How to Secure Dishwasher to Granite

You might have bought a new dishwasher and now willing to install it. Well, that’s not much hard, but if you have a granite countertop, things can be a bit difficult. Granite offers a great new look on the countertop but may not tolerate the hardness of your working process.

How To Secure Dishwasher To Granite

Due to that, your beautiful surface may crackdown, which can hamper the overall appearance. That’s if your newly bought dishwasher is moving under your granite cabinet, you have first to learn how to secure the dishwasher to granite before diving with any working process. I am gonna show you some simple hacks in this article.

Required Materials

  • Metal brackets with bolts.
  • A drill or screwdriver to secure the dishwasher’s bolt heads
  • Screws and washers that match your metal brackets, if needed
  • Leveling feet for stabilizing the unit on uneven surfaces.

Processes On How To Secure Dishwasher To Granite

Process One

Ar first disconnects the power cord from the outlet. Next, unscrew the dishwasher clamp on top of the cabinet and lower it about six inches. Get a scrap piece of wood that will go under your granite countertop and find one that is taller than your water line.

This is not always easy, but if you do this step first, then measure for height against your cabinets, then cut off any excess length with a circular saw to not shorten anything else by accident. Again, scrap pieces are preferable because they can be discarded once done.

Processes on How to Secure Dishwasher to Granite

Cut out extra material where necessary around edges with an electric jigsaw or router depending on what type of edge trim you have going at the bottom of the granite.

Put the wood on top of your granite countertop and measure how much overhang you will need to have that won’t interfere with any plumbing or pipe connections beneath it. Mark this measurement onto the piece of wood using a pencil.

Line up both pieces of wood, so they are at an equal height, then drill holes through both ends into each other through one side until they meet in the middle where the desired hole is marked for placement – use a scrap board as support if needed during the drilling process, but not required.

Drill from opposite sides inward towards the center point, so holes meet instead of drilling straight down all way thru material. When connected, drilled-out sections will overlap like puzzle pieces which keep them securely locked in place once tightened with bolts.

Use a saw to cut the pieces of wood, so there is enough room for the dishwasher door handle and hinges, then attach it securely to your granite countertop using a few screws or nails (depending on thickness).

Process Two:

The First Thing:

you have to do is to remove the dishwasher from the cabinet. Don’t forget the insulation cover while pulling it forward.

The Second Thing:

I want to open the dishwasher and take the bracket that I have got with my dishwasher.

At the edges of the dishwasher, there is a pre-cut place where you can force them inside.

The thing that I will do is to drill a hole according to the measurement of the bracket and secure the dishwasher with the cabinet.

Once you have pushed the bracket inside of its respective place, you have to bend the rear side to hold the dishwasher properly.

Do the same thing on the other side and bend the rear end to reinforce the brackets.

Now push the dishwasher inside. After pushing it inside, you will see that the bracket has provided you a place to mount screws inside.

The screw will arrive with the dishwasher. Put them on your drilling machine and drill them inside.

Repeat the process on the other side. That’s it; your dishwasher is now secured with the cabinet.

Dishwasher Is Now Secured With the Cabinet


  • Read the instructions that come with your dishwasher and dryer combination first.
  • Determine how far apart you want to install the washer and dryer, then measure accordingly.
  • According to their directions, secure any appliances or countertops in place before installing them permanently by using screws, brackets, straps, anchors, etc.
  • Install a vent pipe if needed for drying clothes; this is unnecessary when just washing dishes. Installation may require a professional depending on what kind of pipes are installed at your home’s location (e.g., gas line).
  • If unsure about installation needs, call an appliance service company as it will be more expensive than other projects to get someone out here later! The cost should be around $150.
  • Install the dishwasher from a plumbing or electrical perspective, following manufacturers’ directions (usually by plugging it in).


Most people are equipped with the tools to install a dishwasher at home. The straightforward installation process can be done in about two hours and does not require professional help unless you need gas piping installed or have an old unit that needs replacing because of age. Once it’s set up, your dishes will arrive clean and dry without having to do much

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