How To Make Glass Jewelry At Home

Everyone loves to wear fancy jewelry. But the problem is that they are often a costly item. In fact, you won’t be able to find customized jewelry that’s going to suit your style. That’s why I am here to show something different today. Do you know you can make some wonderful jewelry at your home with some unused glass? Yes, and the good thing is that they will look just like the luxury one. Sounds great, right? So, come with me, and let’s see how to make glass jewelry at home in some simple techniques.

How To Make Glass Jewelry At Home

How to Make Glass Jewelry at Home

Now to get started, you are going to need some basic supplies like:Now to get started, you are going to need some basic supplies like:

1. Microwave kiln

2. Oven safe gloves

3. An assortment of glass

4. A glass cutter

5. Kiln paper

First of all, you have to cut some kiln paper that should fit inside the circle of the kiln. Make sure not to overhang the kiln paper. Now, you have to put some pieces of glass. If you are willing to make jewelry with the combination of glasses, you have to put different layers of colorful glasses. In my case, I have put a black layer and some shinny layer at the top of it. After that, you have to put the other half of the glass. Then, you need to close the kiln and wait for it to heat up. When it’s heated up, you need to open the lid and add the glass on top of the circle.

Different Layers of Colorful Glasses

Okay, now put the lid on and get ready to put it inside of the microwave. Be careful while moving the kiln because you wouldn’t like to move the glasses pieces inside of the kiln. Then set the power to 70% for the first three minutes. After this, set the microwave on high power for another minute. Take the kiln out wearing your gloves. That’s it; your glass jewelry will be ready then. Step 8: Assembling and Wearing Your New Glass Jewelry When you take the kiln out of the microwave, you will see that the glass has melted.

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