How to Take in a Skirt Waist without Sewing

There are many times when you will see a dress, and it will not be your size. But that should never stop you from buying it. When the process for alteration exists, why let go of those beautiful clothing pieces! What can you do when you do not have the privileged of an alteration place or cannot sew? That is when some DIY hacks can help you. If you have skirts that are too big for you, then we have ways on how to take in a skirt waist without sewing.

How to Take in a Skirt Waist without Sewing

DIY: How to Take in a Skirt Waist without Sewing

To learn how to take in a skirt waist without sewing that is bigger than your waist about a few inches, you will be only needing safety pins. The process for this is easier than you can imagine.

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You need to create a pleat with your hand and secure it from inside with a safety pin.

If the skirt has fewer creases, you can still follow the same process, and you did create one pleat and secure it with safety pinks. Please do it around the seam.

If the skirt has a chain at, you can take a few inches of the skirt from inside and tuck it in with a safety pin around the chain area as it will mask the alteration.

By following these, you will learn how to take in a skirt waist without sewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Way to Tighten a Pencil Skirt

If you are looking for a way to tighten a pencil skirt, then there is an easy solution.

All you need to do is take the skirt and iron it. You can also use a steam iron or place it in the dryer on low heat for about 20 minutes. This will ensure that your skirt fits well.

How Do You Fix a Skirt That Is Too Big in Your Waist?

A skirt that is too big in the waist can be fixed by adjusting the length of the hem.

The best way to fix a skirt that is too big in your waist is to remove the excess fabric from your waistband, pinning it down with safety pins or basting tape. If you are unable to find an old skirt to use as a pattern, you can make one yourself by cutting out pieces of cloth and sewing them together.

Should a Conservative Pencil Skirt Sit at the Waist or Hip?

Although the waist is typically considered the “ideal” place for a pencil skirt to sit, there are many who argue that this is not necessarily the case.

A hip skirt can be seen as more stylish and flattering than a waist-length one, but it will often require more effort to wear, such as zipping up the back.

Many women also find that wearing a waist-length skirt means they need to wear an undershirt which can make them feel uncomfortable and less attractive. However, there are ways to avoid this discomfort. One way is to choose a skirt that is made of a breathable fabric. Another way is to choose a skirt that is not too tight.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to take in a skirt waist without sewing. Hopefully, you will be able to wear your favorite skirts without using any sewing skills

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