How to Sew Elastic Button Loops


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Button circles are a top-notch choice in the assessment. They arrive in diverse colorations and sizes, relying upon your catches’ size and article of garb. They may be ideal for wedding clothes or something that should be made positive about with a few catches in succession or can be applied to supplant a zip.

How to Sew Elastic Button Loops

Capture circles can upload a fragile look. However, without tons of a stretch, they could be made sure approximately with catches making use of a sew snare. Pull the catch circle with a stitch snare at that point, get it through to the catch. Catch circles come in various sizes, hues, flexible and non-versatile.

Required Materials:

  • Fabric.
  • Sewing machine and sewing supplies.
  • Elastic thread (optional).

Processes on How To Sew Elastic Button Loops

Follow Step Like This Way

Process One

If you are using elastic in your button loop instead of a ribbon or string for the last step, measure out about one yard of thin elastic for each inch wide on your finished casing at its widest point plus an extra four inches.

Cut it into approximately nine even pieces with just enough length left over so that they can be threaded onto a needle. To sew them together with a running stitch as follows: place two loops right sides together; take care not to twist them around each other; fold in half widthwise and bring the ends together at one end.

Push them through your needle and pull tight so that they are now right sides out, with the thin elastic sandwiched between; then bring the two ends of elastic together about an inch from where they have come up through your needle.

Take a running stitch all around both pieces – each loop should be encased in four stitches on either side as well as six more across what will become its top edge when it is sewn into place.

Process Two

  1. It is the maximum truth. You can utilize a store brought soutache string or flexible string to make the catch circles.
  2. Utilize slim texture ties made with texture strips or meager texture tubes produced using inclination tape. Again, we would incline closer to the trap circles, so predisposition strips are the first-rate for making texture button circles, rather than the lengthy manner cut texture.Make String Button Circle
  3. Any other alternative is to make string button circles. You may make those effectively sufficient together with your sewing system string or even weaving yarn in similar shading as your assignment’s texture.


  • Always have a needle threaded with an appropriate thread color, such as black for dark fabric and white for light fabrics.
  • Do not use erythritol or sugar in your recipe because it will crystallize the elastic used to sew on button loops.
  • Sewing over pins will dull needles quickly, making sure that you have plenty of them at hand when sewing elastic onto buttons.
  • Ensure that you check which side is right before sewing each section together–it could be either inside out, outside in, or both! Pin pieces together if necessary to keep track from flipping sides mid-way through the project.

Check it out to learn to sharpen a dull needle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Advantage of Using an Elastic Button?

The elastic button loop offers a variety of advantages to the wearer. The main advantage is that it will never lose its shape, even after many times being stretched over and under buttons. Elastic loops are also more comfortable than other types of closures because they hug the body without squeezing too tightly. They’re easier for people with physical disabilities, such as those who have arthritis in their hands or fingers may find elastics easier to use due to decreased finger dexterity.

How Can I Use Them In My Clothing Design?

A button loop can function as a top closure, for example. It is also one of the simplest ways to make an adjustable waistline in clothing. You may be able to use them on your clothes or sewing projects if you struggle with fitting issues such as large hips and small shoulders that require different sizing patterns from store-bought options.

Can Elastic Buttons be Sews Using Sewing Machine?

No, elastic buttons can not be sewn with a sewing machine. The only way to sew an elastic button is by hand using a needle and thread or crocheting it together. Since the material of an Elastic Button has no give in it, you cannot use a sewing machine to stitch them together at all. You will need to put your hands into action if you want those super cute elastics for your clothes!


Lastly, we want to suggest you read the entire article with proper concentration to understand how to sew elastic button loops properly. And thus, you may apply this learning in your practical work without even requiring other’s support or additional guideliSo let’sLet’s get started with the steps then!

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