How to Rewick a Candle

Lighting up candles in your house will bring a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Some candles even come with different fragrance types that help a lot with easing your mind after days of hard work. But one thing you will always notice is that you will see some unfinished and unused candles at the bottle of your candle container.

Some candles can be very expensive, and seeing them go; waste is not the best feeling at all. You perhaps have seen already that a lot of people reuse their leftover candles. You can do it as well with the help of some available materials and some DIY techniques. So, if you want to know how to rewick a candle, keep following through.

DIY: How to Rewick a Candle

Before you start with your project, you need to gather up the materials that will help you learn how to rewick a candle. The things you will be needing are- Before you start with your project, you need to gather up the materials that will help you learn how to rewick a candle. The things you will be needing are-

  1. Burned down candles
  2. Wick
  3. The base for the wick
  4. Glue
  5. Clipper
  6. A container for water
  7. A glass container for the candle

Steps to Follow

Step one

The first step to any DIY project or if you want to make something is getting all the necessary items. With missing even, the smallest portion of the materials, you will have the chance of messing things up. So, get the materials on your hand.

Step Two

Gather up all the burned down candles that you want to use for rewicking them. Put them all in one container for melting. If you wish, you can break the candles pieces into smaller pieces for a more straightforward melting process.

Step Three

The next step for how to rewick a candle is to get a jar full of water and boil it to the temperature that can melt the candle. Put the pot of candle on the hot water. That will make the candle pieces melt slowly and turned into liquid wax.

Step Four 

While your candle is melting, you need to get the wick and the wick base ready. Keep the wick in an upright position on the candle jar that you are going to use for keeping the candle. Use the glue and the clipper to make the wick stand appropriately in the candle container.

Step Five

Now that you have the wick ready pour the melted candles on the candle jar. Make sure that the wick is straightened.

Once you have the melted candle poured into the jar, you need to wait for the candle to be hard. And when the candle is hard enough, you will have a new rewicked candle ready for use.

One thing you need to make sure is that the wick is not too thick as it could end up breaking the candle jar if you are using a glass one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use to Rewick a Candle?

A rewick is a wax candle that has been broken into pieces and then put back together. You can use a metal skewer to push the wick back through the top of the candle, or you can just cut the wick from one end of the candle and thread it through from the other end.

Finally, you will need to melt down some beeswax and make sure that your new wick is covered in liquid wax before lighting it up again.

What Do You Do With the End of a Candle?

The end of a candle is usually the part that’s left after you burn it. The most common uses for the end of a candle are:

1. Decorating candles or wreaths.

2. Removing wax from candlesticks, containers, and other objects made from wax.

3. Making candles out of what’s left after burning a candle to use as a light source in dark places such as closets or behind curtains.

Final Thoughts

Those were all the steps for how to rewick a candle. With these easy steps, you can now make all of your burned down candles into new candles and enjoy your relaxing time with less worry of wasting expensive candles.

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