How to Make Plaster Sculpture Look like Concrete


Many sculptures are kept in your house for decorative purposes; sometimes, we want to paint theta and give them a new look. In such cases, we should provide them a concrete texture. This will look much innovative and impeccable. For this reason, we will exhibit you a process on how to make plaster sculpture look like concrete, this will be much beneficial for the artists, and the outlook of the statue will be changed.


For making your plaster sculpture look like concrete, you will need to apply some coating on the statue. For this reason, we will exhibit some steps that will enable you to get the desired texture. This texture can be easily obtained when you follow these steps chronologically. The process is discussed below.

How to Make Plaster Sculpture Look like Concrete

Step One

The first task is to gather all the necessary equipment for the task, you will need the sculpture that you want to paint, and then you will need a matte acrylic latex paint. You can buy it from any paint shop. Then you will need some paste wax. This will be used to keep the color not getting attached to the sculpture easily. You will also need some paintbrushes, it is better to keep two brushes. Next, you will need a vessel to mix the color, some water, and a cloth for rubbing.

Step Two

After you have gathered all the necessary equipment, you can start the process. You have to take the vessel, and with the help of a spoon, you will take some mate latex paint in the vessel. Then you have to mix water with the color. This should be done gently, and the amount of water should be added so that the paint gets fully dissolved in it. The percentage of water should be more for the dilution of the color.

 Step Three

Now you have to take the paste wax and apply it to the sculpture. The process of application is a bit different. First, you have to take some paste in your fingers and then rub them against the sculpture. This will allow the surface of the statue to absorb the wax. After a whole coating is applied, you should use a paintbrush and apply another layer of wax gently on the sculpture’s edges and corners.

Step Four

After the wax is applied, you can take the premixed paint and then start using it to the sculpture, and you should take a brush and then gently apply the paint on it. Then you have to take the cloth and rub the paint. The aim is that you will not allow the color to get settled quickly. For this reason, you have to apply the paint and then rub it with the cloth. This should be done continuously. Thus you will get a concrete finish on your sculpture.

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Lastly, we hope that the process we have stated here will give your sculpture a concrete texture. This process will highly benefit DIY artists. This will also help to improve painting skills. Happy crafting! Have a nice day!!

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