How to Wear a Leather Vest

Leather vests can add a touch of biker style to any outfit, and they can be worn in several different ways. If you’re looking for ideas on how to wear a leather vest, read on for some tips. You can wear a black or brown leather vest with just about anything, from jeans and a T-shirt to a dress or skirt.

How to Wear a Leather Vest

You can also layer a leather vest over other clothes for extra warmth. Leather vests are also great for winter weather because they keep you warm while still allowing you to move around easily. Check out some of the tips below for ideas on how to style your leather vest this winter.

Complete Guide: How to Wear a Leather Vest

Step 1: Observe the Occasion/event

Ask yourself if you have an event that warrants a leather vest. For example, do you have a wedding to attend? Or perhaps a bonfire party with friends?

Even a simple night out on the town can be a suitable time to wear a leather vest. Whatever the occasion may be, make sure you observe the event and determine whether or not a leather vest is appropriate.

Step 2: Pick Out the Right One for You

Next, it’s time to pick out your perfect leather vest! Go to a thrift store that may have some stashed away in their back room, or go vintage shopping at a local boutique. Keep in mind that you want to pick out the right leather vest for your size.

If it’s too small, it can feel uncomfortable and look unflattering; but the whole outfit may appear uncoordinated if it’s too large. Once you find your perfect fit, wear it with pride!

Step 3: Pair With Vintage Clothing

After finding the perfect leather vest, it’s time to pair it with some vintage clothing. It is optimal to wear a pair of dark indigo jeans or any pants you’d like for this outfit. I’m wearing my own personal favorite double rider pants.

Add a white collared shirt for a buttoned-up look fit for any occasion! Then, pair your outfit with a nice pair of leather boots, and you’re ready to go!

Pair It With Vintage Clothing

Step 4: Pair With Modern Clothing

You can take any current outfit for this look, whether it is a t-shirt, a dress, or even another leather vest! Then, pair the current outfit with a leather vest and finish off your look with some boots or another type of footwear.

For example, if wearing a dress, we recommend pairing it with dark-colored riding boots, so you do not expose yourself during your walk to wherever you’re going.

Step 5: Pair With Accessories

For this look, switch out your leather boots for a nice stylish pair of shoes to give your outfit a more modern feel. Some other great accessories include hats, sunglasses, jewelry, and even scarves! These can add extra spunk to any outfit you are wearing.

Step 6: Have Fun With It

This step is the most important one! Have fun with your new outfit, and don’t be afraid to try something different. For example, there are several ways you can wear a leather vest, so mix and match it with your wardrobe for some extra flair.

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Some Tips and Suggestions

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to wear a leather vest.

1. If you can, always wear a leather vest.

2. If you’re going to wear one, the tighter it is, the better. The tighter it fits your body, the more muscular and manly you will appear; the looser it is, the more like a loser you will look.

3. If you can, always wear skin-tight pants to go with your vest; if you do not own any skin-tight pants, make sure your pants are baggy enough that people can’t tell what’s underneath (if anything).

Wear Pants Baggy With Leather Vest

4. Racing stripe tattoos are a must.

5. Don’t comb your hair; it should be sticking up all over the place, in every direction possible. If you own a leather vest, getting some hair gel will make this easier to accomplish.

6. If you have long hair, comb it to cover your ears.

7. If you have short hair, make sure the front of your hair is slicked down so you can see your forehead.

Seven Alternative Ways on How to Wear a Leather Vest

1. Casual Leather Jacket Outfits:

A casual outfit can always be spiced up with a leather jacket. Whether the denim is light-wash or dark, if you put on an edgy leather vest, it will look effortlessly cool!

A perfect example of this would be pairing a black t-shirt and distressed jeans (if you’re a girl) with black heeled ankle boots and a black leather biker jacket. But, of course, the edgiest part of the outfit is the vest, so having black accessories to balance out its boldness would be perfect!

2. Western Leather Vest Outfits:

If you’re from the west or have been influenced by western culture (such as myself), then you know that cowboys and cowgirls have been wearing vests for centuries.

One of the most significant styles from the cowboy era is the traditional black leather vest with a white shirt and jeans. If you’re going to be starting a trend by wearing a leather vest, then it might as well be a classic one that’s been done countless times before!

3. Military Leather Vest Outfits:

Military green is a color that goes great with denim. If you have a leather vest in brown, you could quickly put together a stylish and casual outfit by wearing the vest over a white t-shirt and dark wash jeans (if you’re a girl).

Make sure to match your shoes with the dominant color of the vest. For example, if you have an olive vest, wear tan boots or shoes.

4. Classic Leather Jacket Outfits:

Not all leather jackets have to be black! There are so many styles out there that you can try. One popular style is the classic brown leather biker jacket. If this sounds like the kind of thing you’re into, then add some dark wash jeans and tan boots for a perfect boyish look!

5. Rocker Leather Vest Outfits:

Rockers have been known to wear leather vests as well! If you pair a black or white t-shirt with a denim vest, it will make the outfit look rebellious and edgy. Throw on some dark wash jeans with heeled ankle boots for the perfect rocker-chic look for girl rockers.

It’s important to note that even if you’re not a rocker, there is no reason you shouldn’t try this style out!

6. Laid Back Leather Vest Outfits:

Leather vests are great for casual outfits as well! If you’re chilling with your girlfriends, consider wearing a white t-shirt under the vest. Make sure that you don’t pair it with horrible sweatpants, though (unless you like that sort of thing).

Instead, wear dark wash jeans and tan boots to look trendy and laidback at the same time.

7. Hipster Leather Vest Outfits:

If you’re an actual hipster, then there’s no way that you haven’t heard of this look! A leather vest goes perfectly with tight-fitted jeans, suspenders, bow ties, flannel shirts, graphic t-shirts, skinny leg jeans, and combat boots. As if this isn’t enough, you can also style your hair in a mohawk with faux hawk sideburns!

Style Your Hair in a Mohawk

How Long Does It Take to Make a Vest Like This?

It takes about six hours to make a vest like this. This is for several reasons:

1. The leather must be soaked and stretched.

2. Every seam has to be sewn twice, which requires special needles and strong thread.

3. Each cross stitch is made through two layers of leather, requiring strength and much patience.

4. The edges of the leather must be burnished.

5. Afterwards, the edges must be painted to keep them from fraying.

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What Does It Mean When a Vest Has Burnished Edges?

The edge of a piece of leather is called a welt, and to make it look nice, leatherworkers have to seal it very carefully with wax so that the stitches will hold properly.

If any wax bleeds through to the other side, it’s called a burnished edge. In short, this technique makes the leather very shiny and reflects light well.

In other words, burnished edges make a piece of leather look lovely from every angle. They are usually found on leather vests, jackets, purses, and oversized items.

If your jacket has burnished edges, you should try to take good care of it because it looks nice! The edges can be touched up without much effort if they start to wear away.

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In conclusion, a leather vest is an excellent way to update your wardrobe and stay warm. As long as you know how to wear a leather vest properly! They can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt for casual comfort or dressier attire like slacks and a blazer for the office.

If you’re looking for a leather vest that can be worn year-round, we recommend the classic black.

However, if you want to add some color and make it more casual, go with brown or red. Of course, for those who like to take risks and stand out from the crowd, there’s always blue or green!

Whatever your choice is this winter season when shopping for a new leather vest, remember these top tips on how to wear one properly so that you’ll look both stylish and appropriate no matter what occasion.

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