How to Reinforce Closet Rod


Closets are always an essential part of our day to day life. We keep all our belongings stored in these places. Sometimes the rod that has been placed in the closet breaks down. This happens due to the excessive pressure of the cloths on the closet rod. For this reason, we are going to discuss a technique on how to reinforce the closet rod. The broken rod can easily be repaired in this method, which will be advantageous for maintaining a safe place for your attire storing.


Many ways can be used to reinforce the closet rod. The methods can be complicated for some people because they might include professional-level expertise. For this reason, we will exhibit some steps that will help you reinforce the closet rod quickly. The steps must be followed by chronologically to get the best result. These steps are explained below.

Steps to Follow

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Step One: For this step, you will need some wooden timber, and then you will need some sandpaper. These are much needed for reinforcing the rod. The wood will help to balance the ruptured end. You will need a miter saw, which will be used to make a hole on the wood. The sandpaper will be used to make the surface smooth. You will also need a hammer and a measuring tape, which will help you make the correct measurement.

Step Two: After gathering all the necessary aspects, you should get to work. At first, you have to start by measuring the rod from the ground. The failure of the closet rid occurs due to the weight of the clothes. And eventually, the rod gest bent, which results in breaking of the rod and the materials fall. So eliminating such a scenario, you have to reinforce the rod along the weak zone, and placing wooden support will be the best solution.

Step Three: After you have measured the total free space from the ground, you should measure the diameter of the rod, and then you have to cut a wooden plank, which will have a total length of three inches more than the accumulated size of the free space and the diameter of the rod. Then you have marked the upper side of the wood and then cut a hole on the upper portion of the wood using a miter saw. The hole should have a diameter which can easily accommodate the closet rod.

Step Four: After the wood is prepared, you have to use sandpaper of 220 grit to smooth the surface, and you should also blunt the edges. Then you have to open the rid and insert the wooden reinforcement through the rod. You have to place the plank in the middle of the rod, which will divide the total closet rod into two parts. Then you have to attach the wood firmly to the ground using adhesive. Thus the closet rod will be successfully reinforced.


In conclusion, we would extend our heartfelt gratitude to our readers who have spent their time to go through this mentioned technique. We hope that the process will be beneficial for beginners to learn new techniques and apply them. DIY enthusiasts can use this technique to reinforce the closet rods. Happy repairing. Have a nice day!

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