How to Make Ear Candle

Ever heard of Ear Candles? They are made from 100% natural beeswax. All you have to do is light the candle, lie down, and wait for the candle’s heat to melt the wax into a liquid form.

How to Make Ear Candle

The melted wax will then be gently inserted into your ear canal, where it will drip out of your ear after about 15-20 minutes. For some people, this may be all they need to get their lives back on track again! If you’re interested in finding out more information or would like to know how to make ear candles that stick with this blog post!

What is Ear Candle?

Ear Candle is an ear wax remover. It is made by dipping a cotton wick into pure beeswax and then lighting it with a candle flame. The heat from the flame melts the wax down until it becomes liquid. What you do next is place this warm liquid into your ear canal via a tiny hole that’s located at the top of the candle.

The ear candles are very beneficial not only for removing excess earwax from the outermost surface of the ear canal, but they also help to loosen any impacted wax that may be further down in the canal and is causing a blockage! It is due to this natural action that it has received a lot of attention over recent years as it is gaining more popularity.

Procedures: How to Make Ear Candle

Step 1:

Taking a paper cone, put the rolled-up cotton wick on end. Then stick them into the melted wax until it’s about half an inch in size. Now take out the paper and let it cool down until it hardens into position.

Things You need To Make ear candle

Step 2:

Now light your candle and place your ear candle upside down to allow for it to melt. The wick will be floating on the surface until it has completely melted into a liquid form.

Step 3:

Now put your ear candle in again until the water drips down onto your ears. You can do this as often as you want for best results, and remember to keep it at least three times a day.

Step 4:  

You should just wait for about six minutes before taking out the candle from inside your ear canal. Remember The next step is to use the dropper and gently drop some of the ear candle liquid into your ear canal. It will be necessary for you to place your chosen essential or herbal oil before adding the wick back in place.

Step 5:

First, let it cool and then light them up again before turning it upside down once more. Let it drip for about 10 minutes while you choose a good amount of your preferred oil. Again, use the dropper to put around 3-4 drops per ear canal. You could also add some more if you like before turning it upside down again and making sure that everything drips down onto your ears properly.

Step 6:

Now leave them in for about 15 minutes, but make sure that you don’t sleep with your ear candles in. You can also wash the wax out by using warm water after you have turned it upside down for this much time and then let them dry first before lighting a new one up and repeating the ear candle procedure 3-5 times per week.

Step 7:

Now to clean the wax out of your ears after removing your ear candles, you just have to wash off the wax with warm water. Otherwise, if it is difficult for you to remove the wax by hand, then use an ear dropper and gently put some drops inside your inner ear canal until it removes all the wax out.

Step 8:

You can also add a little bit of baby oil to your ear canal if it is very difficult for the wax to come out. After you have finished, make sure that you clean your ears thoroughly with water and soap before heading off to bed.

Benefits of Using Ear Candle

1. Decrease in Headaches

EarCandles is said to decrease headaches in that the wax which causes blockages in the ear can cause pressure which will eventually lead to frequent headaches. The use of these candles gets rid of excess earwax and clears your blocked ears. According to studies, about 60% of people who experience frequent headaches will notice them becoming less severe or disappearing after a few uses of EarCandles.

2. Helps to Aid Sleep

The idea behind the candles is that it promotes relaxation and helps you to fall asleep faster than usual as the ear wax removal process is very soothing on its own, so much so that many users report improvements with their sleep patterns and they also wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. The candles also have antibacterial properties, which may help to keep your ears clean and eliminate the risk of infections.

3. Reduces Sinus Issues

EarCandles are also thought to help reduce sinus issues as they can remove excess wax from the ear canal while helping to unblock clogged Eustachian tubes, ones that allow you to breathe easily. By helping with your sinus issues, you will also notice that your allergies will be treated.

4. Lowers Pressure Within the Ear Canal

Some people who have tried them say that they feel less pressure in their ear canal due to the excess wax being removed by the candle, which means they are now able to hear much better.

5. No Side Effects

The candles are made from natural ingredients and herbs, which means that there are no side effects to worry about as you will already know what is within each one of them, be it essential oils or waxes and herbs.

Final Thoughts

Ear candles are a popular treatment for earaches and other conditions that can cause pressure in the ears. They have been used by practitioners of alternative medicine, as well as conventional doctors. Many people find them comforting or relaxing when they feel pain in their ears.

If you want to make your own ear candles, here’s we have given step-by-step instructions on how to make ear candles for your need. You can use these instructions for a DIY home remedy to make ear candles for yourself. Let us know how it goes with this process; we love hearing about our customers’ experiences making their own remedies at home.

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