How to Unlock Bedroom Door With Hole

This article is about how to unlock your door when it has a hole in the handle. The best way to do this is by using a screwdriver, but you can also use other tools commonly found around the house. You’ll need something flat with a sharp edge and something long enough to reach through the hole in the door. 

To start, insert your tool of choice into the doorknob’s keyhole from outside your bedroom door. Then, when you find where it’s touching inside your room, move it up or down until you find an opening that will allow you to take off its lock mechanism without damaging anything else on either side of the door.  Please read on for more information about how to unlock the bedroom door with a hole!

How to Unlock Bedroom Door With Hole

7 Ways to Unlock Bedroom Door With Hole

1. Use an Alternate Key.

If you have a spare bedroom key, try it in the lock. It may fit and work perfectly, or it might be just enough to jiggle the pins inside so that your original key will turn the lock again.

2. Bump the Lock.

A bump key is a specially modified key that can open a particular lock by making one or more of its teeth wider, allowing the key to moving past multiple pins with minimal resistance. To use a bump key, simply insert it into your lock and give it a few gentle taps with a hammer. Bump keys can be bought online or made at home with little know-how.

3. Try Using a Paperclip.

Straighten out one end of the paperclip, leaving you with a long wire with sharp ends on either side. Insert one end into the lock and feel around for the first pin. Push it up so that it’s even with the rest of the pins, and try turning your key. This push-and-turn method can free a lock when other methods have failed.

4. Spray the Doorknob With Lubricant.

You should do this before trying other methods, especially if you suspect that a foreign object has become lodged in your lock, as it may be causing your problem.

5. Pry the Doorknob Off.

Place a thin metal wedge behind the lock and put a little weight on it so it holds securely. Then insert a screwdriver between the wedge and the door frame to loosen the latch plate from the door itself, allowing you to pry the knob off.

6. Drill Through the Door Lock.

If other methods haven’t worked, you should do this as a last resort. With your drill set to reverse, carefully drill into the actual lock mechanism itself until you can get your original key in there and turn it. This will take some time, so be patient!

You Can Check It Out to Lock Your Bedroom Door From The Outside Without a Lock

7. Try to Pull the Door off its Hinges.

If you’re extremely desperate, you may resort to this method. With your drill set to reverse, drill into one of the screws holding the hinge onto the door itself until it comes off. Then use your drill again on the other hinge until that screw is out as well, and pull the door completely off its frame. Of course, this is a permanent solution, but it may be your only hope sometimes.

Required Tools and Materials:

  • A bedroom door with a hole in it.
  • A nail (or the drill) and hammer.
  • Safety glasses.
  • A screwdriver.

Directions: How to Unlock Bedroom Door With Hole 

Step 1:

Get some safety glasses on. There will be shards of wood flying around you, so you might want to protect your eyes.

Step 2:

Use the drill, nail, and hammer to create a large enough hole in the door for your arm. Make sure it is big enough to put your hand through it.

Step 3:

After the hole is made, check to ensure that you can fit your hand or fist through it. If not, enlarge the hole until this is possible for you to accomplish without feeling very uncomfortable.

Step 4:

Once your hand fits through the hole, use your fist to hit the doorknob until it comes off. The doorknob may fall straight to the ground or stay attached to the door by a metal cylinder or bar, as shown in the picture.

Step 5:

Place your hand through the door so that you can now unlock and open the bedroom from the inside. You can sit on the floor or stand.

Step 6:

Now that you can unlock the door feel free to leave it unlocked or use another locking it. You can do this by placing a bar through the hole you just created in an attempt to lock your bedroom from the inside.


If you keep your room locked, don’t lose whatever you used for locking the doorknob. This is because you will not be able to open the door from outside your bedroom if this happens.

How Do You Unlock a Door With a Pinhole?

How Do You Unlock a Door With a Pinhole

A pinhole is a small hole. The key that unlocks a door with a pinhole is usually fragile and made of plastic. It works by putting the key into the lock and turning it counterclockwise, making the locking mechanism move to the unlocked position.

A pinhole key will only unlock one specific bedroom door. To unlock any other door, you will need to know the manufacturer of your lock brand and buy an appropriate pinhole key for it.


The hole in the door frame should be at least four inches from the floor. This is to make it easier for shorter people to get on their knees and crawl under the bed and taller people who are bending down or kneeling. You can even buy a tool online that will help you easily drill through your house’s wall!

We know how frustrating this situation can be, so we’re here to help give you some tips on what to do when you’ve got a bedroom door with no handle! After reading our blog post on how to unlock bedroom doors with holes, hopefully, these few insights about using tools like power drills will have come in handy for future projects around your home.

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