How to Make Fake Corn Stalks

The time will arrive when you need to add maize stalks as one of the stage decorations if you need decorations of the musical theater or exciting stage shows based on farmland. Picking a branch off the field and bringing this into space, though, will end in it dying quickly. Luckily, this can construct using only similar objects whenever you need the component for a prolonged period.

How to Make Fake Corn Stalks


Type 1:

For the Halloween or spring festivities and events, you could quickly generate big Cornstalk displays.

Just have a magazine.

Have the staple out.

Taking Newspaper

Pick and place one of several papers on the desk. A 2nd page will connect at the edge of the first one. The overlap is just around 5.1 centimeters (2 inches). Begin folding sheet # 1 gently (about 1 inch in diameter), and this will be folded too, though before you get to sheet # 2. 

Have another layer (sheet # 3) from the newspaper until paper # 2 is fully folded, then align sheet # 2 with sheet # 3 about 2 in before the edge of paper # 2. Proceed and continue this process described until you have completed around 20 pieces of paper, combining them. 

It is about 1 or 2 inches in diameter once all the sheet is folded up. Glue to the cover the external sheet (the last one you started rolling), so it stands like a baton around. Taking scissors and split 1/2-inch-wide, one 1/2-inch-long piece cautiously at one edge of the “baton.” In the split end of this section, stick your thumb and draw out the internal papers so that it falls out as a large cone (or light sabre, if you’re really into science fiction!). 

Bend backward the “leaf” around the “Cornstalk’s full span.” The finished result could be bent at the broad end (the “stalk” core). Leaning this against a fence or some other approach is to place it together with specific “corn stalks” within a gardening bowl.

Type 2:


• Nine ears of harvested corn with more husks

• Tape Masking

• Matte-black color mist

• Twenty Gauge Wire Cable

• Cutters for cable

Moisten the maize ears and husks in water for two mints to reach the husks entirely permeable. Pull the connected husks on each ear’s edge. Wear a paper sheet and cover this with tape across the husks within every ear. Spray-paint corn, function in a very well-ventilated place; let dry—drop towels made of cloth.

Fake Corn Plant

Cover the round tip with one ear of corn at the edge of the wire roll. Braid husks across the cable to all three ears utilizing husk pieces from such a ear and Two remaining ears. To finish lace, put three extra parts of husk. Keep adding braiding and husks until the braid is a few inches longer than that of an ear of maize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Bundle Corn Stalks?

A bundle of corn stalks is used as a traditional remedy for the common cold. It is believed that this bundle, which includes many leaves and small branches, will help you to clear your sinuses. This bundle also helps with other issues such as insomnia, earaches, fevers, headaches, and asthma.

What Do Farmers Do With Baled Corn Stalks?

There are many uses for baled corn stalks. They can be used as animal feed, mulch, compost, or even biofuel. You might also find out that farmers who have too much corn and don’t know what to do with it often sell it to local farms that use it for livestock feed or other purposes.

How Far Down Do I Make the Cuts for the Paper Roll Version?

You need to cut the paper roll into four equal parts.

1. Cut one side of the paper roll along the long edge, and fold it over twice.

2. Make a second cut parallel to the first, then make the third cut just below that and fold it up as well.

3. Make a fourth cut about an inch from the end of the paper roll, then fold in half to form two flaps and secure them with tape or glue.

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