How to Pick a Brinks Lock With a Bobby Pin


Brinks locks are the top-of-the-line residential lock from Brinks Home Security Products. These locks were designed for a home that wants maximum security without spending thousands and thousands on a better security system. Essentially, these locks are all about having an extremely high level of protection at an affordable cost. They haven’t made it into more homes yet because they aren’t good – it’s simply because some people don’t know what they’re missing out on! There’s a lot to say about this company and its products, but we’ll get to all of that later. First things first, you have to learn how to pick a brinks lock with a bobby pin! So I will discuss this in today’s article.

How to Pick a Brinks Lock With a Bobby Pin

Stepwise Guide on How to Pick a Brinks Lock With a Bobby Pin:

  • Gather the materials
  • You’ll need: – a brinks safe with a bobby pin – pliers if your bobby pin is stiff and won’t bend easily (but this might also make it harder to manipulate) – some basic tools like screwdrivers, wire cutters, lighter for heating the lock.
  • Remove the top panel of the safe if you can
  • Try twisting/pulling out wires from within the panel until you find a viable one to manipulate.
  • Bend your bobby pin into an S shape and attempt to grab onto any metal bridge that connects two wires.
  • You want to try and pull back on one wire while pushing forward on another at high speeds.
  • This will cause the wires to vibrate, which will make a clicking noise.
  • Try to replicate this movement to unlock the safe
  • If that doesn’t work, try other ways of manipulating the pin,
  • Some methods that can help are: – using pliers or tweezers to hold it from behind and pulling/twisting it manually (make sure not to tear off strands of metal) – heating the end until it’s red hot, then letting it cool back down slowly.
  • Once you get a successful combination of movements that open the lock, move your bobby pin all around and see if there is another combination that works as well
  • This keeps going until you find a wide enough gap where you’re able for whatever reason to move the pins in a way that works and open it up
  • Once you’ve gotten into the safe, test it out by seeing if all of your belongings are still there
  • If they aren’t, try double-checking everything you did to make sure it’s not something you forgot
  • If they are there, though, congrats! You just got into a safe with only $2 and an hour of your time 15. Most likely, you won’t be able to do it again but remember this knowledge whenever someone asks how you opened their safe.

Precautions While Picking a Brinks Lock With a Bobby Pin:

Before we go into the procedure of picking a Brinks lock with a bobby pin, here is some necessary information that you need to know before performing any security procedures using something made out of metal. Use this information as your guide so that you do not hurt yourself while attempting to pick a Brinks lock on your own.

The following is an overview for handling anything metallic in regards to working on or around locks:

While Picking a Brinks Lock With a Bobby Pin
  • If it’s made out of metal, leave it alone. It will put holes through everything. (You should already know this because you should have read the rest of our blog.) So don’t even touch them….like ever!  If you must use one, then make sure that you are wearing gloves and eye protection.
  • Do not take it out of where you have it stored with your lock picking tools. If you must, then put them in an empty Ziploc bag to protect everything else around it. Do not place the tool on any surface that is not made out of metal (like a wood table). This will cause indents into your table, which can damage your gear or, even worse…your fingers!!!  
  • Handle the tool by the very tip of the bobby pin. Ensure that no part of your skin is touching any other part of the pin while holding it since this will create friction points that could generate heat from friction during movement. Heating a metal object for whatever reason can cause it to “melt” and therefore change its molecular structure. Melted metal is not conducive at all, which means that your bobby pin could stick in the lock, or worse, snap into tiny little pieces.
  • Be careful with putting strain on the tip of the bobby pin because this can damage the end tip and make it harder for you to get a good insertion/Bump (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then please read our blog post about bobby pins )
  •  Keep a paper towel handy so that if you do touch anything metallic, you can wipe your hands off before touching anything else. Good luck out there!

How to Pick a Lock Without Tools?

One of the best ways to open a lock with just a bobby pin is by picking. Picking is the technique of using tension and vibrations on pins inside of a lock to get them to move in such a way they all align, and you can turn your tumblers back and forth without struggling to insert your key into the lock. A common misconception that people have is that all locks are made in some gigantic factory somewhere and then shipped off to be installed on doors worldwide. This isn’t true as each company makes their own basic designs based on what they want their consumers to feel comfortable buying. The problem comes when trying to pick these locks because you won’t ever know exactly what design or type of lock you are dealing with until you start trying to pick it.

Pick a Lock With out  tools


As you can see, picking a lock with a bobby pin is a very viable option to get into any lock. Keep in mind that the bobby pin must be straightened out and made thin enough to fit inside the keyway. Having this piece of information at hand will allow you to pick most locks if done correctly. We hope this post was helpful for you to learn how to pick a brinks lock with a bobby pin. Thank you and have a nice day!

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