How to Release Pocket Door Rollers


Pocket door rollers, also known as “pocket door tracks” or “pocket door track set,” is a hardware set that is used to provide mobility for pocket doors. Simply speaking, it allows the door to slide into the wall during times of use and then retract back into it when not in use. Pocket Door Rollers come in various types with varying prices based on quality and features. Most sliding pocket doors require two sets of rollers to be installed at both ends. Therefore, this article will discuss how to release pocket door rollers from one end while leaving them intact on the other end to allow smooth opening and closing of the roller system.

How to Release Pocket Door Rollers

Step-wise Guide on How to Release Pocket Door Rollers

Step 1 : Examine the Location of the Rollers

It is important to examine where the rollers are located so that you can determine how they function at their best and inspect if there are any damages. Most pocket door rollers will be situated on either side of the track, but sometimes, a combination of top and bottom or inside and outside hinge placement can also be done. If there is no place for the roller, then it does not make sense to put money into buying one for your pocket door slide.

Step 2: Determine the Roller Size Requirements 

After examining where your pocket door rollers should go, check which size you need by measuring from one side to another. It may vary depending on whether your doorway has been set up with a frame around it or just the door frame only if you need to replace your old pocket door rollers, test if a standard size roller will work or measure from one end to the other so that you have an idea which size is needed later.

Step 3: Choose the Right Roller Type 

Once you have determined your pocket door rollers’ size, it is also important to look at their structure and choose the best type for your particular application. Pocket doors are often mounted on metal tracks, but they may also be installed on wooden tracks depending on how light and heavy-duty they are designed. Some types of roller include plain bearings, ball bearing, nylon wheeled, trolley car wheels, and even steel wheels, depending on the design you choose.

Step 4: Remove Old Rollers 

If your old rollers do not come off easily, loosen the screws by using a screwdriver and remove them carefully without causing damage to other parts of your pocket door slide.

Remove Old Rollers 
 if Your Old Rollers Do 
Not Come Off Easily

Step 5: Prepare New Pocket Door Rollers for Installation   

The next step in how to install pocket door rollers is to prepare the new roller by placing it in position with one end lying along the track while pushing firmly as you line up with where the hinge will be located on the wall.

Once this is accomplished, nail or screw through-holes placed above and below each wheel so that they stay securely fastened into place. If there are no holes available for nails or screws, you can also use glue to keep them firmly in place until they are secured more permanently.

Step 6: Complete Installation of Pocket Door Rollers 

The next and final step for releasing pocket door rollers is to complete the installation by placing one side of the roller into position along a track while pushing it forward so that it slides smoothly over the surface of your doors.

Replace remaining old rollers with new ones or tracks if they have become worn out and damaged beyond repair and replace any wooden tracks with metal ones that will last longer. Close both sides of the door together when all steps are completed and ensure that it moves easily from side to side without any effort on your part. Finally, check to see whether the old rollers have caused any damage to your door frame or the wall and repair this whenever needed.

Step 7: Clean Up After Yourself 

It is important to clean up after yourself when you are done replacing your pocket door rollers to get damaged during cleaning. Some cleaners can cause discoloration over time if left out in bad weather, but there should be no reason for you to leave them outside in the elements because it will affect how well your new pocket door rollers work.

Instead of repurchasing a new set, take care of them right away by washing them off with warm water or wiping them down with a towel soaked in mild soap and dry off immediately if possible. Store them carefully away from direct sunlight so that they do not become damaged or discolored.

Clean Up After Yourself When 
You Are Done Replacing
Your Pocket Door Rollers

Precautions While Releasing Pocket Door Rollers

  1. Wear Your Gloves: while releasing pocket doors rollers, most people forget to wear their gloves. While there are no risks of getting cut in this process, wearing the right gloves will save you from extra discomfort and save you time cleaning up the mess on your hands after release pocket door rollers.
  2. Remove All Jewelry: Before removing pocket door rollers from doors and frames, always remove all your jewelry especially rings and wristwatches. 
  3. If You Have Long Hair, Tie it Back. If you are working with a partner, make sure that both of you tie down your long hair before beginning the release pocket door rollers process because possible injuries could lead to serious accidents in one way or another and can be very painful.
  4. Remove All Furniture and Other Obstacles From the Area: before releasing pocket door rollers, remove all your furniture and heavy objects that could be in the way of this process. Ensure to do this with any electrical cords, so you don’t get electrocuted during the release pocket door rollers.
  5. Turn Off Your Lights if There Are Any Nearby. When working on releasing pocket doors, rollers always turn off or replace bulbs if they are close by because some may fall out of sockets while removing or installing pocket doors roller. Again, it would be best for your own safety to avoid getting hurt, especially while releasing pocket doors rollers. 
Turn Off Your Lights When 
Working on Releasing Pocket Doors


Hopefully, you are now aware of the procedure on how to release pocket door rollers. Through this article, I have tried my level best to help you with information that will be helpful and useful in solving your problem. Thank you and have a nice day!

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