How to Fix Pocket Door Off Track


To keep it simple, an off-track pocket door will not stay in its proper location with the opening and closing of a pocket door system. The tracking for a pocket door system consists of two vertical tracks going into the wall on either side of the opening when viewed from inside. The weights are attached to each end of the track, and there is a sprocket wheel on top, which allows the pocket door to move up or down within those tracks.

A piece of heavy-duty spring steel connects both ends of the tracking so when the sprocket moves one way, and it pulls out against gravity from below. At this time, gravity pulls down on both sides, but when you manually move closed and open the sprocket, then everything stays in. In this article, I will discuss how to fix pocket door off track. So let us get started.

How to Fix Pocket Door Off Track

Step-wise Guide on How to Fix Pocket Door Off Track

The following guide could prove to be very helpful if you are looking for a pocket door repair. The article has been written to help all those who find themselves confounded by this problem. Numerous tips are provided here for proper track alignment and fixing the doors onto their tracks.

Step 1:

You will need to measure the vertical dimension of both the sagging pocket door and head jamb. If you find that the pocket door is just a bit lower than its track, it could very well be due to drywall sag. This is not an uncommon problem, especially if your home has been in construction for some time now. It also becomes quite easy to figure out the overall misalignment with this simple step-by-step method.

Step 2:

Before going any further, open up your doors again and take note of the gaps between the top edge of both doors and their sides, as well as bottom edges and bottom rails. The distance between these points should be equal on both sides – otherwise, the chances are that one side may be higher or lower than the other.

Step 3:

If you find that your pocket door is hanging at a bit of an angle instead, the chances are that it is due to a misalignment. This often happens when one side sags lower than the other – which is quite common for these doors, actually.

Step 4:

Sagging can also occur in case there has been some shifting on the horizontal plane, which is why getting a professional opinion would be a better option rather than skimping out. You might also want to check with your builder before moving ahead with any repairs yourself. If this does not help and none of the above-mentioned steps work, there could be more serious problems like bent tracks, cracked posts, and faulty rollers.

Step 5:

Even if you have managed to figure out the underlying cause of your problem, the chances are that this step would be the most difficult one for you – even if you are a DIY beginner.  The first thing that you would want to do is loosen one side of the track while holding it straight, then repeat the procedure on both sides and make sure they move easily and hang properly.

Finally, use a ruler to measure up everything carefully before making any adjustments or repairs by hand. You will also need a reliable set of pliers for this purpose.

Use a Ruler to Measure Up
Everything Carefully Before 
Making Any Adjustments

Step 6:

If your door still doesn’t seem to work properly, then there could be some serious issues with its tracks or rollers. Please use a ruler for this purpose, but it might be worthwhile to call in an expert instead if this proves to be too difficult for you. If the problem is with the rails or rollers themselves and they are damaged in any way, the chances are that you will have to replace them before moving ahead with any further repairs.

Step 7:

In most cases, however, replacing the door bottom should do just fine, as well as fixing your pocket door back on track. This is best done by taking off the screws of both doors and laying them flat side against each other – preferably one at a time so that your measurements hold. After you have gotten rid of all these issues, it would be best if you laid down some lubricant onto the track and rollers to get them moving smoothly again.

Step 8:

You can also try using a pry bar for your pocket door alignment – if you have one handy, that is. This would be quite helpful if both tracks from the top and bottom are more or less aligned but need a bit of adjusting along their sides.

Step 9:

Using pliers or another tool would help tremendously while opening up the sliding panel assemblies by hand. The lock bolts will be released in this step so that you can keep adjusting these panels until they hang parallel with each other perfectly.

Using Pliers Would Help 
Tremendously While Opening Up the
 Sliding Panel Assemblies by Hand

Precautions While Performing How to Fix Pocket Door Off Track

  • Always make sure that the electric circuit is switched off before going on with any work.
  • Ensure that there are no other people in the area where you are working, as they may distract from your attention and lead to injury or death of someone present nearby.
  • Be extra careful while fixing pocket doors off track as incorrect handling will cut your hands and fingers, which is a major medical issue for an individual.
  • Check all terms mentioned in this article to ensure that you do not miss out on anything while carrying out these steps at home or office premises.
  • If there is some difficulty while following the steps in this article, call professionals immediately to provide the timely help.
  • If you have any doubt, then share it with an expert and do not skip anything, which may turn fatal for you or a member of your family in the future.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Pocket Door?

Pocket doors are used a lot in bathrooms to create the illusion of more space. They really do look great and can be added for about $250 per door, installed. A typical installation will take 2 hours. You won’t need any special tools or skills to install them, but you will have to have help from someone else. Keep in mind that you will most likely have to replace the entire track, so plan on having a few hundred dollars set aside for the project.

What Are the Most Common Pocket Door Problems?

If you have a pocket door, you probably already know that there are common issues with the sliding doors. For most people, one of the most common pocket door problems is when the door becomes loose on its track or off of its track entirely.

There may be some other minor issues, such as installing a new one in an old frame and making it look good. As long as these doors are used properly, they shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for your home. They should last for quite some time without causing any headaches.

How to Install a Pocket door?

Pocket doors are generally made out of two sections that attach by sliding in together. They are straightforward to install if you follow a few simple guideless. They come in many sizes and styles, and one of the most common types is the pivot pocket door. The pivoting mechanism is cool because it allows for easier opening and closing, but they can sometimes be more difficult to operate than standard doors.

Pivoting Mechanism Is 
Cool Because It Allows for 
Easier Opening and Closing

Installing a Pocket Door:

When installing a pocket door, you want to prevent the problems that occur when they don’t work correctly, Such as sticking or not being able to open all the way. The best way to avoid these problems is to make sure that everything is plumb and square from the start. In addition, you want to avoid having to take apart the door and start over.

Once you have it plumb and square, mark where the hinge arms will mount on your wall by holding the pocket portion in place against the mounting surface. Hold up a level at each corner of where the hinges will be mounted on both sides. Mark both holes with a pencil at that height from each side of the pocket door. This is where you will be drilling through your drywall.

This step is significant because if you don’t do this right or drill in slightly wrong spots, it could cause problems down lava since installing a pocket door is tricky enough without fixing simple mistakes, so make sure you get this right!

If you install a pivoting door, install the hinges according to the instructions included with your pocket door. It is also imperative that once these arms are installed, they stay there, so make sure you get them perfectly plumb before driving in those screws.


Purchasing a pocket door can be the best decision you make, or it could turn out to be the worst. That is why before buying one, you should learn all about them and what they can do for you and your home or office. These doors are different from most other doors because there is space between their frame like a closet door, and they slide into that space when in use. Thanks again for taking the time to read the how to fix pocket door off track article!

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