How to Draw a Doll Face on Fabric

When you have a daughter, it is quite natural that she will be fond of dolls. Most of the time of your daughter is passed by playing with dolls. Sometimes wearing dresses which are having doll drawings can also make your daughter feel lively. Your daughter will love to wear it when they see it. But for drawing a doll face on fabric, you need to follow some instructions.

For the betterment of our readers today, we will discuss an easy process that will allow you to draw a doll. You will need some essential elements for this process, and you have to start with a pencil and a ruler. You have to remember that the central aspect of drawing a doll face is maintaining the proper placement of eyes, lips, and nose.

For this, you have to take a pencil and draw an outline of the face. Then you have to draw a straight line and divide the shape into two halves longitudinally. Now you have to divide the form into three equal parts transversely. Now you have to start drawing the eyes and the lips along with the nose. You have to draw the lips symmetrically on the intersection point of the third line.

Then you have to start drawing the nose on the intersection point of the second line. And for the eyes, you have to move slightly on either side. But you must maintain an equal distance from the third intersection point. In this manner, the eyes will be drawn. Now you have to add the eyebrows and ears.

After this, you can add hair and then use different colors to embellish the doll’s face. It will be more pleasing if you add some clothes and other carton figures alongside. In this manner you can draw a doll face on a cloth and your daughter will surely love to wear this cloth. It will turn out to be her favorite one.

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