How to Unlock Ethernet Cable Lock

If you have an Ethernet cable lock that you need to unlock, there are a few different ways that you can do so. An Ethernet cable lock is a great option when you need to secure cables quickly and easily. These locks can be used to keep cords together or attach them to a surface, and they’re very easy to use.

However, some people find that the locks are difficult to unlock. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to unlock ethernet cable lock using a few different methods. With any of these methods, you should be able to easily unlock your Ethernet cable lock and get back to using your Internet connection. So read on to know more!

How to Unlock Ethernet Cable Lock

10 Methods on How to Unlock Ethernet Cable Lock

1. Use a Paperclip

This is the most common way to unlock an Ethernet cable lock. You need to take a paperclip and insert it into the lock. Then, once you feel the paperclip click, you can pull the cable out.

2. Use a Screwdriver

If you have a screwdriver, you can also try to unlock the Ethernet cable lock by unscrewing the screws that hold the cable in place. This method is a little riskier, as it could damage the cable if done incorrectly. But, if you’re careful, it can be a quick and easy way to get the job done.

Unscrewing the Screws

3. Using Pliers

If you don’t have the keys to your Ethernet cable lock, you can try using pliers. First, find a pair of needle-nose or small regular pliers. Then, insert the tips of the pliers into the keyhole on the lock. Finally, twist the pliers until the lock pops open.

If you’re having trouble getting the pliers into the keyhole, you can try using a small screwdriver or a pen to help open the lock. If you don’t have the keys and can’t get the lock open with pliers, you can try using a pen.

4. Use a Bolt Cutter

If the lock is made of metal, you can use a bolt cutter to cut through it. This is a very effective way to break through the lock, but it will damage the cable itself. So, if you plan on using this method, make sure to have a replacement cable on hand.

5. Use a Dremel Tool

If you have a Dremel tool, you can use it to cut through the lock. This method is similar to using a bolt cutter, but it’s less likely to damage the cable. First, find a cutting wheel that’s small enough to fit into the keyhole. Then, put on safety glasses and hold the cable in place. Finally, turn on the Dremel tool and cut through the lock.

Using a Bolt Cutter

6. Use a Hammer and Chisel

If you don’t have any tools, you can try using a hammer and chisel to break open the lock. However, this method is very risky, as it could damage the cable or the connector. So, only use this method if you’re desperate and have no other options.

7. Use a Knife

If you have a knife, you can try to cut through the Ethernet cable lock. This is a risky move, as it could damage the cable or the connector. Also, make sure to be careful when using a knife, as you don’t want to cut yourself.

Cut Through the Ethernet Cable Lock

8. Use a Wire Cutter

If you have a wire cutter, you can use it to cut the cable lock. This is a quick and easy way to unlock the cable lock without hassle. Make sure to cut the cable lock close to the shackle to make it easier to remove.

9. Use a Cable Lock Pick

Cable locks are also susceptible to picking. You can pick a cable lock in the same way as a regular padlock. You will need a tension wrench and a hook or rake pick. Insert the tension wrench into the bottom of the keyway and apply pressure in the direction that you would turn the key to unlock the lock. Next, insert the pick into the keyway and feel around for the pins. Once you find a pin, apply pressure to the tension wrench and push the pin up until it feels like it is going to click into place.

10. Call a Technician

If you have tried all of the methods above and still cannot figure out how to unlock your Ethernet cable lock, it is probably best to call a technician. Many qualified individuals can come to your aid and help you get your Ethernet cable lock unlocked in no time.

So there you have it! These are just a few simple methods that you can use to unlock your Ethernet cable lock. Hopefully, one of these methods will work for you, and you can get back to using your Ethernet cable as soon as possible.

Step by Step Procedure: How to Unlock Ethernet Cable Lock

Step 1: Locate the Ethernet Cable Lock

It is a small, black, rectangular object with a keyhole on one side and a cable port on the other. For example, the Ethernet Cable Lock is typically attached to an Ethernet cable’s end.

Step 2: Look for the Release Button

Most Ethernet cable locks have a release button on the side. Find this button and press it in. The lock will release, and you’ll be able to remove your Ethernet cable. If you can’t find a release button, try looking for a small hole in the lock. You may be able to use a paperclip or other small object to press the release mechanism inside the hole.

Release Button on the Side

Step 3: Push the Release Button

To release the Ethernet cable lock, first, locate the release button. This is typically a small, recessed button located somewhere on the lock’s body. Once you have found the release button, use a small, sharp object (like a paperclip) to push the button in.

Step 4: Use a Paperclip or a Knife

If there is no release button, you will need to use a paperclip or a knife to release the lock. Insert the paperclip or knife into the small hole on the side of the lock and press down on the release mechanism. The lock will release and you’ll be able to remove your Ethernet cable.

Step 5: Pull the Cable out of the Lock

Once the release button has been depressed, you should be able to pull the Ethernet cable out of the lock simply. Try wiggling the cable back and forth while depressing the release button if the cable is stuck. You may need to use a little force, but be careful not to damage the cable. If you are still having trouble, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model of Ethernet cable lock.

Step 6: Reattach the Ethernet Cable to the Device

Once the cable has been released, reattach it to the device it was originally attached to. Again, ensure the Ethernet cable is securely fastened and the connection is tight.

Step 7: Test the Connection

Once you have reattached the Ethernet cable, test the connection by plugging it into a computer or other device and verifying that it works. If the connection is not working, double-check all of your connections and ensure the Ethernet cable is properly seated in the port.

Now that you know how to unlock the Ethernet cable lock, you can keep your data safe and secure. Follow these simple steps to release the lock and remove the cable when needed. Be sure to reattach the cable securely after use to prevent someone from accessing your information without permission.

What Causes Ethernet Cable to Get Locked?

There are a few reasons why an Ethernet cable might get locked. One possibility is that the locking mechanism has been activated accidentally. Another possible reason is that the cable has been tampered with, perhaps by someone who was trying to steal network bandwidth or data. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know how to unlock an Ethernet cable lock so you can continue using the cable as intended.

How to Prevent Ethernet Cable from Getting Locked?

One way to help prevent your Ethernet cable from getting locked is to use a cable tie or zip tie to secure the cable to the device it’s connected to. This will help keep the cable in place and prevent it from becoming loose or getting caught on something.

Another way to help prevent your Ethernet cable from getting locked is by using a locking clip or strap. This will keep the cable in place and stop it from becoming disconnected or damaged. If you already have a locked Ethernet cable, there are a few ways to unlock it. One way is to cut through the locking mechanism through a cable cutter or wire stripper. Another way is to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull out the locking pin.


Ethernet cable locks can be a great way to protect your network and its data, but they can also be a headache if you need to access the cable quickly. Here in this guide, we have given a few tips on how to unlock Ethernet cable lock without resorting to drastic measures. First, try using a paper clip or bobby pin.

If you have these items on hand, insert them into the keyhole and wiggle them around until the lock pops open. If that doesn’t work, another option is to use a pair of scissors. Cut off one end of the Ethernet cable and then slide it back onto the connector. We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or want to know more, then feel free to comment below!

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