How to Remove Broken Glass From Window


Broken glass creates serious hazards in the home, and many people are injured by it every year. The most important factor is to stay calm. It is frightening to think that you may be cut on a piece of glass, but broken glass does not cause wounds as often as we might fear.

It is improbable that there would be enough pieces for someone to get cut so bad that they could bleed to death from one small entry wound. When broken, window glass tends to collect into large chunks rather than lots of little fragments. As long as these single large pieces do not still have jagged edges, they can generally be handled safely without gloves or other protection. Today I will be discussing how to remove broken glass from windows. So let us get started.

How to Remove Broken Glass From Window

Reasons for Glass Breaking

There are many reasons why glass breaks, and it is essential to isolate the cause of damage or destruction so that measures could be taken to avoid further damages to this material.

When window glass breaks, there are three main reasons:

  • Most obvious reason would be external pressure, such as a car running into the window. But generally, people tend not to notice such damages until there is an accident. In that case, they contact the emergency authorities for help, so you don’t have the opportunity to save your valuable goods from breaking windows. So what should you do? First, try covering the broken area with adhesive tape if it’s possible. This will reduce internal pressure and make the chipping process slower than before. It will also prevent small pieces of glass from falling into the house, which could be dangerous to pets and little children.
  • Another cause of damaged glass is high temperature and direct sunlight. I noticed that after long hours in a car, windows are more prone to breakage. This happens because there’s no air circulation, so temperatures go higher than normal. The same thing can happen if you have neglected cleaning your windows for a long time and they became covered with dust or spider web. Glass has many weak points where it can break even before applying external pressure to it. One of these weak points is dirt layers on the surface (especially true for older windows).
  • But most frightening and dangerous damage comes from human factors – vandalism. Of course, such actions are sporadic, but still, you need to be prepared. For example, if your house is far from the road, just in a forest or somewhere else where you are not aware of possible passersby – there could be someone who will throw stones at your windows, attempting to damage them severely. This action is especially likely if it happens after nightfall because you won’t hear anything, and you’ll not have time to do anything about it (this is also why it’s important to remember that broken glass should never be thrown into the fireplace).

Step-wise Guide on How to Remove Broken Glass From Window

Step-1: Put the cloth on top of it to prevent injuries.

Don’t try to remove big pieces as they can be dangerous and harmful to you. Avoid touching it with your hands if any sharp glass piece is there. Otherwise, you can injure yourself badly! Covering the broken glass will protect you from injury and protect furniture or woodwork that might be infected with small pieces of shattered glass. You should not look directly at the glass either, as these tiny particles can cause damage to your eyes! Always work with safety gear like gloves and goggles to don’t get harmed in any way. If needed, call a professional who has the proper tools and equipment for this job.

Put the cloth on top of it to prevent injuries

Step-2: Take out the broken glass carefully.

Broken glasses cause a lot of damage and danger to you and your valuables, so be extra cautious! The first thing that you should do is cover the broken glass with cloth or newspaper. Remember not to touch it with your bare fingers as it can cause injury or irritation! Once done, try fitting a smaller piece of broken glass in its previous place. If it fits, then you have solved half your problem. If not, remove whatever small pieces lie near the remaining portion of the windowpane by tapping on them lightly and taking them out one by one; this will make work easier for you.

If there are no small pieces near the larger portion of broken glass, it’s time to remove it. There are two ways in which you can do this:

  • With a hammer and a chisel or knife, chip away at the broken pieces one by one. You can use your hand too; be careful while doing so! Remove all the glass pieces from their place, being very cautious not to injure yourself while doing it. Don’t try to reach hard-to-reach places with your hand, as these can cause an injury!
  • Get hold of a pneumatic drill fitted with a blade bit that is small enough for the size of glass you are removing. If possible, have another person hold some cloth over the broken glass to protect them from any fragments flying out. This method is not that safe and risky, so be very careful while doing it!

Step-3: Clean the remaining shards of glass carefully.

After removing all broken pieces, clean the window frame carefully and a possible piece of cloth or soft rag to clear away any dirt that might have gotten on it after removing the glass. Clean this off using some rubbing alcohol and wipe them with a dry cloth. Be extremely cautious about cleaning the edges of broken glass pieces because there are probably still small fragments stuck in there; you can get injured if they stick out or somehow become loose! Don’t forget to wear your safety gear before doing anything! If you don’t know how to do this, take help from someone who does!

Step-4: Clean the area around the windowpane.

It is essential to clean up and disinfect the entire surrounding area from any remaining pieces of glass as it can cause injury or harm to anyone who touches them. Disinfecting is done using bleach water, so get a mixing bowl, add a few drops of bleach to water, and rub it with a soft cloth on all walls and furniture near broken glass. This will make sure that there are no harmful particles left behind for someone to bump into! Spread this over an area about 6 inches beyond the broken glass. You can also do this using rubbing alcohol which has disinfectant properties. Just use paper clamps or a bread knife instead of rubbing alcohol; you can also use a mild disinfectant like Lysol.

Step-5: Make sure all is well before drawing the curtains!

Although it might seem harmless, some pieces of broken glass may have been lying around or stuck in small places, so make sure that you clean up everything properly and fully. You can do this in two ways: firstly, by using your hand and carefully feeling each corner or place where broken shards could have flown off from the windowpane; secondly, get something hard like a hammer or screwdriver (if possible) and feel along the surface of the area to locate any remaining pieces deeply embedded into the wall or flooring.

Make Sure Broken Glass Exist or Not

Precautions While Performing How to Remove Broken Glass From Window

  • Exercise caution and care while removing the broken glass from a window.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly to avoid any injury and infection shortly.
  • Wear cotton gloves, protective clothing, and eyewear for safety purposes during the cleaning process.
  • Dispose of all pieces of glass carefully after you remove it from that location or place where it may cause similar damage in the future.
  • The broken glass should be removed immediately with great care because if left sitting on a countertop or lying around can lead to scratches as well as cuts due to its sharp edges and pointy ends, which will make you lose concentration on other important work like filling out your tax forms or preparing dinner at that time when you might accidentally cut your fingers.
  • If you are not sure how to remove broken glass from the window, contact a professional home service technician who can easily do that job for you and do it with great care and attention to avoid causing any harm or injury
  • Always call for help if someone gets injured during the removal process so they can get immediate medical help at once before being taken to a hospital for further treatment, but only after proper emergency first aid is given by yourself or other survivors around you until emergency medical services arrive on the scene to handle matters properly.
Call for Help if Someone Gets Injured


The whole process is quite simple and can be handled by an individual or a professional. But before taking help from anyone, you should know that the broken glass removal process is done properly because if any small pieces of glass do get stuck on your skin and cause infection, it may become fatal in the worst scenarios.

So try not to take a chance on life or health as it is the most important thing which one needs to keep till death comes for us! So I hope you have learned properly how to remove broken glass from window. Thank you and have a nice day!

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