How to Lock Your Bedroom Door From The Outside Without a Lock

Breaking into your own home may seem like a strange idea, but there are certain circumstances when it is necessary. For example, if you’re in the military and stationed overseas, or if you’re locked out of your home with no one else to call. Also, many people don’t think about locking their bedroom door from the outside, but it can be done without having to install a lock on your door.

You’ll need some creativity and time for this project, so here’s how to do it! Of course, the first thing you do is lock yourself in your bedroom. But wait! What if there’s no lock on the outside of your door? Here are some tips on how to lock your bedroom door from the outside without a lock with just a chair or table leg! 

How to Lock Your Bedroom Door From The Outside Without a Lock

13 Methods on How to Lock Your Bedroom Door From The Outside Without a Lock:

Method 1:

If you want to ensure your door stays shut while you’re locked inside, try propping a couple of thick books against it. You can also wedge a chair leg under the doorknob or pull up one side of your heavy dresser in front of the door. If you don’t have anything heavy to put in front of the door, try using a cane, umbrella, or another long, thin object.

Method 2:

Get some heavy-duty rubber bands and wrap them around your doorknob. Wrap them in between the knob and door to make it harder for someone to open the door without breaking in.

Method 3:

Try using a belt or shoelace to make your door harder to open. Then, put it through the doorknob and pull up on the other end until it’s taut enough that someone would have trouble turning the handle. This method is easy to avoid having to crawl out of your bedroom window!

Method 4:

If you’re stuck in a fire without a way out, your best bet is to try and break your bedroom window. It won’t be easy with the heavy-duty rubber bands on there, but if you can manage it, make sure that when you break it open, the jagged edges are pointed away from you so no one will get hurt. Of course, this will only work if you have a ground-floor bedroom window!

Method 5:

If you have an old dresser or wardrobe in your room, try opening the door and pushing it up against the wall. The door’s handle will end up hitting the wardrobe and prevent it from opening more than half an inch. If the wardrobe is heavy enough, this could work for you when you’re locked out of your room!

Method 6:

If there are no objects in your room to use against your door, try using a belt or shoelace and looping it through the doorknob and around the bottom of the door. This should stop someone from pushing the door open without breaking the shoelace. If you don’t have anything to tie it with, you can also try using your belt, hair ties, or whatever.

Method 7:

You could take a simple piece of string, wrap it around the doorknob, and then tie it to an object that won’t be moved. Just make sure the object is bigger than your door to make it harder to open.

Method 8:

If you like drawing, try drawing a huge circle on the ground in front of your bedroom door. Make it about three or four feet in diameter, then do another round that circle about half an inch away. This should be enough to prevent anyone from opening your door!

Method 9:

Get a couple of thick, flat cardboard or plywood pieces and set them on top of each other. Make sure that the bottom piece is larger than the doorknob and slide it up between the frame and door. It should block enough space for you to lock yourself inside.

Method 10:

This method is a pretty simple and easy way to lock your bedroom door from the outside without a lock. Just take something like a piece of wood or plastic and slide it under your door. If you’re trying this one at home, make sure that whatever you use is heavy enough that someone won’t be able to lift it and open the door.

Method 11:

Tape a sheet of plastic or a plastic bag to your doorknob so that you can slide it under the door when you’re finished with it. Take some tape and secure it around the top of the knob, then pull your makeshift cover down over it before locking yourself inside! This should prevent anyone from opening your door.

Method 12:

You could also try putting a corkboard on the other side of your door if you like to draw or paint. Get a large piece for you to lock yourself inside, then draw something on it and slide it up under the door before locking yourself in. This should stop anyone from opening the door.

Method 13:

If you have a heavy piece of furniture in your room, you could try sliding it up against the door before locking yourself inside. Just make sure that whatever you use is very heavy so that anyone standing outside won’t be able to move it out of the way!

Some Things to Consider When Locking Your Bedroom Door From the Outside:

You Can Check It Out to Unlock Bedroom Door With Hole

Some Things to Consider When Locking Your Bedroom Door From the Outside

1. You can not use a regular doorknob on the outside, as you will only be able to lock it from the inside.

2. The key lock or deadbolt is the only way to properly lock your bedroom door from the outside.

3. If you are using a regular doorknob on the outside, remove the inside knob so that it cannot be turned easily (preventing someone who could grab your keys from then unlocking your door).

4. Be sure that you can unlock your bedroom door from the inside when you lock it. To do this, turn the key or push down on the handle before closing your door at night.

5. Every morning when you wake up, open your door and check for any signs of forced entry (damage). If there is damage, be sure to report it to the police and take photos if possible; you might need the evidence to file an insurance claim or sue your landlord for negligence.

6. If you live in a multi-unit building, ensure that there is always someone who can help you if you cannot get out of your bedroom when locked outside. This would be if you do not have a phone or your cell phone is not nearby.

7. Take steps to ensure that this situation does not occur again by securing another deadbolt inside your bedroom door. If you do not have a lock on the inside, be sure to install one without delay.

5 Tips To Prevent Accidents from Bedroom Door Lock:

1. Don’t wear sleep clothing that can easily get caught in the door.

2. Remove anything that could be used to climb out the window unless this is your escape route.

3. If you are really adamant about locking yourself in, get a lockable strap to connect to the other side of the doorknob.

4. Consider getting a doorknob with a deadbolt that is difficult to open from the outside.

5. Use the chain lock at night if you’re concerned about your safety and can afford it.

How Do You Secure a Door Without a Lock?

How Do You Secure a Door Without a Lock

If you live in a college dorm where the door lock is broken or if you need to block off a room that doesn’t have a lock, it’s easy to find yourself scratching your head and wondering how to keep a bedroom door closed. There are a few ways you can accomplish this. First, you could always try using another type of lock, such as a deadbolt. But this doesn’t work particularly well on wooden doors and can leave your door jamb vulnerable to a break-in.

You could always try using a chair, desk, or heavy dresser to block the entrance. This is an effective and inexpensive solution, but it may be difficult for those with large objects at their disposal.

A wedge-like this will fit under the bottom of the door and prevent it from opening too far no matter how much someone tries to push on it. The best part is that you can set the wedge up in less than five minutes and keep yourself feeling secure in your own home.


Locking your doors is important to prevent accidents and break-ins, but sometimes it’s difficult or impossible. This post has given all the information on how to lock your bedroom door from the outside without a lock using different techniques and methods applied with common household items.

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