How to Open a Door When the Handle Is Broken


Often at the most convenient times, millions of people have attempted unsuccessfully to open a stuck door that was once easy to open. Whether in your home, business, or public building – opening a stuck door when you need it most is often an unpleasant experience that can really put you on edge. It’s one thing to twist the handle and realize that something has broken, but it’s another thing entirely to realize that the door will not budge no matter what you do! Today I will be discussing how to open a door when the handle is broken. So let us get started.

How to Open a Door When the Handle Is Broken

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of A Broken Handle?

When you try to open a door, but it won’t budge, it’s pretty obvious that there is a problem. A cracked or broken handle makes it difficult or impossible to turn the doorknob. If the knob sticks, wiggles, or feels loose, this may also signify a broken doorknob. It is possible to open a door with a damaged handle using tools and other creative methods.

Many people use shoehorns or screwdrivers to push in an outside keyhole and twist the inner lock mechanism from the inside. This works well if the lock is not installed correctly and has little resistance when you push the tool into it. This approach should not be used if the problem is a broken handle. It’s much safer to fix or replace the knob and deadbolt.

Look at the door from all angles in natural light to see if you can spot any problems. Examine both sides of the doorknob and lock carefully, so you don’t miss an issue or get confused when making repairs.

Many cracks are obvious, but some breaks are easy to miss even if they’re right under your nose because they’re too small to see easily with the naked eye. The parts that wear down most quickly during daily use are found on handles, knobs, locks, and strike plates, so these areas need special attention.

Step-wise Guide on How to Open a Door When the Handle Is Broken

  • If you cannot open the door due to a faulty handle, do not panic. In such situations, follow these simple steps, and you will certainly be able to open the door:

If the framework supporting the door is intact and there’s still space on either side of it for your hand, stand outside and hit it with your shoulder as hard as possible near the hinges to break some portion of its lower frame. Then, using this broken piece, pry up gently against one of those doors’ edges with a gap under them. By lifting this edge slightly every time, try sliding that broken piece underneath it until you can slide enough clearance underneath that edge to lift higher than just the broken portion underneath it.

Lifting this higher portion and then pushing down on that door edge closest to you to slide the piece of framed wood along with the broken door edge out of that frame should give your fingers enough space just above the threshold to be able to open your way through until you can get to a phone or toolbox for repair or replacement.

Lifting This Higher Portion

You will now have to use parts from other doors in your house if not available anywhere else, as new ones are quite expensive. However, you will know what works best for your needs while keeping costs low and avoiding having to pay anyone else anything for their services involved in repairs.

  • Individuals often do not necessarily look behind them after closing a door. This is a mistake because the handle on that door must be there, but it’s not; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to close the door in its current state of disrepair. The solution for this problem is quite simple:

Look back and locate any obstruction blocking or keeping your hand from reaching this handle. If it’s something large enough, position yourself closer to that opposite side of the doorway, grasp either side of the frame to hold yourself up against it once again, and then use as much strength as possible by stomping all 10 toes on each foot against that obstruction until you can fit your arms underneath them.

To do this easily without breaking them, you may need to lift one at a time while lifting onto the other foot with the weight from your body. Your toes are now strong and tough, so they should not break easily when you use them as an impact weapon against unmovable objects; even if one gets hurt, it will heal quickly and won’t stop you from moving forward toward your goal of restoring this door to its proper working condition.

Safety Precautions While Opening a Door When the Handle is Broken

  • Do not open the door suddenly with a bang or by pushing strongly against it.
Do Not Open the Door Suddenly
  • Do not use force to pull or push on a closing door, as this could cause the handle to break and allow the heavy door to injure people standing in its way.
  • If other exits near the broken door can be used, ensure everyone knows their location before leaving an area through a broken door.
  • If you are unable to find another exit, then enter and leave quickly through the broken doorway; do not stop inside except for brief periods of time needed to pass others during evacuations from buildings on fire or where evacuation is being ordered due to toxic spills, explosions, etc., or when there is a danger of the building collapsing.
  • Suppose you have information indicating a fire or explosion hazard in the vicinity. In that case, it is unsafe to open and pass-through doors unless they are equipped with panic hardware or some other approved method for opening, such as using ropes or chains secured to the door, and handles on both sides of the doorway.
Do Not Use Force


I hope this article has provided you with information on how to open a door when the handle is broken. Ensure proper safety while performing the process. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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