How to Make Candy Leis with Jolly Ranchers

When you are hosting a party at your house, you always want to keep something fun for the children. And candy lei is still useful in this regard. For this reason, today, we will discuss a technique of making candy lei with jolly ranchers. This process is straightforward, and you can make it with a minimal amount of accessories. The process is discussed below.


For making candy leis using jolly ranchers, you will need some particular things as we know that these are party accessories, so we have to make specific delicacy and artistic features and make the product alluring to everyone. You will need jolly ranchers, and you can buy them from your nearest shop. You should buy at least two packets of these candies.

It will make the leis look concentrated. Then you will need some decorative ropes. These ropes come with glitters and other silver or golden linings. Then you will need a pair of scissors, some masking tape. You will also need a piece of cardboard for cutting the rope properly. Lastly, you will need a ruler and a pencil to take the proper measurement of the laces.

After you have gathered all these elements, you should start making the candy leis. You have to start by measuring the rope and cut them. For making the leis, you have to cut all the lace in the same dimension. For this, you can take a piece of cardboard and cut it at a measurement of six inches. You have to take the tying rope, and then you have to attach it at the top of the cardboard using tape.

Now you have to take the string and then start winding the rope around the cardboard. After this, you have to detach the string from the original stash and then take out the cardboard. Now you have to cut the ropes from two sides. This will provide you equal-sized strings. Now you have to take the ribbon and then cut it according to the size of your leis.

You have to keep both ends e free for final knotting. Now you have to take jolly ranchers and start tying them with ropes. You have to give double knots on both ends using the fancy laces. This will be a tiring process because you have to tie knots on all the candies. After this, you have to take sweets and start attaching them to the ribbon.

You have to use the free ends of the lace and then knot them with the ribbon. In this manner, you have attached all the candies to the ribbon. And lastly, you have to take the ribbon’s free ends and tie a fancy knot and complete the entire candy lie. You should provide a double knot in this section to make it rigid.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our completed tutorial on how to make a vest of a paper bag. With these simple steps and equipment, you can make your vest to show off to your friends the next day or make it for your child or siblings to have some fun with their friends. Either way, this simplified paper vest will save your worry of finding or purchasing a real vest. This vest is more comfortable with making and will come up with the most satisfying look.

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