How to Remove a Bathroom Mirror With Clips

Bathroom mirrors with clips are a trendy choice for homeowners. Their ease of installation and removal makes them a great option for renters and those looking to update the look of their bathroom without making permanent changes. In addition, they provide a better view for styling your hair, putting on makeup, and shaving your legs.

However, mirrors can also be challenging to remove from the wall if you ever need or want to take them down. Luckily there is a simple way to do so without damaging the wall or the mirror itself. In this blog post, we’ll discuss removing a bathroom mirror with clips so that you can easily reinstall it in your new home or simply change the color scheme in your current one!

How to Remove a Bathroom Mirror With Clips

10 Ways on How to Remove a Bathroom Mirror With Clips:

1. Try to Pop It Out:

If clips are holding up your bathroom mirror, you can try to pull them out. First, grab the clip with your fingers and press/pull it down along the frame of your mirror. Repeat this on all of the clips that are holding up your mirror. If only one or two are coming loose, stop there. Otherwise, you could damage your mirror.

2. Heat It:

Grab a hairdryer and turn it to the hottest setting. Position the hairdryer about 5-8 inches away from your mirror and aim it at one of the clips holding your mirror. Hold it there for about 3 minutes. Then, repeat all other clips that are keeping your mirror held up. If you do not want to risk your mirror with the heating, try the following options.

3. Put It in the Bathtub:

This option works well if you have a bathtub with no stopper or will come out easily when pulled up quickly. If your tub does not meet these criteria, do not use this option, as it may cause damage to your bathroom.

4. Remove the Stopper:

With a screwdriver or something similar, remove the stopper from your bathtub. Then, stick your hand into the drain so your fingers touch the bottom. When you feel the underside of the stopper, pull it up quickly and slide it out of its place. Then, put some weight on top of your bathroom mirror until you see one or two clips on each side.

5. Pour Boiling Water Down the Drain:

This option works well because you can put weight on the mirror while it’s heating up. Next, pour boiling water down your bathtub drain, making sure that it is pouring into the crevice of your stopper. Repeat this until all clips are undone. Use caution because this process will create lots of steam in your bathroom.

6. Use a Plunger:

As you may have guessed, this method also uses the power of plunging to remove your mirror from its clips. Pour hot water into the drain in your bathtub and then quickly put the plunger over it. Make sure it covers the clogged area completely before pumping it fast.

7. Use a Screwdriver:

This method works well if you have clips on the sides of your mirror. First, take a screwdriver and put it in the gap between your mirror and its wooden frame so that you can get some leverage to pry the frame apart from the mirror. Then, wedge it all the way around the mirror. Repeat this all the way around your mirror until you can take it off of its clips.

8. Slide a Razor Underneath:

Find something thin and flat enough to slide underneath one of the clips on your mirror; we recommend using a razor blade the type used to scrape paint off of windows). Then, slide it under the clip and push up on it until the clip pops off. Repeat until all clips are undone.

9. Unsnag the Hooks:

With a slim object, such as a butter knife or screwdriver, unclip the hooks holding your mirror on. Push it in between the gap and push out of one hook. Then, move on to the next one until all of the hooks are undone.

10. Pry it Off with a Crowbar:

If you have no other option left, try using a crowbar to remove your mirror from its clips. Put your crowbar underneath one side of the mirror and push up on it until some of the clips come undone. Repeat this process until no more clips are holding your mirror up. Then, use caution as the mirror could fall, break, or shatter into several pieces.

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Materials and Supplies Needed:

Materials and Supplies Needed
  • Ruler
  • Razor Blade or Box Cutter
  • Small Screwdriver (Phillips)
  • Medium Sized Clamp
  • Masking Tape
  • Pencil or Marker

Instructions: How to Remove a Bathroom Mirror With Clips

With a little bit of elbow grease, ripped clips, and an old saggy mirror can be transformed into a personalized piece of art. That said, here’s how to remove it safely from the wall.

Step 1:

Scrape off as much excess gluing as possible from the clips. Use a flathead screwdriver if necessary.

Step 2:

Pry off the clips by wedging a flathead screwdriver under each one.

Step 3:

Avoid breaking the mirror during this step. Instead, wedge the same screwdriver under each clip and tap it with a hammer to push them off the wall. The pins will bend but will not break.

Step 4:

After all the clips are removed, use a little water to help remove the glue left on the wall. Use an old rag or sponge to wipe it down with just enough water for it to slide off. You don’t want to soak the drywall or plaster behind it by using too much water.

Step 5:

Use a flathead screwdriver to lift the mirror. It should pop off fairly quickly since the lip of the remaining adhesive is all that’s holding it in place.

Step 6:

Use an electric sander with 100 grit sandpaper or hand sanding paper if you don’t have access to one, and rough up the remaining adhesive until it is smooth.

Step 7:

Use a paintable or caulk-able primer and primer/sealer in one. Allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 8:

Cover all air vents in your bathroom with tape and plastic sheeting. This will help minimize any dust during this process, ensuring that it stays out of your ventilation system and lungs.

Step 9:

Spray on your adhesive/caulk in the color of your choice. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes before you apply another coat or two, depending on how opaque or transparent you want the final product to be.

Step 10:

Peel off the tape and plastic sheeting after all surfaces are dry and you’re all done. After the adhesive is dry, drill a hole in your mirror using a drill bit that’s slightly wider than the diameter of whatever you are hanging it with. This will allow the anchor to sit flush against the mirror without damaging it.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

Be Patient When Removing the Mirror

1. Be patient when removing the mirror. If you’re doing this for whatever reason, it will take time. Be careful not to scratch any part of your wall or bathroom fixtures. Also, avoid using sharp objects to remove the mirror’s clips.

2. Don’t use too much force when removing a mirror. You don’t want to break the mirror or have pieces falling onto the floor while removing it. Also, ensure that it’s stable when removing it just in case you accidentally bump into it.

3. Make sure other people won’t enter your room when removing a bathroom mirror with clips on them, just in case they get injured during the process or any falling mirror pieces damage them. Also, be sure that your pets are in another room when removing a mirror to avoid injuring or killing them with falling pieces.

4. When removing bathroom mirror clips, don’t remove the entire clip in one go. Pulling it in increments will ensure that the mirror remains stable while you’re working on removing each clip from your wall.

5. When removing the mirror, ensure your bathroom is well-ventilated. Removing a mirror will likely create lots of dust and debris in it, so make sure to leave your bathroom door open and use an exhaust fan to vent out all the particles created from removing the mirror.


Now that your bathroom mirror is out of the way, you can get to work on removing those old tiles and replacing them with new ones. Remember to leave a little extra space around the edges so it’s easier for you to line up the tiles when they’re dry!

But don’t worry about getting perfect measurements because we have provided tips on removing a bathroom mirror with clips perfectly. If this sounds like too much work, or if you want someone else to do the work for you, contact us to learn more about our bathroom remodeling services!

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