How to Store Paper Money Long Term

Collecting paper money is one of the interesting hobbies, especially for those who are fascinated by the art of banknotes. But unfortunately, the paper has a limited lifespan. As it is fragile, paper money can easily be spoiled within a year. If you are an enthusiast and love to preserve money, learning the exact way of preserving money is a must for you. But how to store paper money long term? Don’t worry; it is not like flying a helicopter. There are some simple tactics by which you can store paper money for years and keep the history stored in your palm.

How to Store Paper Money Long Term

Due to the limited lifespan of paper money, some banks have already stopped making them. Instead of papers, they use plastic polymer substrate to enable the banknotes with longer life. Some countries have allowed this process too. This means you have got a limited time to store paper money. After its extinction, the history will be kept securely. But before all that, you have to ensure the correct ways to preserve the money. Otherwise, your long-cherished hobby will be spoiled in no time. So, without any delay, let’s have a look at the instructions of preserving the paper money.

How to Store Paper Money Long Term?

Tip 1 – Purchase Acid

Acid and polyvinyl chloride are two great items to preserve the paper money. These two item keeps the dirt, debris, and moisture away from the paper. But make sure to avoid the PVC ones. It is because the PVC containing acids will harm the paper money instead of protecting them. So, it is recommended to bring the use of those acids that are labeled to be free of PVC.

Tip 2 – Use Gloves

When you are going to take your paper money out of the album or holder, make sure to put on a glove. It will keep a prevent the oils and dirt off your hands from getting on the paper money. In this case, nothing will be as ideal as the nitrile or cotton gloves.

Money Touch with Gloves

Tip 3 – Keep Your Collection Out of Sunlight

Sunlight is a great enemy for the images on banknotes. If you put them under direct sunlight for a long time, these images will fade away, making the money interactive to look. So, keep the banknotes away from light. In case, if you need to examine the money under light, you can use the halogen light instead.

Tip 4 – Never Clean or Repair Your Money

If you notice any imperfections on your banknotes, never try to repair that by yourself. Don’t even try to clean the dirt on it. Cleaning or repairing with untrained hands can always end up with great damage to the note. So, it will be better if you avoid these types of stuff.

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