How to Make Your Own Crochet Labels


The crochet labels can give your fabric works a new identity so, if you used to sell your homemade fabric items, you should learn how to make your own crochet labels at home.

You can obviously order them from online stores, you can customize them as you want, but that will cost you some money. Don’t worry; I will show you some simple techniques in this article with which you will be able to make your own crochet labels with ease. So, without any delay, let’s dive in.

How To Make Your Own Crochet Labels

Required Materials:

  • A printer (with ink)
  • Paper
  • Scissors, ruler, and a glue stick. Optional materials:
  • Ruler for cutting strips of paper or fabric into rectangles to use as labels.
  • Needle and thread for sewing the labels onto your projects.

Processes on How To Make Your Own Crochet Labels:

Process One

First, decide how big you want your labels to be. The most common size is around three inches wide by two or three inches tall (depending on the type of project with these labels).

However, if you are making a label for a hat and only need to fit in one inch, go ahead with this smaller measurement. Next, cut out strips of paper or fabric about an eighth inch wider than the desired width of your finished product.

Next, fold each strip in half lengthwise so that they measure twice as long as what you would like them to be when unfolded later on; pin into place at either end so they won’t unfold themselves while working. Now take scissors and snip the top edge off of the fabric, and then unfold.

It’s time to put all of your creativity into this step! Pick up a piece of scrap paper or use the backside of a sheet from one side of plain printer paper (the white part), and draw out what you would like as an idea for each label design.

Take that finished sketch with you when heading to the craft store so it will be easier for you to find matching items in their respective departments.

Own Crochet Labels

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Process Two

For this project, you are gonna need some stamps. You can buy them from Amazon; they not much pricey and can be used for a long time. I have also got a mallet, and I want to use X’s and O’s because XOXO will determine my products.

 I have taken a leather strap and then hold the X on the leather, making sure that they are straight and even. Then I start using the mallet and hit stamp with it. Once I completed using the X, I will put O next to it. You have to follow the process based on the name that you have wanted to put. Okay, now I have completed my XOXO pattern.

Next, I am going to cut the leather nice and straight and the equal sides. Make sure to trim the corners too. After that, I will use the leather punch with the smallest setting and punch holes into my leather label. That’s it; the leather label is ready. Sew the label with your crafts and enable them with their original identity.cutting the leather


  • Crochet labels need to be washed and dried before they are applied to a piece of clothing. This will remove excess sizing on the label for ease of application and any residue from the manufacturing process or storage methods.
  • Always put your hand through loops when removing crochet labels in order not to damage them – they can get caught on other parts of clothing during removal if you pull at one corner.
  • When sewing new edges into the crocheted fabric, always use nylon thread because cotton threads would unravel over time due to their natural tendency to shrink with wear (called pilling).

What Are The Uses of Crochet Labels?

One of the most popular and practical uses for crochet labels is to mark your items with their size. This way, when you’re trying on clothes in a store, it’s easy to find something that fits without having to try everything on!

Crochet labels are also good for labeling your personal belongings like books or movies. You can write down what each thing is along with any other information you might want, such as who gave the item or where they were purchased at.Book Crochet labels

When all of those details are written out clearly, then even if someone else picks up one of your things by mistake, they’ll know not to take it because there will be no guesses about whether this belongs to them or not.


We have come to the last section of our article, and we hope that the processes we have stated here will help you chose the best one for your crochet label. Thank you, and have a good day.

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