How to Remove Paint From Stone

Stone is a popular building material for both homes and businesses. However, it can be difficult to remove when the paint is spilled on it. In this blog post, we will discuss several methods on how to remove paint from stone.

How to Remove Paint From Stone

We will also provide tips on preventing paint from spilling on stone in the first place. Paint can be a beautiful addition to stone, but it can also be a pain to remove when you decide to change your mind. We’ll also cover some of the best methods for restoring the natural look of the stone once the paint is gone. Let’s get started!

Summary: If you want to remove paint from stone, you need to use a special type of cleaner and some patience. First, mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the paint off the stone, being careful not to get it on your skin. Then, rinse the stone with clean water. Finally, dry the stone with a cloth and apply the cleaner to a cloth. Clean the stone with the cloth until the paint is gone.

10 Ways on How to Remove Paint From Stone

1. Scrape the Paint Off

Scrape the paint off with a stiff spatula, like a plastic putty knife. The rubber edges of scrapers are good because they bend and won’t damage the stone. You can also buy specialty paint remover tools at home centers or hardware stores.

2. Soften the Paint

If scraping doesn’t remove all the paint, soften what’s left with a household deglaze. You can usually find it in the paint department at home centers or hardware stores. Deglazing agents break down old paints and make them easier to remove from porous surfaces, such as stone.

3. Bury the Stone

Try burying the stone in a garbage bag with a deglazing agent if the paint still doesn’t come off. Seal the bag and let it sit for several weeks or months. Then, bury the stone with freshly poured concrete for best results.

4. Try Boiling Water

Put the stone in a large pot and cover it with boiling water. It may take several pots of water to submerge the stone completely. Allow it to set overnight. The boiling water will soften the paint so that scraping or soaking with a deglaze will remove it.

5. Try Soap and Ice

Fill a zip-top bag with soap slivers, ice cubes, or glass fragments. Make sure the bag is sealed tight so no particles can leak out. Next, place the stone in a larger plastic bag and seal it shut. Shake the bags to create an abrasive slurry that will abrade away paint without harming the stone surface.

6. Apply Paint Stripper

After scraping away what you can, saturate the paint with a liquid paint remover. Put on rubber gloves and work in small sections until the paint is gone or softened enough to scrape off. Let the remover sit for several minutes before rinsing with water and wiping it dry with a clean cloth.

 Paint Stripper Can Remove Paint

7. Try a Heat Gun

If the paint is stubborn and removing it with chemicals doesn’t work, try using a heat gun to soften the finish material and make it easier to scrape off. Start at low heat and progress up to high as needed. Keep the gun moving constantly. Using an 8-in1 painter’s tool for this task to prevent marring the stone’s surface.

8. Try a Heat-Resistant Blower

Try using a heat-resistant blower for tough finishes, such as the Dura Heat Mini Turbo Torch from SuperMax. It uses butane cartridges to generate short bursts of direct heat that soften or remove paint. Make sure to wear protective gloves and goggles whenever using this tool, as its heat can cause serious burns.

9. Search for a Solvent

If deglazing agents don’t work, try going to a paint store and looking for products that list a solvent such as alcohol, acetone, or lacquer thinner as an ingredient. Use only products intended for use on stone, concrete, or masonry surfaces.

10. Try Vinegar

A weak acid vinegar and water solution often remove stubborn paint without harming the stone surface. However, be sure to test this first in an inconspicuous area, as vinegar can discolor some stones like marble.

Step by Step Guide: How to Remove Paint From Stone

Step 1: Get the Right Materials

These are essential for this process to work. In addition, you will need baking soda, an abrasive sponge, vinegar, a container to hold the stone with paint remover in it, rubber gloves (optional), masking tape (optional), plastic sheeting (optional).

Step 2: Prepare Your Workspace

This can be almost anything that makes you comfortable and can hold at least 2 gallons of liquid. If you’re using a bucket, make sure to tape the lid on (or it will spill everywhere). Put down plastic sheeting if necessary.

Step 3: Mix Your Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

There is no exact recipe. Instead, add the vinegar and baking soda to however much water you want, mix it and pour it into your bucket or container of choice.

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

Step 4: Add the Stone With Paint Remover on It

Put whatever stone has the paint remover on it into your solution. The paint remover will work better if you completely submerge the stone in the solution.

Step 5: Allow to Sit for Several Hours or Overnight

The longer it sits, the more effective it will be. Do not stir! That will ruin your hard work so far! However, if you put in too much baking soda and it starts bubbling too much, you may stir it.

Step 6: Remove the Stone

Carefully remove your stone with paint remover on it without spilling the solution (or you’ll have to start over). If you need, wear rubber gloves for this part. Rinse with water and inspect for success. Repeat if necessary.

Step 7: Clean Up

Wipe down your workspace with water and soap if necessary. Clean any containers you used, leaving them out to dry. Dispose of your rags or towels safely.

Step 8: Admire your work

Mixing baking soda and vinegar gets rid of paint from stone pretty well, but there is a way to make it even more effective. You can put the stone with paint remover in a hot water container before submerging it in the baking soda/vinegar solution. Unfortunately, this will further weaken the bond between the paint and stone. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Some Tips and Suggestions

1. If the paint is somewhat fresh, try using a commercial aerosol oven cleaner or degreaser to remove as much of the paint as possible.

Use Degreaser to Remove Paint

2. If the paint is old and has been baked for a long time, you will be lucky if it can be removed at all. The thinners mentioned below may have little effect on old paint.

3. If you feel comfortable handling a chemical, have a professional handle it for you.

4. Always use rubber gloves and safety goggles when using any of these chemicals or devices mentioned below; some can be dangerous if misused.

5. Keep the area ventilated as much as possible, especially if using chemicals.

6. Wear a mask to avoid breathing in paint fumes, which can harm your health!

7. Keep children and pets away from the work area while working on the project.

8. Try to remove as much of the paint as possible before removing it with some chemical or device.

How Do You Remove Dried Paint From Stone?

You should remove paint from stone as soon as possible because drying paint can become very difficult to remove. If you choose the removal method that requires some chemical assistance, you need to know that your best bet for success is using a commercial paint and varnish remover or acetone.

You should never use chemical products on stone in direct sunlight or in an area allowed to dry in the sun because this causes black spots or etches in the stone.

Can You Remove Paint From Rock?

The simple answer is yes, but if you have a stone that has been painted, there are several things you need to do. But firstly, you need to check the type of paint on your stone. If it’s oil paint or lacquer, you can use mineral spirits or turpentine to remove the paint from the stone.

But if it’s vinyl paint, you’ll need to use a product called xylene, which is dangerous and needs to be used in a well-ventilated area.

Does Vinegar Remove Paint From Stone?

Useful for Removing Paint

Vinegar is a common household item with many applications. One of these applications is removing paint from stone. Using vinegar does remove paint from stone surfaces; however, several steps should be completed before applying the acid ingredient in vinegar (acetic acid) to achieve complete removal of the painted surface.  

To begin with, it is important to know if vinegar will remove paint from stone surfaces. In a two-part experiment, vinegar was applied to both marble and limestone. In the first part of the experiment, one-half of each stone was painted with common latex paint. Then, after allowing the paint to be set for 24 hours, strips of tape were placed along the perimeter of the painted area on each piece of stone.


The best way to remove paint from stone is by scrubbing with a wire brush. You can also use household cleaners such as bleach or vinegar, but these may damage the surface of your stones depending on how porous it is and what kind of material you’re using for cleaning.

If you want to avoid chemical substances altogether, try carefully scraping off the remaining paint bits instead. Be careful not to scratch up your stones! We hope this blog post on how to remove paint from stone has been helpful. If you have any questions or want to know more, then feel free to comment below!

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