How to Texture Over Wallpaper

A lot of us like to change the outlook of our home once in a while. If anything, years later, you will need the urge the change something at your home. The one thing that brings the house into a new look is the paint of your wall. Painting over the wall is not that hard unless you have wallpaper on them. If you are thinking about doing textured paint on your wall but do not know what to do with the wallpaper, we will tell you how to texture over wallpaper with detailed steps.

The thing about wallpaper is that they are much easier to put onto your wall, and you can get your desired designs on them. But there is going to be a time when the wallpapers wore out, and you will need them to change. Nothing will be better than painting your wall after living with wallpaper for so long. As much as putting wallpaper is easy, taking them off is much harder. Therefore, you need to have a clear idea about how to texture over wallpaper, and we will tell you how.

Learn: How to Texture Over Wallpaper

Step One

The first thing you need to do is set the wall to be the right place for painting. When you are thinking about painting, you will probably imagine a blank white canvas. With wallpaper on the wall, you cannot do that.

The thing is that you cannot take off the wallpaper either as there is a high chance of getting your walls damaged. That is why you need to prepare the wallpaper so that they become the blank canvas themselves.

To prepare it, you need to cut off all the scrape offs and curls from the wallpaper using knives. Then feel with your hand for any air bubbles and set them apart as well. The last step is to cover all the socket and switches to not get paint over them.

Step Two

Now that you have made the wallpaper into your smooth canvas, you will have to prepare them for paint. To prepare your wall for a better painting option, you need to prime them. You have to select the primer non-water base as the water based on can dampen the wallpaper and the glue.

Coat the whole wall with two coats of primer and wait overnight to get them dry.

Step Three

After your prime is set, you can start painting on the wall with your desired painting. This step is bringing you to halfway through the lesson of how to texture over wallpaper. Before you do any texture, you have to paint the whole wall with several oil paint coats. After that, you can paint all the textures you want.

Step Four

As for the last step, you have to get the paint dried. When your paint is dried properly, put an oil-based finishing coat, and you will be done.


Final Thoughts

That was all from how to texture over wallpaper. Hopefully, you will be helpful with all the tips we shared and get your wall done as fast as possible.

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