How to Unlock Bathroom Door With Hole on Side


A bathroom door is a door that provides access to and privacy for bathroom facilities. Bathroom doors often have locks on them so that only the people who are supposed to use the bathroom can gain entry. This is why you might lock yourself out of your own bathroom or need an expert locksmith if someone else has locked themselves inside. When there is something wrong with a locking bathroom door, it is important to call in professional help as soon as possible. A broken lock on a bathroom door can be dangerous because anyone can get into the room without your permission.

If you live alone, this could be inconvenient or even dangerous if a stranger gets into your home while you’re not around. Today I will be discussing how to unlock bathroom door with hole on side.

How to Unlock Bathroom Door With Hole on Side

Step-wise Guide on How to Unlock Bathroom Door With Hole on Side:

Step 1:

Know the Keyhole’s location. The first thing you should do is to get familiar with the keyhole on the door. If you have already tried opening the door and now need some help, this step will be difficult for you because there are so many holes in the door that it is hard to tell which one is correct.

Step 2:

To make things easier for you, push paper or cards into all of the possible keyholes until you find one that fits perfectly right through to the other side of the door. Once you’ve found it, take note if it’s on top or bottom because this factor plays a huge role in what type of tool will work.

Step 3:

Find a tool that exactly fits the keyhole. If you already knew where the lock was, this task should be easy. Look outside your house and find a piece of paper or other thin material that is longer than your keyhole. Try sticking it in to see whether it fits perfectly through the hole without any force but just by sliding right through the hole. It may be difficult to find items outside if you have many surrounding neighbors, so instead, check out eBay for some unlocking tools, which will definitely come in handy for this job.

Step 4:

Remember, your hacking tool has to fit perfectly inside the keyhole because otherwise, it will not slide all the way through and will probably break as you force it, wasting your money and time.

Step 5:

Insert the tool into the slot of the keyhole. You should already know which side is top or bottom by this point but if not, go back to Step 2 for help. Use a small amount of pressure when you push your tool in; remember that you want to slide right through the hole and not use brute force to push it in because otherwise, you will break it inside there. Slide your tool until it gets stuck on one side of the door; now slowly pull outwards (towards you), working your way around until it finally pops out on the other side. At first, pulling may be slow going, but soon enough, you’ll get faster at knowing exactly how hard to pull on the tool, and it will fly right out.

Insert the Tool Into 
the Slot of the Keyhole

Step 6:

Unlock your door! Now that you have unlocked the bathroom, there are a few things you can do next. You can either replace the lock entirely so that way no one else can unlock it ever again, or you can try putting some glue on the keyhole, which should hold up for quite a while. If these options aren’t good enough for you, then go back outside and look around at different people’s houses until you find one with an identical keyhole opening as your door has. Then, of course, they say that this is illegal. Still, sometimes unfortunate circumstances put us in situations where we need to help ourselves without receiving any help from others first (that’s what having hammers and screwdrivers in your house is for!).

Step 7:

Unscrew the old lock. If your door’s old lock looks like a deadbolt that has to be unscrewed, now you’ll know how to do it! This part of the hack will definitely make some noise so try not to use it at night when people are asleep or live alone and don’t want other people knowing that you’re making these kinds of modifications. Use a small flathead screwdriver and insert it into one side of the door’s mechanism (the side might be different than the bottom). Twist and push until all three sides come off; however, most locks will only have two parts that need removing.

Precautions While Performing How to Unlock Bathroom Door With Hole on Side

  • Always keep the door closed while running hot water. For example, those who wish to unlock the bathroom door with a hole on the side must close the bathroom door before turning on hot water and wait till the temperature of the water cools down a bit.
  • You can’t unlock the bathroom door with a hole on the side if it’s too steamy inside, which is why you should be patient enough to let your bathroom air out for some time after usage before trying to open a lock that has a hole in it.
  • Unlocking the bathroom door with a hole in it is possible only when you are alone inside or do not have kids around you as they can get hurt by hot water splashing them towards their face accidentally. If making sure kids don’t enter the bathroom isn’t possible, you must keep just one side of the door unlocked to exit from their side after turning off the hot water.
  • Unlocking a bathroom door with a hole is hard if your fingertips are wet or moist in any way as it makes maneuvering difficult to do for unlocking purposes by giving you slippery fingers, preventing you from having a strong grip on the knob’s edge while trying to unlock it. So make sure your hands are dry before attempting to open the lock with a hole in it.

How to Remove a Locked Door Knob From Outside?

If you have a doorknob that is locked and the key is inside, you can use a common pen spring wire to remove it.

Step 1:

Take out the entire locking knob from outside the door after turning off the doorknob from inside the room.

Take Out the Entire Locking Knob From Outside the Door

The hole where you insert wire should be on the side & not at the bottom; otherwise, you will end up breaking ur lock..

Step 2:

Insert a thin metal rod like a small needle or paper clip through the hole and into the stuck inner knob. It has to go in between one of the holes for this to work. Use one hand to push in on the rim around each side of the knob with your thumb while using your index finger to keep pressure on the rod.

Step 3:

Use your other hand to push and turn the inner knob. The locking mechanism will eventually be released from the outer knob, allowing you to remove it from the outside.

Step 4:

Push out the knob by inserting some other small rods like pencils & then use ur keys 2 open. [TIPS]

  • Smaller is better with anything that enters that hole on the doorknob. Thinner steel wire, thin pen spring, etc., are preferable over larger or coarser items lest they break off inside of your lock.
  • If you’re trying this at night, wear a headlamp so you can see what you’re doing!
  • Always cover up any exposed piece of metal when working around electrical outlets & such. You never know when you might accidentally short out your doorknob, potentially locking yourself or worse!
  • Finally, if all else fails & you still can’t remove the locked doorknob, call a professional to replace it for you.

How to Unlock Bathroom Door With Bobby Pin: The Method

Step 1:

Remove the bobby pin from your hair (if you have any). Using a flathead, remove the top cover of your bobby pin. Please make sure not to damage it somehow, as this will most likely render it useless. Once you’ve taken off the top cover, grab one end of the hairpiece and start sliding it through until there is no more left on end. One side should be long and skinny with some teeth at one end. This is called the pick. If yours has another shape or size, don’t worry—it’ll still work like a charm!

Step 2:

Find an area on the doorknob where there are not any ridges or seams. The spot should be smooth and even, without any rough edges that would snag the bobby pin pick. Once you’ve pinpointed this area above the lock mechanism, spray a bit of oil or lubricant on it. This will help the door unlock more easily. Turn your head to one side so you can’t see what is going on in front of you.

Step 3:

Insert your lock picking end into the hole where you sprayed some lubricant. If your hands are wet, either dry them off with a towel or use those same fingers to apply pressure along the back of the bobby pin as you push it against the inside of your doorknob, trying not to let go until it’s all the way in.

Insert Your Lock Picking
End Into the Hole Where You
Sprayed Some Lubricant

Step 4:

Turn the bobby pin and use it to push against the inner workings of your doorknob while at the same time pressing down on the doorknob with all your might. Be quick or forceful about this step. The idea is to jolt the pieces into place, so you’re unlocking instead of locking yourself out. If you have a door stopper that keeps your door from shutting, try pushing on that as well—it might work even better than just using brute force!


I hope you have obtained a clear idea of how to unlock bathroom door with hole on side. Ensure proper safety while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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