How to Remove Fine Scratches From Windshield


A Windshield is a transparent protective layer that covers the front of your vehicle. It is usually made from laminated glass and plastic, with one layer of plastic on top of two layers of glass. When we drive, it is the windshield that protects us from falling debris and other things.

How to Remove Fine Scratches From Windshield

Unfortunately, scratches can appear on your windshield for various reasons: the wind, sand, dirt, or even bird droppings. These substances are just some of what may potentially leave scratches in your window. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to remove these unsightly marks as soon as possible. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to remove fine scratches from windshield.

How Does a Windshield Get Damaged?

The Most Common Ways Are as Follows:

  • By driving over rocks or debris while traveling on asphalt roads or dusty areas.
  • By misusing it when you wash your vehicle using high-pressure water hoses, which can cause surface cracks or damage to the coating.
  • By letting a stone crack your car’s windshield either inadvertently or otherwise, perhaps during road rage.
  • Driving into the sun too often, especially at night where heat causes distortions in the air, causing rainbows to appear in the glass.
  • Using old windshield wipers and blades that are not functioning properly can cause scratches from the rubber of the wiper to be dragged on the glass when it is passing by.

What Causes Windshield Scratches?

Any number of factors can cause scratches on the windshield. Various circumstances may cause scratches to appear on your car’s windshield, from flying debris to hail storms. However, the most common culprit is, in fact, road debris such as pebbles and rocks kicked up by passing traffic. Unfortunately, even if the culprit is caught on your windshield, it’s often impossible to know what causes a particular scratch.

When Does a Windshield Scratch Become Unsightly?

While scratches can be an inconvenience, they really do not become unsightly until they start to spread across the glass. The larger and longer the scratch becomes, the more noticeable it becomes. If you are worried about how your car looks and you want to get rid of any scratches that appear on your window, there are some steps that you can take to remove them once and for all.

Step-wise Guide on How to Remove Fine Scratches From Windshield

You likely already know how much it costs to replace or repair the windshield on your vehicle. For this reason, you will likely want to consider removing scratches instead of fixing them with professional services. So use these simple steps to remove those pesky little scratches quickly!

Step 1 Clean Your Windshield:

Start by washing your car’s windshield thoroughly using dish soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and allow the windshield to dry for several minutes before continuing.

Cleaning Windshield

Step 2 Sand Away Scratches:

Next, you will need to sand away those annoying scratches using sandpaper. You can purchase a special type of sandpaper meant specifically for removing scratches from glass surfaces, or you can use regular sandpaper that is a bit rougher in texture than what you would typically use when finishing wood projects. Whichever type of paper you decide to use, be sure it is clean and free from any dirt and debris!

Step 3 Coat Surface With Rubbing Alcohol:

After using your sandpaper, coat the scratched area with rubbing alcohol. This is necessary because it helps smooth out the surface so your polish will adhere more easily. Allow the alcohol to set for about a minute or two, and then carefully polish away those scratches!

Step 4 Polish Away Scratches:

After removing the scratches with sandpaper, rub in some car wax or paste onto the surface of your windshield. You may want to use a different type of wax then you normally would because you want something as smooth and even as possible, so it does not cause additional scratch marks on the glass. Rub the product into that area until everything is nice and smooth! Total Cost: Around $5-20 depending on what products you already have in mind! Note that this method should work just fine on most scratches, but it could be more difficult to remove them from your windshield if they are too deep. Use this process in conjunction with other techniques to remove any deeper scratches from your windshield.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations on Scratch Repair?

The auto industry is accountable for producing windows that offer safety and shield occupants from the outside environment. Although a windshield does not provide any protection against secondary impacts like airbags or a rollover, it allows us to see clearly while operating our vehicle. Windshields are made of small glass fragments bound together with an inner layer of vinyl plastic. Mainly three materials are utilized to manufacture this material: laminated glass, tempered glass, and tempered-laminated glass, which have an outer layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

Together these layers form what we know as the windshield. Scratches can occur at any point during manufacturing or if there is some sort ofapocalyptic event. Maybe you got a scratch in your brand new car, or maybe it occurred from some fender-bender or cracking the windshield, flying debris from the wind storm, or something like that. If you’re calling around to multiple auto glass companies trying to get a free estimate for fixing this, stop it! Auto glass replacement is very unpredictable. If you are not working with an experienced professional, there’s no guarantee that your windshield will be fixed right the first time and without any issues later on down the road.

Precautions While Performing How to Remove Fine Scratches From Windshield

  • If the scratch is major, then try to repair it by using a touch-up kit.
  • Remove scratches from the center of the windshield (straight area).
  • Use non-acetone polish or solvent as they are less aggressive in nature.
  • When you are rubbing, use light and even pressure not to hurt your car’s windshield glass with your fingernails or material that you are using to rub out fine scratches.
  • Wipe off any excess liquid present on the windshield before it dries, else moisture can settle inside the scratch, which will make it worse than before.
  • After you are done with the rubbing, drive to a gas station and clean the windshield with a stone cleaner. If this is not available, then use Windex or any other glass cleaner. You can also wipe it off with just plain water if you do not have anything else available, but make sure there is no residue left on it before use.
  • Dab a dryer sheet over it to get rid of streaks that might be present on it from your cleaning material.

What About Deep Scratches in Windshield Glass?

Deep scratches are those that have penetrated below the surface and require different techniques to fix them. For these scratches, hire a professional glass maintenance specialist or windshield replacement company. They will likely use one of two methods. polishing or etching. Polishing involves using a machine to rub out scratches by smoothing down layers of glass around the deep gouge until they disappear; etching works similarly but uses acid instead of equipment to smooth away layers from around grooves in the glass they disappear.

Please note that these professionals will not be able to “unscratched” deeply scored glass; they can only fix the scratch by making it smaller. However, those bothered by the look of a small groove in their glass would most likely prefer having one slightly larger groove than several profound ones, which is why this is something worth doing if you aren’t overly concerned with perfection.

Polish The Windshiled

Scratch vs. Crack: The Difference Between the Two

Cracks and scratches are both bad for your windshield (and car windows). But what exactly is the difference between a scratch and a crack?

Scratches are superficial, while cracks go deeper. Scratches are generally no more than a few millimeters deep and can be caused by an object such as gravel or sand hitting your windshield at high speed. Scratches take up less space on your window, but there may be many thousands of them. Cracks, on the other hand, spread across your windshield’s surface like fissures in the rock. While they may originate from small chips that have become hairline fractures over time, they continue to get worse until they cause structural damage to your windshield and need to be repaired.

Cracks let moisture seep in and damage your windshield from the inside out, while scratches do not because they only go on the surface of the glass. Scratches will also eventually smooth out over time, but cracks are more permanent.


Windshield scratches may not seem like much of an issue, but if you don’t take care of them right away, they can turn into cracks that will require a windshield replacement. And this is something you definitely want to avoid. To prevent your scratch from spiraling out of control, it’s best to wipe it clean and drive over to the nearest auto glass repair shop as soon as you can.

When a professional fix your windshield crack or scratch, he’ll give your car the TLC that might save its life (and keep it in pristine condition so that you won’t have to deal with any scratches down the road). I hope you have contained a clear conception about how to remove fine scratches from windshield. Thank you and have a nice day!

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