How to Paint a Door Without Removing It

When you’re looking to spruce up your home, it can be tempting to look at the big-ticket items, new countertops, a fresh coat of paint on the walls. But if you don’t want to spend a ton of money and still want some significant changes in your home, other options won’t cost as much but will make just as important an impact.

How to Paint a Door Without Removing It

One such option is painting doors without removing them from their hinges. This helps keep costs down and also prevents damage to the door itself or its surrounding frame. Best of all? It’s not complicated! If you follow these simple steps below, you’ll have no problem learning how to paint a door without removing it yourself.

10 Ways on How to Paint a Door Without Removing It

1. Door Painting Trick:

Take a hairdryer and turn it on hot.  Hold the hairdryer about 3-4 inches from the area you want to paint. The heat will loosen the adhesive so you can peel off the decals leftover from the tape with your fingers!

2. Paint a Door Using Foam Paint Brushes:

Each foam paintbrush is for one specific shape, so you have to figure out which piece goes where. We don’t recommend doing this method unless you have to because it can be pretty time-consuming. Also, the squares will start falling off after a few days if the door isn’t used much and longer if it is.

Using Foam Paint Brushes

3. Use a Hair Dryer:

Hairdryers come in handy for this because they get so hot! Once the door is heated up, you can start peeling off each piece of tape or scraping off the paper with your fingers. It’s also much easier to scrape the paint off too! Please don’t use this method for too long, though, because it can warp the door.

4. Sealant Method:

If you don’t have time to go out and buy paint brushes, this is another quick tip. Use a sealant to stick down your letters or shapes, hold them in place for about ten seconds, then peel them back off. If you’re using a sticky sealant, use something to smooth them down instead of your fingers; otherwise, the paint will get on your hands.

5. Tape Method:

Tape can be used in place of regular masking tape for this project since they both serve the same purpose, and one is easier to remove than the other later on. Take a regular roll of tape and wrap pieces around your door. When you’re done, use an X-Acto knife or something similar to gently separate the pieces of tape from the door without cutting into or damaging it.

6. Duct Tape Method:

If you don’t feel like doing any of the previous methods, this is another quick fix. Wrap duct tape around your door in whichever shape you want. It’s an inexpensive method because it requires only duct tape and no other tools or paints!

Just be careful because the adhesive on the back of the duct tape will start to peel off after a while when exposed to humidity from outside. So if you want to use this method, make sure the area where it’s applied is inside. Also, we recommend using some sealant on the back of the duct tape to hold it down better.

7. Spray Paint Method:

If you’re going to be painting a specific shape on the door, this is another suitable method. Spray paint works well because it can go on thick, and once it dries, you’ll be able to peel off the tape with ease. Just make sure your door isn’t windy when you spray paint so that none of it blows away!

8. Use a Roller:

Rollers are great for rolling paint onto your door in a hurry! Just put the roller on the paint and roll it up and down the door evenly, making sure to go with or against the grain, so you don’t leave brush strokes. For example, if you want the top of a letter to be a different color than the bottom, you can alternate the direction on each letter to make it look like a shadow.

9. Door Masking Paper Method:

Get your hands on some door-masking paper. It can be found at most hardware stores, and it’s best for large, intricate pieces of the pattern you want to keep intact. If you’re using tape, that’s fine too; make sure you overlap them by about an inch or two so that you don’t have any bare door peeking through. Use a brush to apply the paint, then take off the tape once it dries.

 Door Masking Paper Method

10. Glue Method:

This is probably the most straightforward method in this article. Just get out some superglue (the non-drying kind if you want to be careful), spread it on your door evenly, then place your letters or shapes on top of it. Wait about ten seconds for the glue to dry, then take off the shapes. If it’s a big piece, you can use a hairdryer to heat the glue before removing it for easier cutting and peeling.

Some Tips and Suggestions

1. Be very aware of where your ladder is when using it next to a door. You must never allow anyone to stand on the bottom rung of an unstable ladder, or they can fall through it. You must ensure that the feet of your ladder is on a solid, level surface at all times when you have someone standing on it.

2. Remember that paint fumes can be harmful to breathe in for long periods, so open windows to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the room while painting.

 Open Windows to Allow Fresh Air

3. Never allow your children to climb on unsteady ladders or paint surfaces.

4. Always use shoe covers when painting inside homes. The last thing you want is visible footprints all over the walls after they are painted!

5. If you plan to paint the ceiling, make sure that the area you will be working in is well ventilated. Paints can be toxic if they become breathed in for too long, and it’s straightforward to forget where your head is!

6. Make sure that when painting interior walls or ceilings, you use a primer on them before applying any paint. This will help the new paint adhere much better than it would otherwise and means that you can get away with using one coat of paint instead of having to do multiple coats!


If your door is in good shape and you don’t want to remove it, the best option for painting is probably a sprayer. It’s quick, easy, and won’t expose any of the interior or exterior surfaces that might be damaged by paint. You can also buy an airless paint sprayer if you’re looking for even more control.

There are many ways to paint a door without removing it. This is especially helpful if you have an older or historic home with beautiful, ornate doors that cannot be replaced with new ones. We hope this blog post on how to paint a door without removing it has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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