How to Stop a Rug from Shedding


We use many things to decorate our household, especially for the living room; a rug is necessary. Because this increases the aesthetic value of the house, and you can also keep our feet on it during the winter season and get a warm feeling. Sometimes your pet also enjoys the soft contact of these rugs. But it is observed that these rugs start shedding after a few days of using.

This happens due to the lack of care and proper maintenance of the users. For this reason, today, we will suggest some easy techniques on how to stop a rug from shedding. This is much important for people who use mats regularly in their homes. These techniques will surely benefit the beginner and make the carpet durable.


Many methods can be implemented to reduce the shedding of rugs that you have placed in your living. This will reduce the mess created by the rug strands, and the product will also become long-lasting and durable. For the betterment of our readers, we have shortlisted some easy techniques to maintain the rug. These are simplified below with actual explanation. 

• Method One

In this method, you will start the process by vacuuming. There is a wrong notion among the people who use a vacuum machine for their house, setting the vacuum machine in advanced mode. But this is much harmful to the entire process because the rug fibers firmly attached to the rug will surely come off due to the excessive outward force.

 You Have to Use a Vacuum Machine

For this reason, you have to use a vacuum machine with the lowest and simple settings. The process will be applying the device at first in the opposite direction of the pile, and then you have to use the machine on the approach towards the pile. In this manner, the loose ends will easily be grabbed by the device, and the surface will not get hampered, reducing the shedding of fibers.

• Method Two

In this method, you can use the rakes for wiping the loose fibers. But you have to make sure that the rake you are using is specially modified for rugs. This can be used as an alternative to the vacuum machine. But you must be sensible about the proper use of the rakes. You should apply the rake very slowly on the rug’s surface, and you can also use a pet grooming brush or broom. But you should never your product that has harsh surfaces like wired brushes.

How to Stop a Rug from Shedding 1

• Method Three

Another important thing that should be done for maintaining the proper stability and reduce the shedding of your rug is placing the carpet in an appropriate position. For our readers’ betterment, we suggest that you always put the rug is such a place where the locomotion is less, the traffic inside the house is less, and there will be less access to pets. This is much important because the scratching of your pet might result in the rug’s shedding, which is harmful.

• Method Four

In this method, you will provide a cover on the surface of your rug. This is also known as rug pad. These pads are made of super-strong fibers that do not come off quickly, and scratching them will not affect the surface. You can easily cover your rug with these pads, which will reduce the shedding and skidding of your carpet. These pads will also save your rug from all sorts of wear and tear, and you can get these pads according to the suitability of your rug color and design.

• Method Five

This is one of the most useful methods that can be implemented to reduce the shedding of the rug. You can use a regular scissor for this process. Basically, there are wools which come out of the carpet due to frequent use, and there is a high possibility that you will have the urges to tear those wools using your hand; instead you can use a scissor and then trim the edges of these wools, and afterward using a fresh cloth you can wipe the excess yarn from the rug. In this manner, you can reduce the shedding of the carpet.


In conclusion, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude towards the reader. We have mentioned quite a few techniques here, which will surely help reduce the rug’s shedding. But the most critical aspect of all the methods is the proper maintenance of the carpet. We hope that the beginner who is interested in learning will surely be benefitted from these processes. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!

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