How to Remove Window Film From Car


Window film is a thin sheet of polyester plastic with adhesive on one side. It is applied to the surface of tinted window glass to protect your vehicle’s interior and even the color from damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays. It can also provide UV protection for car paint jobs, keeping them looking new longer.

How to Remove Window Film From Car

Like most automobile accessories, window film came onto the scene relatively recently. But in contrast with other car accessories that have become less and less popular with car owners, like steering wheel covers or anti-theft systems, Window films enjoy greater demand every day as more people realize their benefits. In this article, I will discuss removing window film from cars.

Why Apply Window Films?

Most importantly, for style! It gives an aesthetic edge to your whole look. Additionally, it helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Also, it helps shield your car’s interior from harmful UV rays, which can cause fading or cracking over time.

In addition, window tinting has both exteriors and interior benefits. It provides safety for you and your family by making it more difficult for people to break into your vehicle when parked. Window films can also serve as a theft deterrent because potential intruders won’t notice what’s inside the car. This prevents criminals from breaking in looking for valuable belongings left within the vehicle.

Risks of Having Window Films:

However, window tinting isn’t risk-free. Depending on where you live, laws may prevent you from applying or removing certain types of film. Furthermore, some tinting poses risks to your health and your wallet. Different applications use various materials – including polyester, vinyl, metallic oxide, etc.

For example, a nano-coated polyester material UV -protecting tinting won’t cost you much. However, removing such a film may be quite expensive as it is difficult to remove. Furthermore, if you live in a cold region where ice can build up on your car windows, metallic oxide films can pose dangerous risks due to their conductivity.

Step-wise Guide on How to Remove Window Film From Car:

If you have purchased a brand new car and have used window film, there is a high chance that your car would suffer some scratches on the glass windows. While using the same for the first time, it may be hard to eliminate all those scratches from your car’s glass windows. Getting rid of these scratches can be done in several ways:

Use Car Window Film

If you are patient enough to get them removed by hand or by an automatic machine, this article will help you do so in an easy manner without any hassle.

So before we start with how to remove window film from cars, make sure that you follow each step properly, and it will surely help you remove all the minor scratches present on your car glass windows.

Step #1:

First of all, you should ensure that the glass windows are completely cleaned before removing window film from cars. Keep in mind that a single piece of dirt on your car’s glass windows can spoil the entire look and cleanliness. Ensure to eliminate any foreign particles or dust particles on your car’s glass windows. If you have not used any such device for cleaning your car’s windshields before, then make sure you use a soft dry cloth. You can also use water for this purpose if need be but make sure that it is just plain water and no detergent or chemicals are mixed.

Step #2:

After making sure that your car’s glass windows are spotless, make sure to use a soft cloth with plain water and wipe all around your car’s glass windows in a circular motion. This will remove any dirt or foreign particles on the surface of your car’s glass windows. Keep on doing so till you are satisfied with the results obtained from this step.

Step #3:

After wiping off all the dirt, grease, and dust particles from your window films in an automatic machine, it is time to get rid of those nasty scratches that can spoil the overall look of your car’s glass windows. The best way to do this task is by using extra-fine sandpaper to remove these scratches easily. Just some simple rubbing will do the trick here and remove all the scratches on your window films with ease. Just ensure you do not press too hard on this piece of sandpaper and prevent getting those scratches even worse than the original ones. This is a straightforward step to follow and requires just a little bit of effort on your part.

 Use the Extra-fine Sandpaper

Step #4:

After using the extra-fine sandpaper to remove those nasty scratches, it is now time to use some good quality wax or polish to get rid of them completely. Make sure to apply these polishes onto your car’s glass windows gently and rub them carefully with an automatic machine for about 5 minutes if necessary. The application process may take up to 15 minutes, depending on the extent of scratching done upon your car’s glass windows. Just make sure that you get rid of all those nasty scratches in a single go.

Step #5:

After applying the wax or polish, let it remain for about 15 minutes so that your car’s window films can soak up this polish or wax completely. Make sure you do not apply any heavy pressure on your car’s glass windows and rub lightly to avoid causing even more damage. Just use a simple circular motion while rubbing, and you will surely get great results from this when removing window film from cars.

Step #6:

The last step would be by cleaning off all the remaining traces of polishing solution with a good quality iron sponge (soft) and some lukewarm water, ensuring that the entire process of removing window film from cars is complete. Just apply gentle pressure on your car’s glass windows and wipe them in a circular motion until you are satisfied with the results obtained from this step.

Cleaning Off All the Remaining Traces


I hope this article has helped provide all the information on how to remove window film from cars. Thank you, and have a good day!

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