, you have to take a pencil and draw the mouth with a slightly twisted curve. This will be much effective when you finish the curve directed downwards.

Step Six

This is the last step of the process in which you have to draw a small droplet of sweat on the drawing’s forehead. This will give the audience a definite vibe that the face is scared for something. This droplet of sweat is one of the core aspects of better quality, scary expression.

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In conclusion, we hope that the steps that we have exhibited here will be much helpful for the beginners to learn the technique of drawing a scary face. This can quickly improve drawing skills. Happy drawing! Have a beautiful day!! Another tip is, You can draw a doll face on fabrics too.

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