How to Store Scarves Konmari

Are you quite interested to learn about the perfect process of how to store scarves Konmari? If the ultimate answer is yes, then we must say you require reading this entire article because this is the one you might be looking for for a while.

How to Store Scarves Konmari

To know an effective method of storing scarves in Konmari, you should follow some fundamental steps. Here in this context, we will discuss those steps so that you can quickly understand the process. If you are willing to study in further detail about the topic, kindly read the whole article!

The Process on How to Store Scarves Konmari

Process One

  • Buy a standard scarf coordinator.
  • If you have space, consider stacking collapsed scarves on a storeroom rack. This alternative works exceptionally well for more giant scarves like wraps.
  • A sliding scarf holder is a fantastic alternative for littler spaces.
  • For a novel methodology, have a go at screwing entryway handles or cabinet pulls to your wardrobe divider. At that point, balance one scarf.
The Process On How To Store Scarves Konmari
  • Mount towel bars for your garage room divider, overlay scarves, and cling them up. Pick bars of various widths and counterbalance positions so that scarves are apparent more right away.
  • Arrange your scarves in an artwork stockpiling truck. Fold the truck into your storeroom below shorter balancing garments.
  • To abstain from disregarding things, follow the most recent counsel from proficient coordinators.
  • Spot the addition from an example of wine or alcohol in a cupboard to hold scarves smooth – overlap them the lengthy way, circulate up, and fold one thing.
  • Workplace gracefully cubbies paintings fabulous for arranging scarves.

Process Two

Step One:

Layered on a shelf or hanging rod by stacking, creating layers of colors and patterns for easy access every time you open your closet door. (We recommend using shelving units that can handle heavy items).

Step Two:

Hang scarves from hooks inside closets so they don’t get tangled together -this is also great if, like me, you have limited space but still want to store all of your scarves! I use this method at home, and it works well. You may need to purchase additional hooks depending on how many scarfs you’re storing. This way, they won’t be sliding around everywhere when opening/closing your closet doors either.

Step Three:

Store scarves in a clear, narrow tote that is easy to carry with you when traveling. It will also keep your other belongings from getting tangled up!

Step Four:

Fold neatly and place them inside the container so they don’t get wrinkled while transporting. When it comes time to open the bag again, feel free to shake out any wrinkles or hang them on a rack for air circulation before wearing them.

Key Considerations While Storing Scarves Konmari

  • Organize by color
  • Fold and roll, instead of folding flat
Key Considerations While Storing Scarves Konmari
  • Place in a bin or small tote with an open top that can also nest inside larger totes for easy storage
  • Label the outside of the container, so you know what’s inside when it comes time to use them.
  • Hang scarves up on hooks, if possible! This makes them easier to find than digging through drawers or baskets sometimes. And they’ll take less space too. If you don’t have enough room in your closets, consider hanging some from curtain rods above doors as well. It’s important not to store these in a way that can make them crease.

Which Floding System is Best for Scarves Konmari?

Tiered Shelves:

Store scarves by size and color on tiered shelves. Place the largest, most full-sized scarf at the bottom of the pile so that it is easy to find when you need it. Put similar colors together in an orderly fashion. There should be no more than two or three tiers for all your scarves.

These are great because they take up much less space and can also work as a decorative piece if set apart from other objects like bookshelves or cabinets since this will visually obstruct them from view while still utilizing their storage capacity!

Ladder System:

The ladder system works well, too though it may not look quite as nice given its industrial style shelving with metal bars making it hard to do than “pretty” display as with the tiered shelves. However, this works very well for smaller items, like belts or purses.


For flat surfaces without any shelving units to put your scarves on, you can use a simple shelf that home goods stores often have available in various colors and materials. These are great because they provide easy access while staying off of the ground! Again, keep these at eye level so that it is easier to find things when looking up from below them.

Dish Drying Rack:

If you don’t want to purchase anything new but already own an old dish drying rack, then this would be a good place to store your scarf collection if there’s room and space. Place them by size vertically or horizontally on the racks.


Lastly, if you manage to follow all the steps mentioned in the previous section of this article, you can learn how to store scarves from Konmari flawlessly!

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