How to Stop Dog From Peeing on Air Conditioner

This will help them learn when it is time to go potty so they can hold it until then instead of going wherever they happen to be in your house or yard. Also, ensure there is always fresh water available for them throughout the day and night because dehydration can cause accidents. Read on to know more!

Every year, thousands of dogs pee on their owners’ air conditioners. It’s a real problem and one that needs to be addressed. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to stop dog from peeing on air conditioners. First off, make sure you have a well-established routine for going outside before bedtime and during the day when they are awake and active.

How to Stop Dog From Peeing on Air Conditioner

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Dog From Peeing on Air Conditioner:

1. Dog Pees on Air Conditioner Is Messy:

You spend hours cleaning the carpet only to find it smelly and wet. Once you wash it, your pets will continue doing what they usually do. Let’s face it; their bathroom is outside the house. Sometimes, your dog or cat starts urinating on your air conditioner.

2. It Spreads Infection:

The bacteria released by dog urine is dangerous. These harmful germs could also be found on your cooling system, causing damage to your unit’s internal parts.

3. Destroys Internal Parts of the Air Conditioner:

Your air conditioner cools your home by circulating air through a system of coils. Dog urine can cause rusting and corrosion on the coils, which makes the air conditioner work harder and can cause efficiency loss, frequent breakdowns, and early unit replacement.

4. Airing it Out Might Not be Enough:

If your dog urinates on the outside of your air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about being bitten. But if they pee on the inside, you would need to replace some parts before turning them back on.

5. Your Dog’s Urine Stinks:

You may not regularly think of the foul smell of your dog’s urine. But if they decide to pee on your cooling unit, you would certainly notice it.

6. Dog Pees on Air Conditioner Could be Fatal:

No scientific studies prove dogs hate the cold. This means that keeping them away from your AC system is impossible once they mark it as their territory. You can best keep your dog away from the unit, especially if it’s running.

7. Dog Pees on Air Conditioners Causes Health Issues:

Your pets are unsafe once they pee on the AC unit. They would suffer health problems, too. It would be best if you cleaned up the mess as soon as possible to limit the damage.

8. Dog Pees on Air Conditioner Could Make you Sick:

The bacteria released by your dog’s urine might get into the air, exposing you and your family to harmful germs. If your pets are sick, they may also release parasites that could be dangerous once inhaled.

9. Dog Pees on AC Makes it Leak Water:

You don’t want your dog urinating on your AC unit. Once they do, this could cause damage to the insulation and metal parts of the system. This also makes it leak water, causing more problems.

10. Dog Pees on AC Unit Could Make it Break:

A breakdown could be the worst thing that could happen after a dog pees on the unit. It’s essential to clean up as soon as possible before your pets do any more damage.

10 Ways on How to Stop Dog From Peeing on Air Conditioner:

Here we have listed some ways how to stop dogs from peeing on the air conditioners

1. Keep It Clean:

Air Conditioner Keep Clean to Stop Dog From Peeing

You can’t stop your dog from peeing in the same spot over and over again if the area is still smelling like urine. So clean thoroughly to remove all traces of smell, not just on the surface but deep inside.

2. Educate Your Dog:

Dogs won’t urinate in the same spot repeatedly if they know that it’s not a designated potty area. You can train your dog to use designated outdoor space or teach them to pee on a specific spot on the lawn.

3. Lead Your Dog Outdoors:

Whenever your dog seems to be acting restless or starts sniffing the floor too much, you need to take it out for a walk. The moment your dog relieves itself outside, give it plenty of praise and encourage them to go back inside without being told.

4. House Training:

To successfully train your dog not to pee on the floor or couch, you need to teach them not to pee when inside the house. Watch for signs of anxiety when your dog is about to relieve itself and take it out for a walk immediately.

5. Protect Your AC with a Barrier:

You can place potted plants, furniture, or even cars in front of the AC unit to prevent your dog from getting near it. If you don’t want to block the AC, use a water-based repellent on the surface to keep them away.

6. Try Some Urine Repellents:  

Several products can help keep dogs away, but some may be too toxic to use. So before trying any of them, make sure you read the labels to find one that’s safe for your dog and family.

7. Use Red Pepper Spray:

If you don’t want to use chemicals, you can make your canine repellent with red hot chili peppers and water. First, grind the peppers into a liquid and mix in water to dilute it. Then apply it on the AC unit or the surrounding floor to keep dogs away from it.

8. Do Not Provoke Your Dog:

Dogs are pack animals, so they will think it’s time to protect themselves when you aggressively approach them. Don’t yell or shout at your dog whenever it pees somewhere in the house because this will only make them more anxious and insecure.

9. Take Your Dog for Weekly Treatments:

Like human patients, dogs also need weekly checkups and treatments to strengthen their immune systems and improve overall health. This is one way to stop your dog from peeing on the AC unit or couch.

10. Keep Them Safe:

Dogs love to chew on things they are not supposed to, so make sure your footwear and clothes are out of reach whenever you leave them at home alone. You can also get chew toys that they will enjoy munching on instead of everything else in the house.

Tips to Prevent Dog from Peeing on Air Conditioner:

tips to prevent dog from peeing on air conditioner

1. Get pet’s attention and take them to the area where they need to go potty. If you’re outside, walk to the designated “bathroom” area and call your dog over. Please don’t give them any time to wander or explore because that will remove their ability to make a conscious decision about whether or not they want to relieve themselves.

2. Praise your dog when they adequately relieve themselves. But, again, don’t overdo it with physical affection, but make sure they know that you’re happy and satisfied with their efforts.

3. Consider putting chemicals down in the areas where they tend to go potty indoors (definitely not recommended for smaller animals or those who might ingest some of the powder/liquid).

4. Don’t allow your dog in a room when you know it’s going to be hot for a while, such as an air-conditioned room on a summer day. If they have no place to go and can’t come with you when you need them to, they become very likely to relieve themselves inside the home.

5. If you see your dog peeing on the AC unit, you can spray them with water to stop them. It’s best to do this right away, so they don’t think it’s okay to keep doing it. You can also keep a spray bottle handy to use when you’re training your dog not to pee on the AC unit.

6. If possible, try moving your AC unit from the ground onto an elevated surface such as a table or tall box. This will give your dog less of a target and make the entire process much more difficult for them to accomplish.

7. When you catch your dog peeing on the AC unit, it is best to redirect that behavior into something more productive such as taking them out to the potty or giving them a chew treat/toy. Any yard and giving them praise when they do their business in the appropriate area.


The best way to protect your air conditioner is by placing a sheet of aluminum foil on top. This will reflect the heat and keep it from drying out, preventing corrosion that would lead to leaks. However, if you do not want to use this method for whatever reason, there are other ways to deter dogs from using your AC as their toilet.

Spray scents like peppermint or lemon around the unit, so they smell bad when they pee near it. You can also try storing some dog repellent granules in an open container nearby where they usually go potty outside-the smell should be enough for them!

We hope this post has helped provide you with several solutions on how to stop dog from peeing on air conditioner. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us!

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