People around the world are much sincere about their fashion. The clothing of the people is part of their lives, which always changes from time to time. There are immense styles of clothes available in the market, and the trend is ever-evolving at an impressive rate. For this reason, people also try their level best to cope up with the new designs. Among them, denim jeans are one of the most common attire that people wear.

Jeans are one of the best inventions for the modern attire. Every one of us has worn these jeans at some part of our life, and people of all ages adore them despite their limitations. Denim jeans are the most popular attire that is worn by both men and women. The core reason for being such popular is that these jeans are mush hardy, and it can survive against harsh environments and protect the user.

These denim jeans are sold in various styles and many shades. The dark tones are used for the formal environment, and the light shades are used for the casual atmosphere. But sometimes you need to reduce the color of your denim, and in this case, there are many ways that you can follow. All these will be much effective for beginners, and we are pretty sure that these processes will work.

For this reason, today, we are going to suggest the process of how to make denim lighter, which will be much beneficial for the beginners, and it will allow you to have the desired color for your denim. But we prefer that you buy the exact color of denim that you need for the very first time so that you don’t have to go through any hassle of color lightning. So without exaggerating the prologue, let us go through the entire process.

Required Apparatus

For the proper performance of the process, we need three types of elements, the first thing you need is hot water. The denim should always be washed in hot water because cold water does not reduce the denim’s color. In this case, hot water is essential because it will have a good effect on the fabric.

Then you will also need bleach for making the color light of your denim. Bleach is quite adequate, and this will act as an essential chemical reagent. This will be a much beneficial process. Then you will also need salt, which can be used for another purpose of making the color of your denim light. These elements will be much required for the whole process.


For making your denim light, many processes can be undertaken, and these will also give good results. Our team has done extensive analysis in this regard, and they have come up with the top three procedures that can be most beneficial. These techniques are mentioned below with proper explanation.

How to Make Denim Lighter - 2

Hot Water Wash

The first process that we are trying to explain is the hot water wash technique, this is not the most effective technique in our list, but this process does not create any chemical reactions in the fabric. In this manner, the quality of the material remains intact. The process is much easy to perform. The first thing that you need is hot water. You have to fill the washing machine or the tub using warm water. The temperature should be adequately maintained, and the denim should be put in it.

Now the main thing of this process is keeping the denim soaked in the water. In this case, you have to remember that the denim is not inside out because the warm water will affect the exterior part of the denim, and if it is inside out, the interior will be transformed more. This is not at all needed for the process. You have to use the hottest water possible for this process, and this will give the best results to fade your denim.

After you have done washing, you will take out the denim, and at the very first sight, it will look much darker, and you will think that there has been no effect of washing in hot water, but this concept is wrong. Because the cloth soaked in water will exhibit dark color and when it is dried, then the color will look faded. For this reason, you have to let your denim dry for an ample amount of time to complete it.


In this process, a chemical reagent named bleach is used, which helps to brighten the fabric’s color. The primary usage of bleach in the washing sector is to provide a glow to the material in which it is being used. You have to dissolve the bleach in the water before soaking the fabric. For the denim, at first, you need to take the water and room temperature, or you can also take warm water. Then you have poured the bleach inside the water.

The measurement for the bleach is to be maintained strictly before soaking the denim. Generally, we take half a cup of bleach after filing the washing machine with water. Then we have to make sure that the bleach is diluted in the water, undiluted bleach may affect the fabric, and it will not be worthy of the process. After that, we have to soak the denim for almost twenty minutes and re-wash the jeans without the bleach. Thus the color will get faded gradually.

Salt Method

This is by far the easiest way to fade your denim. In this process, you have to use the salt, which is used for the seasoning of the food, and this will be beneficial for your cloth because no chemical reagent is used in the entire process. The salt will be poured in the washing machine after it is filled with water, and then you have to soak the denim in the solution. Generally, two cups of salt are poured into the washing machine.

After submerging the denim, you have to soak it for thirty minutes, and in the meantime, you have to stir the fabric along with the water so that the slat reaches every corner of the material. The salt will act as an abrasive, and it will take the color out of your denim. In this manner, without any significant chemical reaction, the entire process is performed. You can also use the medium grit sandpaper to and scrape around the denim’s surface, which will also act as a good source of fading the color and provide a new look.

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task


An essential aspect that you should keep in mind before washing the cloth is the water that you are using for the denim. You must always clean the denim using hot water. You should never wash the fabric with cold water, and these denim jeans that you want to reduce the color should always be washed separately, or else it will be affected by the color of the clothes that are washed.


Which is the process that will be much effective for the denim?

We have already mentioned three procedures that can be used to fade the color of your denim, and all these processes have their significance. But we mostly prefer the salt method and the bleaching method because a full chemical reaction will occur while performing these procedures, which will be beneficial for the users, and the probability of getting the desired output from the denim is much higher.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to infer that all the processes we have stated here will be useful for fading your denim and getting a great look from the new attire. This will be much beneficial for beginners to learn the technique. You will get the desired look that you want from the jeans, which will be much stylish. Happy washing! Have a beautiful day!!