How to Make Lion King Masks

A lion king mask will help you to express how you loved the movie. You can also express your true love with a mask. But do you know how to make lion king masks? Well, it may seem to be a bit hard but trust me, I have got you covered. I have prepared a list that’s gonna take you through some simple steps to make lion king masks. So, if you really want to express how you have enjoyed the movie, leave all your tasks for a while and concentrate on the article till the end.

Children like to imitate and act out their favorite scenes. This means you can also use a lion king mask to provide them with something more fun. This also makes these masks a perfect present on their birthday. In fact, you can also hang these masks on your wall and extend the beautiful appearance of your interior design. In both ways, you can quench your thirst. That’s why learning the methods and making a lion king mask by your own effort is really very crucial. So, let’s take you through the steps that I have told you earlier and help you to make something that you really like.

Supplies You Will Need

  1. Some yellow papers
  2. Red papers
  3. Orange papers
  4. String
  5. Pritt stick
  6. A stapler
  7. Masking tape
  8. Black marker pen
  9. And a paper plate

How to Make Lion King Masks

Here I am going to show you how the patterns go together basically in the same way as you have done before. You know, you just have to cut the cardboards out according to the pattern and put them together. This basically takes an hour or five minutes, but if you are making it for the first time, it may require a couple of hours. Don’t hurry; use the required time; it will allow you to make the mask errorless. In fact, you will also need to add some Styrofoam balls and some foil around his ears, around his eyes. So, those things take a bit of time too. Okay, that’s enough talking; now let’s dive into the process of making a lion king mask.

Step 1: So, the first step to making our line is making his muzzle. Take your piece of paper and fold it in half. Then take the scissor and cut a semicircular kind of shape out of your paper. This doesn’t have to be too specific. The best thing is to do is fold that bit of paper so that it tucks in and then bring the other two bits of paper round to create your muzzle.

Step 2: Now, I am just going to use a little bit of Pritt stick to hold this together and make the muzzle. Once you have got your muzzle glued together, it will look like something close to a lion shape.

Step 3: Our next step is to connect that to our paper plate, and we do that by cutting some flaps around the edge back of the muzzle. Cut this pattern at a consistent distance. I am gonna use some masking tape to secure this onto my mask. So, just gonna bend these flaps down. Don’t worry about being tidy; all of this is going to get hidden under his mane and fur. Just make sure that you are securely strapped onto the plate.

Step 4: Now, I am going to work with the bottom half of the muzzle. So, I am just going to cut away a little bit of this plate just around the bottom of the mouth. Turn the plate over so that you can see what you have done. Great! That’s how our muzzle is ready to go. So, now we are heading to our next step.

Step 5: I am just going to mark where our eyes would go on the plate simply by using the marker. Now, I am going to cut these out using the point of my scissors to pierce through the plate. I am gonna trim to the edges, and then I am gonna flip my plate over and finish cutting it out from the other side. It will be a lot easier if you cut it from the backside because you won’t have to face the barriers of the muzzle from there.

Step 6: In order to make the lion’s mane, take your three different colors of paper and shred them into strips. Make them as much as you can, and then separate the colors out into their three different piles. Then starting with the red around the outside edges, we are going to work our way back in to make this cool main effect. Then I am going to put another paper on these, but this time I have made them a little bit shorter than the previous one. Again I am gonna work my way all the way around the edge. Apply all three colored papers and follow the same process for the attachment.

Step 7: So, now I am just going to pop a little bit more of this torn paper onto my muzzle, and again I just use my print stick to cover up the muzzle with some adhesive. Then I start to tear some beats of paper and start applying them on the muzzle and stick them down. It will give your mask a little bit more texture. After all, your kids will prefer something that looks close to the character, and that’s why I will suggest you apply as much detailing as you can for the texture. Once you finish adding them down, it will look close to the character that you are going to express through your mask.

Step 8: Okay, now it’s time to give some curls; otherwise, it is not getting the realistic look. For making the curls, just take a pencil and roll the paper up along the colored paper. This will give you some nice little curls into your lion’s mane. That’s it; the curls are made.

Step 9: You have to give the final detailing by your hand. So take your black and give yourself a nice triangular nose by coloring that in. If you need, you can even give your lion some moisture details. In my case, I have added also added some detailing at the eyes. Just for making it stand out a little bit more. You can also add some eyebrows to give it a more detailed look.

Step 10: One thing that I forgot to mention is also a very important thing. Can you guess what that could be? We just forgot to give our lion some ears. So, take another piece of paper and fold it up as you have done at the first stage. Remember, it should maintain a similar color to your muzzle. Now, cut along the outside edge. Cut yourself some pointy peak shapes that should look like an ear. Once you have that cut-out, just pop a little slit into the front of them. That way, you can fold them over and give them a little bit more volume. Then using a little bit of Pritt stick, you will be able to create a nice ear shape. The way to stick these onto your lion is also pretty easy. Just use a little bit more print, get your mask and slide it in between its mane. Repeat the step again with the other ear. That’s how you can add your lion’s ear.

Step 11: Take your string, hold it roughly where you want it positioned near your eyes and using a stapler, slide that along and staple it down into position. Use a couple of staples so that it remains nice and secure. For the protection of your face, use a little bit of masking tape over the top of these. You just have to repeat the step for the other side, and that’s it; your mask is ready.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have understood the above process and will be able to make as many lion king masks as you want. If you have got any questions about how to make a lion king mask, you can feel free to ask me through the comment section below.

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