How to Build an Adjustable Rug Weaving Loom

Everybody loves to make rag rugs. They are one of the most useful items of our home and easy to make with some simple DIY techniques. This also saves the additional charges of bringing a new rag rug. Maybe you are also interested in making one for your home, but struggling to find the appropriate way. If the answer is “yes,” you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to show you the exact ways of building a rag rug. So, leave all your tasks for a while and ask me how to build an adjustable rug weaving loom. 

How to Build an Adjustable Rug Weaving Loom

For this, I have chosen a loom that will make a rug that is approximately 16 by 31 inches, and it’s made out of one eight-foot stick of one by three. Keep this in mind that you can’t adjust the size of the rug or the loom after it’s built. So, you have to make all the adjustments from the beginning. Okay, now let’s start the project.

 Step 1

All I have got here is my old T-shirt, and I am cutting the seam off the bottom. I am just taking the pinking shears, and I am cutting one-inch strips from it. In this case, you can use the rotary cutter. These strips will make the loops.

 Step 2

Now, I have set the T-shirt loops and in my loom. Make sure not to put them too. I do make this too tight it will buckle them inwards. Another thing you need to keep in mind, the loops neither should put too close together nor too far apart.

 Step 3

Next, I am going to start weaving. For this, I have got an old piece of fabric here, and all I am going to is to tear them into strips. As now you have got all pieces of fabric, we are going to start with one. Fold it in half and keep one end longer than the other. This will prevent the fabric from splicing in the same spot. Now we take the folded part, and we put it under the first one. Then we are going to cross it over and then take the next one and go under the back. Lastly, bring it over. Continue this process from one end to another.

  Step 4

When we reach the end, you have to go under, throw the back cover, and then take our strand over the strips. In this case, hold both of the strips in crisscross position and take the strip under that has gone before over. Now, continue the whole process in reverse. Once you complete the entire process, you will get your beautiful homemade rug ready to use. Isn’t that easy? Hopefully, you have understood the process.

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