How to Adjust Dewalt Miter Saw

Dewalt miter saws generally come with a basic adjustment instruction. For the betterment of our readers, we will discuss a process that will allow you to make the correct alignment for your miter saw. The process is discussed below.



For this, at first, you need to clear the table on which the miter saw is placed, then you have detached the saw from all electrical connections. This is much important because there is a high risk of getting electrocuted in this process. Then you have to clear all the debris from the surrounding surface and clean the blade of the miter saw. Four things should be considered before starting the process. These are the bevel, fence, miter, and the table.

Once these are done, you can start the process. Now you have to install a new blade because aligning a dull blade is quite impossible. So if you are going to adjust the miter saw, we suggest you install a new blade. The instructions regarding installing a new blade come with the machine. Now you have to put a framing square on the miter table and check for irregularities. Though it is quite rare, pre-check will clear the confusion.

Now you were using a farming a square, and you have checked the irregularities for the fence surface. Once all these are done, you can start adjusting the saw. Now you have to unscrew the pins from the detent plate and align the blade on the zero degrees mark. Now you have to adjust the level of this. There is a ninety-degree screw. You can modify it by revolving, and the forty-five degrees stop cork can also be adjusted in the same manner. In this way, you can adjust a Dewalt miter saw.


In conclusion, we hope that our technique of adjusting the miter saw will help you make a precise alignment for your Dewalt miter saw. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!

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