How to Make a Wad of Putty in the Escapists

The Escapists is a strategy game that has been popularized by its addictive gameplay and unique take on prison life. However, one of the most difficult aspects of this game is getting past security. Oftentimes, it would be best if you made a wad of putty to get past some obstacles. This article will show you how to make a wad of putty in the Escapists!

How to Make a Wad of Putty in the Escapists

Guides: How to Make a Wad of Putty in the Escapists

1. Obtain a Bar of Soap

The first thing you need is a bar of soap. You can get one from the canteen or from your cell when Steve gives out hygiene supplies every Sunday. Once you have a bar of soap, use it on the toilet and then wash your hands with it. Your character will leave the toilet with a tiny wad of putty in his hands!

2. Use the Tiny Wad on an Air Vent or Cell Door Lock

Next, use the tiny wad of putty to pick either a cell door lock or security vent grate. Just click on the tiny wad of putty, and your cursor will change to a little hand. Click on the lock, and your character will stick his hand into it to pick the lock!

3. Knock Out Your Opponent with Sock Full of Putty

Finally, once you’ve escaped from your cell, use the wad of putty on an unsuspecting enemy! Have your sock full of putty at the ready, and simply click on the wad of putty when your enemy is unsuspecting. Your character will stick his hand into it, knocking out your enemy in one swift hit!

4. Use a Toothbrush to Remove Hair from Clothes

If you’re caught by an enemy after picking the lock or using the vent grate, use a toothbrush to remove any hair from your uniform. Then, click on the toothbrush and use it to clean your clothing!

5. Take the Wad of Putty to a Location Where You Can Use It

If you want to keep the wad of putty, take it to an area with a security camera. This isn’t necessary if you’re using the wad to knock out your enemies. Find an area with a security camera and click on the wad of putty. Your character will throw the wad into the camera lens, causing it to short-circuit and go offline!

6. Dump This Object Down a Toilet

If you don’t want the putty anymore, you can go to the toilet and click on it. Your character will throw the putty down the toilet and the icon will change from an item to a short description.

7. Use a Comb to Remove Hair From Uniform and Beard

If you want to avoid drawing attention to your recent grooming, use a comb to remove hair from your uniform as well as from your beard! Click on the comb, then use it on the areas you want to remove hair from.

Use a Comb

Tips You Should Know Playing Escapists

1. It is good to know that putty can be used in the art of lockpicking, where you use it to pick the locks on prison doors and be able to open them.  If you chop a live chicken up into quarters and then flick some putty at it, you will get a wad of putty.

2. When using putty to escape out of prison windows, try putting the putty on your fingers and making fists with them to create an airtight seal around the bars so you can’t lose any more blood!

3. Putty can be used to get past the electric fences that guard prisoners against escaping. Roll your hands into fists, and slam them on the fence!

How Many Keys Are There in the Escapists?

Many people out there want to know how many keys you need to unlock all the doors in the Escapists. This is because they want to get all of the prisoners unlocked for bragging rights or something as soon as possible.

Games are more fun when they have secrets and surprises waiting to be discovered. This keeps us engaged for longer as we try to figure out how things work. In the case of The Escapists, this is doubly true because many of your options are very limited, so you need to find any possible paths that could lead to your success.

What’s worse is that the developers have hidden the number of keys away from us, making it an even greater challenge than it would be in real life. But we can still figure it out.

What Can You Do With a Key Mold in the Escapists?

The key molds can be used to make anything, including putty. To make a mold, you connect the top and bottom parts using small bolts. A cobbler’s bench makes this easier.

Using Small Bolts

Put your mold on top of the small bolts and fill them up with putty. Once they are both filled to the brim, you take your key mold out of its box and lay it down on a flat surface (again, preferably the cobbler’s bench). You then turn the bolts around in unison so that the putty goes into a form of a C-shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Molten Plastic Do in the Escapist

Molten plastic is a substance that can be created by heating a mixture of chemicals and usually water.

When the material comes into contact with air, it becomes liquid at about 230 degrees Fahrenheit (110 degrees Celsius). The heated plastic is then poured into molds to create objects such as figurines, jewelry, ornaments, toys, and other small items.

How Do I Get a Wad of Putty in the Escapists?

You need to use a Putty Knife, a Wire Cutter, and the Door Knob to get the putty.

The Putty Knife is found in the Kitchen, and it can be used for cutting vegetables or wire. The Wire Cutter is found in the Workshop, and it can be used for cutting wires or open locks. The Door Knob is found in the Office, and it can be used for opening doors.

What Guard Has the Red Key in the Escapists?

There are many guards in the escapists, but you can find the one with the red key by checking his name. His name is Mr. Gives-A-Crap, and he has a bright red uniform.

How Do You Make a Key of Putty in the Escapists?

You need to follow these steps to make a key of putty:

1. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment, such as a plunger, paper towel roll, or toilet paper tube.

2. Roll out your dough until it is 1/4 inch thick and about 3 inches wide.

3. Cut the dough into strips about 2 inches long and place them on the paper towel roll with one side touching the roll.

Cut the Dough Into Strips

Final Thoughts

The Escapists is a game where you are the protagonist who has to escape from prison. This article has shown you how to make a wad of putty in the Escapists for use with certain situations! This can be used in various ways throughout this game and other games as well!

You’ll need your hands, water, flour (or cornstarch), salt, food coloring if desired for color variation, dish soap or shampoo for bubbles, and some time. Follow these steps mentioned in this blog to create your own putty using the items most people have access to. Once it’s made, we’ll go over its uses within the game! Now go out there and knock some heads around with your sock full of putty! So in this article, you know about on, how to make a wad of putty in the Escapists

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