How to Stop a Door From Opening on Its Own


In our daily lives, we encounter various household activities that elicit various questions in our minds. Why your bedroom door is not functioning properly is the question that you must have in your mind. After all, who can imagine a situation where the door opens itself for no reason, and obviously, this cannot happen without human intervention of some sort. In any case, if you don’t know how to stop a door from opening on its own, then it’s useless for you to worry about it. This article will help you find an answer to this problem; continue reading.

How to Stop a Door From Opening on Its Own

What Causes Doors to Open On Their Own?

There are several reasons why doors open on their own, and we will try to understand them through our articles so that you can take measures to avoid such situations happening at home or in workplace. Some of the causes are listed below.

The main reasons your door may swing open on its own are:

  • The pivot is not fastened at the bottom of the frame, it has slipped to one side or down, and the door hinge is loose enough to spin freely when a little pressure is applied. This allows the door to open.
  • The screws that hold the hinges in place can become damaged and cause one side of a double-hung window to sag. This makes it possible for someone to push the window open from the outside.
  • A weak spring or broken torsion bar running through your screen doors can also cause them to pop open if struck from outside by something heavy, like snow shovels after an overnight snowfall.
  • That piece of wood in the corner that is always banging into your door when you open it – The loose piece of molding or trim that’s taking a beating every time somebody walks through the doorway-might be hitting a latch and causing it to fall into the unlatched position.
  • A sloped threshold (door “chatter” over an uneven floor) can cause either or both doors to swing open if bumped from outside.
  • Fingerprints are often found on magnetic locks, so they must be cleaned with a dry cloth regularly. Someone forgetting to clean fingerprint grease off their lock may apply too much pressure in opening it, causing the backside plate (which holds the mechanism in place) to slip out of alignment enough for the door to be opened.
Fingerprints Are Found on Magnetic Locks
  • Worn or cracked hinges may need to be replaced before they pop open doors on their own.
  • A misaligned strike plate can also allow the door latch to slip out of the locked position and fall into the unlocked position, which will then cause it to swing open on its own.

Step-wise Guide on How to Stop a Door From Opening on Its Own

Step 1:

First, check that the door is not being opened from outside with any force or due to strong wind.

If the door continues to open, you need to install a small wedge under its bottom edge so it can’t move easily. You can also use some household items like wooden poles cut in a slanting shape and put them between the door and jamb so that it doesn’t open too much. Remember that your wedges should be thinner than the door area; otherwise, they will prevent the door from closing, which is not desired.

Step 2:

If you cannot install the wedge under the bottom edge of the door, you can attach a wedged metal plate at the door handle end.

It would be best if you fixed this plate so that it moves easily when opening/closing the door and then try to open it with force; the metal plate hits against another wooden piece or wall so that your door cannot be opened from outside. To do this measure, wood must fit perfectly between the handle and jamb. Attach two nails on each side of this wood, for which use pre-measured tape to mark the thread hole area. Now drill holes using a screwdriver at these marked points and then fit the wooden piece in place by hammering nails into it. See the image below:

Step 3:

If your home also has a back door, you can install a lock on it to prevent any unauthorized entry from outside. You can use either an anti-snap lock or a metal bar lock here for this purpose. If there is no space near the door handle to fix this type of lock, install it at an area around 2 feet above floor level and make sure its height should be such that only persons taller than normal stature can touch it from the ground level. Always keep in mind not to compromise security by doing so.

Use an Anti-snap Lock

Precautions While Performing How to Stop a Door From Opening on Its Own

  • Avoid fixing a door while opening or closing, as you risk getting trapped between the door and its frame.
  • Before starting the repair work, ensure no pedestrians pass by close to where you will be working on the door.
  • Check if your door has a soft-close feature installed so it doesn’t slam shut when opened. If yes, check the machine is intact and functioning properly before fixing a creaky door. Else get one fitted after completing your repairs.
  • You should always have a first aid kit handy while doing any repair work around your house/office, especially if you’re working with tools like hammers, drills, and saws.
  • Always wear protective gear like safety goggles, work gloves, shoes with a steel toe cap and a hard hat, etc., while doing any repair or maintenance work around your house/office premises.
  • Don’t ever attempt to fix a door on your own unless you know exactly what you’re doing, and ensure that at least two people are present at the site to help in case an accident occurs unexpectedly while you’re fixing it (injuries may occur even if you’re not working on something dangerous like a saw). No one is better equipped than an expert for professional repairs. Instead of trying anything yourself until and unless you’ve acquired enough experience over time through practice, always hire them.

How Much Changing Lock Will Ease The Situation?

It is so obvious that every individual who had gone through the situation of having a door open on its own would have certainly tried to find a locking mechanism. However, with such an experience being left behind by a childhood memory, most people seem not to think about getting another one installed for their doors. Even when it comes to ensuring safety at home from all possible dangers, the importance of a locking device seems insignificant compared to other household security measures like window guards and alarms. But do these locks really matter? Let’s get down to details:

Measures Window Guards

Installing an extra lock on your door could make you feel more relaxed as there are no chances of your safety being compromised due to a door that opens on its own. It is really unnerving to feel the breeze in your hair and the cold air touching your skin as you sleep inside your room. On several occasions, vehicles, bikes, and gates have been stolen due to doors getting accidentally unlocked. Such incidents can be avoided by installing extra locks on such items of concern. 


I hope you have learned the technique of how to stop a door from opening on its own from this article. Ensure proper supervision while performing the task. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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