How to Reset Amana Air Conditioner

There are many reasons to reset your Amana air conditioner. For example, you may have just unplugged it for the winter or need to troubleshoot a problem with it. Whatever the reason is, this article will help you get started and teach you how to reset the Amana air conditioner.

Amana air conditioners are a popular choice for homeowners because of their performance and reliability. But what should you do if your Amana air conditioner won’t turn on?

The problem may be as simple as a power outage, or it could result from an electrical issue. Luckily, there is a way to reset your Amana air conditioning unit to turn it back on. 

How to Reset Amana Air Conditioner

Instructions: How to Reset Amana Air Conditioner

Step 1:

Make sure that the unit is turned off. Turn the air conditioner on and set it to maximum temperature if it is not already set there. Unplug the air conditioner.

Step 2:

To access the back of the unit, flip it over so that the front is facing down. Locate the capacitor and unplug it by pulling it out of its socket. Then, flipping the unit back over, plug in all of the wires. Finally, turn on your Amana AC to see if everything is connected correctly.

Step 3:

Turn the unit back again and unplug the capacitor once more. Use a screwdriver to push in and hold pins one and two of the capacitor for 5 seconds and release them. Plug the capacitor back into place, flip your unit over, plug it in and turn it on if all connections are correct.

Step 4:

Disconnect the capacitor and screwdriver from pins one and three. Press and hold the button on your remote control for five seconds. Reconnect the capacitor and screwdriver to pins one and three. Turn the unit over and plug it in. If everything is connected correctly, your device should reset.

Step 5:

Turn the unit on once, but do not plug it in at all. Press and hold down buttons five, two, zero, and four for 5 seconds. Then, plug the unit into your socket. This will set your timer if you have that feature or turn off your cooling/heat if you don’t.

Amana Heating and Air Conditioning Troubleshooting:


An Amana air conditioning unit is a complex system comprising several components. Sometimes, when an Amana AC unit fails to cool, it may need to be reset.

However, several steps should be taken before resetting the system to ensure proper function in the future. The following diagnostic technique is designed to identify the problem and correct it.

1. Reset the main circuit breaker to ensure no power runs through the Amana heating and cooling system. If electricity is still running through the unit, there may be a current overload, which needs to be fixed before continuing with Amana air conditioning troubleshooting.

2. Ensure the home has an operating thermostat. If it doesn’t, the problem may lie with the thermostat and must be repaired before continuing through this process.

3. Be sure the Amana air conditioner is plugged into a wall outlet. If it isn’t, plug it in and turn on the main power switch at the circuit breaker box.

4. If this has not solved the problem, check for power at the Amana air conditioner’s service plug. There should be three wires at this location; two are white, and one is colored hot red.

If there is no power here, ensure the wiring is connected correctly to the Amana AC unit, or call an electrician to check the wiring.

5. The final step in Amana air conditioning troubleshooting is to check for power at the thermostat’s wiring terminals. This stand-alone Amana unit has four terminals, two of which are labeled R and W (for red and white).

A third is labeled Y (yellow), while the fourth terminal doesn’t have a label. The power should be there and properly connected. If it is, check for a dial or switch on the Amana AC unit itself that will reset the thermostat’s power source.

6. Call a qualified HVAC technician if Amana air conditioning troubleshooting doesn’t produce any clues as to why the system isn’t working. But the Amana air conditioner doesn’t respond to it; it may be necessary to replace the thermostat.

Then other components within the Amana heat pump system may need repair or replacement.

Tips to reset Amana air conditioner:

Tips to reset amana air conditioner

1. HVAC Controls are often found on the wall or nearby.

2. Turn off your Amana Air Conditioner using the Power button on the unit. If not available, rotate the thermostat knob to the off position, place the fan switch in auto mode, and turn the cooling system to fan-only mode.

3. Reset the controls by turning on your Amana Air Conditioner using the Power button on the unit. If not available, rotate the thermostat knob to the off position, place the fan switch in auto mode, and turn the cooling system to fan-only mode.

4. Check for control operation by setting the temperature at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This should cause the air conditioner to function. If not, then there may be a system malfunction.

5. Reset your Amana Air Conditioner if it does not come on or you notice any error codes displayed on the AC unit’s display panel.

6. Turn off your Amana Air Conditioner using the Power button on the unit.

7. Disconnect the electrical power by unplugging the Amana Air Conditioner if you want to reset it using the manual controls on the unit itself.


If you’re unsure of how to reset the Amana air conditioner, we recommend that you follow these simple steps to reset the unit. When troubleshooting an Amana air conditioner, it is essential to know how they work before getting started.

The blog post has provided you with the most common issues that may arise when using your AC unit and possible solutions for each issue.

If none of these tips have helped, please feel free to contact our team. We are always happy to provide you with all the resources and support that we can!

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