How to Make Shopkins Out of Paper

Nowadays, kids like to play with their shopkins very much. If you still don’t have shopkins for your kids, better hurry up and get some shopkins for them. You can easily make shopkins out of paper at home. Today we will give our opinions on how to make shopkins out of paper.

Necessary Equipment: 

  • Extra hot glue sticks
  • Hot glue gun or tapes
  • Printable plushies
  • Printed shopkins blind bags
  • Scissors  

It is to be mentioned that if you are unable to get the printable plushies or you do not have a printer, do not worry about it. You can draw your shopkins with the help of online and paint them according to your wish. 

DIY: How to Make Shopkins out of Paper

  • The first step is to collect your shopkins. It depends on you how you will choose your shopkins. As we said earlier, you can print them or paint them.
  • Make a collection of your favorite shopkins and paint or print them on a page For shopkin bags pictures, each page should contain four copies.
  • Now cut your page at the middle part with scissors so that both of them contain two pictures of the shopkins bag. Repeat this if you have more copies and want to make more shopkins bag
  • Then fold your cut pieces in half so that both sides contain the same picture. Repeat this for multiple pieces.
  • From the printable plushies or your drawn plushies, choose one and cut them with scissors’ help. Try to cut them in detail for a better look.
  • After that, use a hot glue gun and use it to close the sides of your shopkin bags. Keep one of them open so that you can use it as a bag.
  • You can use the help of scissors to paste the glues more easily. You can also give a good shape at the corners of your shopkins bags with scissors.
  • Then finally, put your detailed cut plushies in that shopkins bag.

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