How to Use a Typewriter Eraser

A typewriter eraser is a device that can be used to remove mistakes or smudges from your typewritten documents. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of the eraser and how to use a typewriter eraser. In the age of digital keyboards, it can be hard to imagine a time when people used typewriters.

A common problem with typewriters was leaving paper trails on each letter typed, which could lead to mistakes. Many typists began using an eraser for their typing to solve this problem, which helped keep their written work even cleaner than before! Read on to know more about typewriter erasers.

How to Use a Typewriter Eraser

What is a Typewriter Eraser?

A typewriter eraser is a rubber instrument that removes typing mistakes from paper. Typewriter erasers are often cylindrical in shape with a tapered end and a string attached at the end of it. This string removes the rubber from the typewriter eraser after use.

Why Use Typewriter Eraser?

Typewriter erasers are a great alternative for correction fluid because they erase mistakes without smudging, leaving a cleaner effect. They work on the same principle as pencil erasers in that they remove graphite from paper. Typewriter erasers are a great writing tool because they can be used on both paper and vellum.

Benefits of Using Typewriter Eraser:

1. A typewriter eraser can erase ink from a typewriter without damaging the ribbon.

2. It is also used for correcting typing mistakes on paper.

3. The typewriters with carbon ribbons may tend to smudge the original text if it’s not erased properly by using a rubber roller in place of the typewriter eraser.

4. It is also used to clean the rollers of a typewriter after use, thus giving effective results.

5. It restores the original quality of typed text on paper with its anti-smudging properties.

6 Things to Know Before Using a Typewriter Eraser

Typewriter erasers are very different from other erasers and should not be treated like them. Instead, they should be handled with care and used carefully. Check out the following to learn six things about typewriter eraser usage:

1. It’s Not a Rubber Eraser!

A typical rubber eraser is made of soft, squishy material. It’s great for erasing large areas of pencil marks because it can be reshaped and used to erase many times over. Typewriter erasers are made from a hard, inflexible type of rubber that is typically grey or white in color. The hardness of the rubber allows the typewriter eraser to clean precise lines, tight spaces, and around the edges of hard-to-erase places.

2. It’s Not Just One Eraser!

6 Things to Know Before Using a Typewriter Eraser

Typewriter erasers are basically small blocks with a piece of string tied to them. They come in sets of two or three depending on their size, so you can always have more than one on hand, as you’ll need it for different types of erasing. When using a typewriter eraser, pull the string tight against the rubber and use the pointed end to erase small or delicate areas.

3. It’s A Paperweight!

Typewriter erasers may seem like regular erasers, but they actually work more like paperweights. That’s because a typewriter eraser works best when it is kept in one place. It will hold the paper in position while you erase, so it won’t slide around or wrinkle the paper.

4. Keep It Dry!

Because typewriters are made from rubber, they can be easily damaged by water and moisture. The best way to use your typewriter eraser is by keeping it dry. If you need to erase around water or underneath the faucet, keep a bowl of clean water close by and dip the end of the eraser in before using it on the paper.

5. Don’t Tear It!

When pulling your typewriter eraser, try not to tug on the string. Instead, hold the block part of the eraser and use your thumb or finger to lift it by the string gently. Pulling too hard on the string will snap it off or rip it out of place, causing your typewriter eraser to become unusable.

6. Beware of Mechanical Problems!

When you use a typewriter eraser, the ink will transfer from your paper to your rubber. This is normal and can be avoided by not trying to erase over the same spot twice. If you try to erase over an area that has already been erased or used for crossword-puzzle “solving,” the ink will transfer to the eraser. If this happens, use a pencil eraser or an electric eraser to remove it.

How to Use a Typewriter Eraser:

Step 1:

Insert the wire string through the small hole located in the tapered end of the typewriter eraser.

Step 2:

Place the rubber tip onto the paper where typing is to be removed. Push down firmly; lift slowly when finished.

Step 3:

After use, the rubber tip can be removed by pulling back on the string and sliding down.

Step 4:

Cover it with a white-out or a pencil eraser if indentation is left on the paper after removing typing.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

Some Tips and Suggestions for typewriter

1. Avoid using an iron to erase typing, resulting in the paper becoming browned.

2. A typewriter eraser can only remove writing from one side of a piece of paper at a time, so make sure to use both sides if necessary.

3. To prevent smearing ink when removing typing, place a piece of scrap paper under the original using a typewriter eraser.

4. The tapered end of the rubber is useful for removing ink from small holes or indentations in the paper, such as those caused by staples.

5. If an indentation remains after erasing typing, use a whiteout to smooth out the paper.

6. If the typewriter eraser is too dry, use a pencil sharpener to sharpen it.


Typewriters are not just for typing anymore; they make excellent stationery items too! So whether you’re looking for an accessory or want something new in home d├ęcor, adding these little guys into your collection is sure to be worth it, especially if you love writing letters as we do.

This is a great way to get rid of mistakes. Instead of using your hand, you can use the eraser on the end of an old-fashioned typewriter! Now that’s one handy tool for writers and typists alike.

But, of course, it also makes fun office decorating accessories for anyone who wants to add some flair to their desk space with this retro piece from bygone days. We hope this blog post on how to use a typewriter eraser has been helpful.

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