How to Make Table Lamp at Home With Paper

A table lamp is an electric light that sits on top of a table. There are many different styles and shapes of lamps available to choose from. Table lamps can be costly: they can either be a single, decorative object or made out of many different, intricate parts. Some people will bring their table lamp with them when they move from one place to another. It is quite usual that making table lamps using homemade objects will surely save some expenses. So today, I am going to discuss a technique on how to make table lamp at home with paper.

Paper Lamp

Step-Wise Guide on How to Make Table Lamp at Home With Paper


You will need a lot of old newspaper, one plastic plate, scissors, a pencil and foam paper.

Prepare the newspaper sheets carefully. Cut them in squares measuring 12×12 inches and 16×16 inches, respectively. But before cutting the papers into small pieces, make sure they are smooth on all sides for finishing purposes. Stack them neatly so that you can work on a large sheet at once during your project. Now cut along the long side to make four layers of 16×16 inch square papers, with each layer consisting of four papers.

Also, you will get some flaps coming up out from edges which can be easily folded downwards after making 45o folds. For that purpose, you can use the following folding pattern.


After making 4 layers of paper squares, cut them in halves to have a perfect shape.


Now take one piece of square paper (32×32 inches) and resize it into two big sheets by cutting along dotted lines marked on the right side of the paper, which is 12 inches apart from each other with a pencil. After doing so, join these two pieces together after folding each end to form an open box whose floor area is 24×24 inches.


Once you have done this, make another three such boxes for the rest 3 lights only. To do this work accurately, transfer all dimensions from one box to others.


 Now, cover these boxes with a piece of foam paper to increase the floor area to 24×48 inches. Then mark out from one side.

You are free to use any size or shape of your choice for making a lamp, but I have measured it according to my plan. To make your table lamp look more attractive, you can also put some designs on its upper surface. You will need only those papers whose color matches your design patterns. Now cut them into small pieces and paste them over the covered box walls using the glue stick, tape, etc., which would be discussed later.

Glue The pieces Of Paper


After this, stick a plastic plate (whose size is exactly matching the size of the box’s cover) over its top surface using bond paper. This will hold it in place and keep the light inside the box protected from moisture, dust, etc.


Now, fill this box with some substance that can make the light effect more beautiful. You can put something like sand, dry flower petals, or two kinds together (also your choice). Keep them a little higher than the height of the covered base so that you can adjust it easily whenever required. Now fix a bulb holder over the box ceiling as described below:

Using a drill machine, create an appropriately sized hole into the box lid for putting a bulb socket. The diameter of that hole should be the same as the socket’s outer diameter but remember, don’t make it too big so that bulb is not easily fallen out of the socket when you shake the lamp.


Now, adjust the heights of sand or flower petals within the box to get a better light effect. For this work, take a wooden stick and fill it with something like sand, which could be used as weight. Then put this stick in the hole between the base floor and ceiling. After this, insert the bulb into its holder and replace the cap on top of the box’s cover.


Since two strips are available on both sides of the plastic plate (whose size matches with the box cover ), you can use them for hanging your table lamp anywhere in your house. To do so, we need to prepare hanging hooks. For this work, take a strip of steel/aluminum, bend it into 90o angles, etc., and then hold it in between two piles (the distance of which is less than the height of your box) and slightly hammer them to create holes.


So I hope the process mentioned above will help you learn how to make table lamp at home with paper. Ensure safety while performing the process, and do not hesitate to use your imagination for decorating the table lamp. Always chose top-quality paper so that the heat created due to the bulb can be contained. Thank you, and have a good day!

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