How to Make a Large Masquerade Mask

The theme of the masquerade party has been popular recently. Whether it is a simple birthday party, reunion party, or Halloween, this theme has been going around a lot. The most important part of a masquerade party is the eye mask. You cannot attend the party without having the mask to hide your identity.

The mask only hides the eye part of your face, and it needs to be a glorious mask. There are many you can find in the market, but it does not take much to make one yourself. You can create one with a few simple elements that you can even find at home. So, if you want to learn how to make a large masquerade mask, keep reading ahead.

DIY: How to Make a Large Masquerade Mask

Step One

The first step of how to make a large masquerade mask is getting all the necessary items you need to make them. The thing you need is-

  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • paper
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • X-acto knife
  • Pencil
  • Beads and rhinestones
  • Lace
  • Ribbon

Step Two

The next thing you have to do is outline the mask with the appropriate measurement according to the face shape. It would be best if you drew it first. There are going to be two parts- one is the mask, and the other is the fleur de lis or the piece that you need to attach in between the eyes.

how to make a large masquerade mask

Step Three

The next step is to cut the paper where you draw everything. After that, trace the whole thing on the cardboard. Cut the cardboard according to the measurement with the X-acto knife.

Step Four

Next, you have to trace everything again on the fabric and cut the material with the scissors.

Step Five

Glue the fabric on both sides of the cardboard and wait for them to dry.

Step Six

After the fabric is stick to the cardboard. It is time for decoration. You can decorate it however you want.

To give you some ideas, you can use the lace around the side of the mask. It will cover up any imperfection it has due to the glue.

You can glue up all the beads and rhinestones following any design that you like. The more stones there are, the more glamorous it will be!

Step Seven

As for the last step of how to make a large masquerade mask, add the ribbon to the side of the mask that you can tie around your face. Or, you can add a stick around the mask that you can hold over your face. Anything that works for you! And you are done making the mask!

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Final Thoughts

That was all from how to make a large masquerade mask. You can now create your design and go to your masquerade party as you wish. You can make a matching mask with your outfit or the party’s theme with these few steps and available materials. Hopefully, our tips will come handy!

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