How to Put a Border on an Uneven Crochet Blanket


Blanket out of crochet us always an exciting thing for the people who love sewing. The beginners always ace a common problem while sewing the blankets is the uneven edges of the blanket. This generally happens due to the lack of efficiency of the beginners. This can be quickly done by taking the necessary steps. Today, we will suggest some steps on putting a border on an uneven crochet blanket. This will be highly beneficial for correctly sewing the edge of the crochet blanket.


Many processes can be implemented for correctly sewing the edge of the blanket. The crochet design will not be affected by using these techniques. For your beginner readers’ betterment, we have shortlisted some steps that will be much easier for them to perform. These steps are simplified below with adequate explanation.

  • Step One

At first, you need to gather the necessary elements for the process. You will not need many things for this technique; just the basics will do. You will require a hook that you are already using for the process, and you will need the yarn of the same color. The uneven edges of the blanket happen in two ways. Either there is a lack of wool, or the thread has crossed the limit of the blanket edge. In both cases, there are specific steps that will help you to settle down.

  • Step Two

When there is a lack of yarn on the edge then you have to make sure that the crochet is done correctly. You have to take the hook and round the thread through the hook. Then you have to make sure that a knot is tied on the corner of the blanket. This will help you to attach the yarn to the blanket. You can easily detach the extra thread. Now you have to do the counting. This is essential for progress. The counting will give you the number of rows that are in the blanket.

  • Step Three

After the rows are counted, you have to assess the crochet pattern. You have to start by the edge for the single crochet and make a single crochet around the knot. And for the double crochet, you have to take the edge and start by double crochet. In this way, you have to advance through the dog steadily.

  • Step Four

When there is the gap of yarn, you must take the hook and find the closest thread on that point. And form the line, you have to apply the crochet pattern. It is better to use double crochet because the line will become dense in that area. And then you will again steadily crochet through the edge. Thus the uneven edges will be settled

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude towards the readers. The process which we have stated here will surely be advantageous for making the edge of your blanket appropriately sewn. The beginners who are new in learning crochet will also benefit from this technique, and your blanket will get a good look. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!

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