How to Make a Sphinx Out of Paper


The term “sphinx” is derived from a Greek word that means “strangler.” It goes without saying that the sphinxes in Egypt are associated with death and symbolize guardianship. They were said to strangle those who could not answer their riddles, and they served as doorkeepers of important buildings such as royal tombs, temples, and shrines. Even today, a sphinx statue often adorns entrances or exits of important buildings around the world. In this article, I will discuss how to make a sphinx out of paper. Let us get started.

How to Make a Sphinx Out of Paper

Guide on How to Make a Sphinx Out of Paper:

Step :1

Start by folding a sheet of paper in half and then unfold it.

Step : 2

This will give you the crease that will be your guideline as well as the centerline for your sphinx. You will need to fold this line over diagonally (into a triangle).

Step : 3

Fold the left side of the paper underneath the main diagonal fold you just made, so now both sides are equal. The new lines should meet at an equal distance or overlap each other slightly. And do not forget to open up your paper again before moving on to the next step. Do this until there is only one square unattached around the perimeter and you have four flaps evenly distributed along the edge. Then close those edges towards the center of your sphinx, along the diagonal fold you made.

Step : 4

Once you have created a pyramid base for your paper sphinx, it is time to create its head. First, fold all four flaps towards the center and then unfold them again while folding in half diagonally so that they are easier to work with. Then fold these triangles toward the centerline, but not entirely together, leave a gap when complete.

Step : 5

Turn over your paper and draw eyes on one of these open areas (one triangle facing up and the second facing down). You can also add other features such as nose and ears if you feel like it, although this would make it look too cartoonish. Now repeat step 4 on the other end of the base, rotate 90 degrees, and you should have something similar to a sphinx in front of you.

Step : 6

This is how your sphinx will look like when it’s done. Put glue or adhesive tape on top of all four flaps and stick them together for a stronger hold. Let this dry before moving it around. And there you have it, an origami sphinx that you can use as decoration or give to someone as a gift!

Precautions While Making a Sphinx Out of Paper:

Precautions While Making a Sphinx Out of Paper

1. Paper should be of good and strong quality for better results.

2. Use a ruler to make the lines straight while folding paper. Each fold should be accurate and crisp.

3. The size of the paper can vary according to your requirement, but as a guide, it is always better to use an A4 size white sheet, which is most common in today’s world.

4. To get proper shape, one has to use both hands, i.e., one hand for the nose part and another for the wings and ears part. This not only gives you an accurate shape but also avoids any accident that may occur due to overbending of paper at one place(which might break).

5. While making wings, care should be taken to maintain symmetry in their positioning

6. Extra effort is needed while drawing eyes as they are one of the most important parts of a sphinx, which gives it an expression.

How to Make a Sphinx With Sandstone?

1) Mod Podge parchment paper over the plain white paper in the color of your choice – 1 coat should do it. You can also use fabric glue instead, but make sure that they are washable since you will eventually use them as toys for children. Add some gold paint with extra fine gold glitter to the mix to give an ancient Egyptian look.

2) Tear up some tissue paper into small pieces and add them to the glue-paint mixture in a bowl – make sure that you add enough tissue so that your sand becomes gravelly looking when it is dry. Mix well until all of the pieces are covered with paint. Shape this into two piles for the head and body of the sphinx, respectively. Let dry for at least 24 hours.

3) Cover each pile with Mod Podge and stick on colored sand that you can find in any craft store, e.g., gold dust mixed with regular sand, or fine silver glitter mixed with regular sand, to resemble an Egyptian cat’s fur.

4) To get rid of all those pesky paper curls, put your sphinx in the microwave for at least 1 minute – keep a close eye on it, though! Make sure to get rid of those extra bits and pieces too.

5) Once all is dry, use an Exacto knife or anything sharp that you have in your home to cut out the mouth section from both head and body piles so that they can be glued together afterward. Cover them with Mod Podge again and dip them into the sand before drying if yours look wonky.

How to Make a Sphinx With Sandstone

6) Once dry, use regular glue to attach the two heaps. Gently smooth out any gaps with more glue if necessary so that there are no creases or wrinkles when dried. Secure until completely dry but take care not to get any glue on the inside of your sphinx.

7) Use some more gold paint with extra fine glitter to fill in the cracks and make it look a bit more sparkly. 

8) Bend the wire into a C-shape and stick it on the back of your sphinx for the head.

9) Use some more gold paint to add some lines on your sphinx – these will make your sphinx look like an actual Egyptian drawing! You can also add on some triangles at the bottom of its belly, but I think that was reserved just for pharaohs and queens, so you can omit this if you want. Once again, cover with extra fine glitter before drying to give it that sparkly effect.


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to make a sphinx out of paper. Ensure all the precautions while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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