How to Make a War Hammer

When we hear about hammers, the first thing that comes in our mind is the hammers used in wars. The weaponry that we observe in various movies and cartoons. Sometimes these war hammers can add beauty to your collection. For this reason, today, we will discuss an easy technique for making a war hammer.

Before starting the process, we have to gather all the necessary elements, and you will need some wood. You have to cut the wood in a rectangular shape. You can use a regular saw or miter saw for this process. The most important aspect is keeping the dimension of the hammer perfect. Next, you will need another piece of wood that is slightly elongated in shape.

You have to make these woods adjusted to a definite shape. For this, you can use references from the internet, and then you have to draw the shape on the piece of wood. Next, you will need to shape the wood properly. For this, you can use a sanding belt. As the wood’s size is quite big, you have to use a mechanical sanding belt for efficiency.

Next, you have to take the hammer’s elongated portion and then insert it into the rectangular plank. For this, you need to make a hole in the middle of the wood. After this, you have to add some melted glue in the middle of the joining section, making the attachment strong. Lastly, you have to paint the hammer. But before that, you have to add burnish to the wood. This will make the wood long-lasting.

For coloring purposes, you can use any color that suits your home décor, but you must buy colors that are wood friendly. Using a sash brush, you can paint it, and lastly, for the finishing touch, you can add some leather embellishment to the hammer. This will make the hammer realistic. In this way, you can make a war hammer.

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